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When you think of the word Earth…..what are your immediate thoughts? First thought that pops in my mind is ‘All Natural’. And that is exactly what Jacintha, beauty therapist, turned entrepreneur and owner of the brand Earth, Body&Skin introduces with this brand of body and skin products.

As a person that suffers from extreme eczema, Jacintha was on a path to discover products that would work for her. And whilst on this journey, having the background knowledge of aromatherapy and essential oils, she started making her own scrubs.


The Coconut oil & Sea Salt is a sure winner with all of her clients and customers. I recently had the privilege of meeting Jacintha and also getting a pedicure with her using her own products. You know you get certain scrubs that instead of making your skin feel smooth and silky after using it, it leaves your skin either too oily or the scrub was just too harsh on your skin. Well after she used this scrub, without even touching my legs and feet, I could immediately feel a BIG difference. My legs were silky soft and so too my bare feet. My skin did not feel irritated as I’ve so often found the case to be with other scrubs. I left the salon having made a new friend and also someone who passionate about her brand and has the will to make a success of her brand.

I received the Coffee and Peppermint Body scrub to test out at home.soap5.jpg

I have always wanted to try out a coffee scrub, as I have read so many wonderful things about it. For example, it is an excellent exfoliater, has anti-inflammatory properties, can temporary reduce the appearance of cellulite, improve circulation, reduce eye puffiness, and the ultimate…..smooth skin. I was extremely excited to try it out on my face. You only need a little bit, and after a few second….I was in wonderland. My skin starting feeling and looking better. I think from now on I am going to scrub my face and body at least twice a week, to prevent impurities to build up.

More products include:



As well as a range of oils and lip balms.

You can order directly from Jacintha.

Have a look at their Instagram page: @earthbodyandskin

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