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The Cape Agulhas region in the southern-most tip of Africa yields some of the most unique and exquisite wines. To learn more, we talk winemaking and bike racing with Trevor DeRuisé from LOST BOY Wines in the world’s oldest New World wine region.

Q: What led you to become a winemaker?
A: Wine first grabbed my attention while I was racing full time. Every time I’d land in a new country, the wine heritage there was the first thing I’d look up.

Q: What is your favourite food and wine pairing?
A: Fishing takes up most of my non-wine and non-cycling time these days, so I’d say fumé blanc and a fresh galjoen on the fire.

Q: Which wines that you make are your favourite and why?
A: I’m very passionate about rosé and light reds. I am a massive fan of French wine – specifically Provence and Beaujolais. They’re my favourite to drink, but also the finesse and artistry required to do these styles well has always excited me. There’s a lot more pink and light red coming for 2022.

Q: How does making wine in Gaansbaai compare to doing it in other parts of the Western Cape?
A: It’s gnarly out here. We are a proper cool climate. Our warmest day in the middle of summer might be 30 for only a few hours. But that same day is going to be 40+ degrees in Stellenbosch. We get rains all year round. Brutal winds. All because of our proximity to the sea where the Indian and Atlantic Oceans come together. Our crop is always smaller than other regions but the crop we do get is phenomenal. Naturally high acidities, low pHs, and proper phenolic ripeness due to how long our grapes hang on the vines create vibrant, fruit-forward, elegant, and wildly expressive wines that can age beautifully.

Q: How did you wind up making wine in Gaansbaai?
A: Completely by chance. Wouldn’t have been able to point out Gansbaai on a map until about 3 months after I got here.

Q: What do you have in the pipeline for LOST BOY Wines that we can look forward to?
A: My first rosé MCC [Méthode Cap Classique] of pinot noir is coming this April. Around that same time, I will be re-introducing the 7 Stranger’s Pet Nat which I make from the very unique cultivar called nouvelle. And in 2022, I will be introducing a second still rosé to accompany my rosé of mourvèdre.

Q: What is the best part of the winemaking process?
A: Every step of the process during harvest time is the best. It’s a very exciting time of the year. But I’d say bottling is my favourite as it’s the only time you can actually take a deep breath.

Q: What is the most important step in the winemaking process?
A: Farming. The best way to make good wine is to start with great grapes.

Q: How do people book a unique tasting experience with you?
A: They can book directly on my website or just shoot me a Whatsapp also through my website.

For online purchases and tastings, visit https://lostboy.co.za

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