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BIC Shines a light on men’s mental health through self-care. Societal expectations of masculinity often place immense pressure on men, leading to feelings of isolation, stress, and reluctance to seek help. Breaking the stigma surrounding mental health and encouraging self-care practices are crucial in addressing these challenges.

Self-care is seen as a holistic approach that recognises the interconnectedness of mental, emotional, and physical well-being. However, many men need to become more familiar with this concept. Studies have shown that self-care practices, including grooming, can positively impact one’s psychological state and feeling about themselves. Finding the right approach to address this topic amongst men is not easy, especially with the social stigma around it.

BIC, a world leader in shavers, understands the importance of self-care to empowerment and confidence, and has launched the Master Your Look campaign to speak to men and create further awareness around self-expression and acceptance, focusing on the self-care element of men’s mental health. 

In commemoration of Men’s Mental Health Month, the Marketing Manager at BIC, Kutlwano Tshetlhane, said: “We launched the Master Your Look campaign five years ago to empower young South African males and encourage them to embrace their unique self, by following self-care regimes, as well as expressing themselves authentically. We are proud of the impact we’ve had on young South Africans to date and we will remain committed to empower them further to help build a prosperous future.” 

Ashwin Bosman was one of the 2022 campaign ambassadors and a South African netball player and creative director. His campaign video  explains that during his youth, he was bullied and, as a coping mechanism, decided to change his outward appearance so that people look at him differently and see him as ‘tough.’ Ashton explained: “I had different kinds of hairstyles, and I thought maybe they wouldn’t bother me if I had a moustache. During my professional career, people started taking me more seriously, I had a specific look, and I liked the feeling it brought me.”

Ashwin moved to become a flight attendant at some point, which meant that he needed to look more ‘customer friendly’ and get rid of his beard. Ashwin said: “This brought a different element of respect, as people look at you differently if you’re well-groomed and considered neat. I like that my beard (or lack of beard) has given me different dimensions to my personality and perception. It literally feels like I can master my own look with all the changes I went through.” 

By prioritising self-care and confidence, BIC aims to nurture young men’s mental and emotional well-being, helping them navigate societal expectations and stereotypes. With BIC Shavers, the brand provides men with the necessary tools to feel confident, comfortable, and proud of who they are. Men’s Mental Health Month serves as a timely reminder to prioritise the well-being of men and address their unique needs. 

To watch the Master Your Look videos series, click here.

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