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Listen to my body. That is the biggest lesson that I have learned these last few days. Last week was a busy week for me. I know I tried to do too much and in the process, did not listen to my body’s cry for help. I went to work last week Friday, and as I walked to my office, tears rolled down my face. I was exhausted, and I did not feel well. But I wanted to finish off the last few things, before taking it slow. I remember sending my friend a message asking her about contractions and how to time it. In my case, I experienced constant pain, so it was difficult for me to differentiate between contractions and the pain my SPD was causing.

She told me to time it and if the stabbing pains are more than 3 minutes apart to drive to the hospital. During the day the pain came and went, so I did not listen to my body. Friday was also my mom’s birthday. Her third one in heaven. We started a tradition that we would always get together on her birthday, my dad, sis and I and celebrate with some cake and tea. That is what she would have loved. I picked Hudson up from school, bought a bouquet of flowers and some donuts and we drove to my Dad’s place. I remember telling my sister that I probably should have packed a bag for Hudson and I, because I was not feeling too well during the day. Hudson and I left around 18:00 and got home just before 19:00. We had supper, got Hudson ready for bed and I got into bed with him and called it a night.

I woke up around 01:00 with stabbing pains. Woke hubs up and told him to time it. For some weird reason I thought that maybe if I take a shower the pains will go away. I was in denial and so was hubs. With Hudson my water broke, and then contractions started. That is what I think both of us expected. After the shower, I knew it was time to head to the hospital. I did not want to disrupt Hudson’s sleep, so I told the hubs to stay home and that I will drive. It probably was not the best decision. Through God’s grace bubs and I made it to the hospital. I was admitted and immediately put on a monitor and it was confirmed that I indeed had contractions. The nurse on duty did an internal exam and luckily my cervix had not ruptured. I was given two injections and some pills to try and stop the contractions from happening so frequently.

The injection started wearing off and the contractions got more intense and more frequent again. Due to my history with Hudson, the doctor on call was concerned that I might go into early labour, but he did not want to give me steroids for the baby’s lungs. He wanted to wait, and I was ok with that. I wanted this baby to bake for as long as possible. During the day I received meds and got monitored every 3 hours. I just stayed calm and knew that He was in control. Saturday night was such a great night, as I got a good night’s sleep and the contractions were very light and no longer frequent. By Sunday morning, no more contractions. Doctor came by and I got the all clear. Bed Rest and take it very easy.

Here’s a link to Ten early signs of labour.

On my agenda for the next few weeks. Stay calm, rest as much as I can, even with Hudson around. Give Hudson as much love and attention as I can. And Last but not least. LISTEN TO MY BODY.

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