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If you are looking for beautiful and bespoke handmade items for babies and children, then Gigil decor is the right place for you. The brand was started by Tanya du Toit. Tanya is a mom of three and is a granny to two adorable little boys. Her unending love and passion for creativity and craftsmanship led to her opening her own arts and crafts store a few years ago. But the igniting passion to pursue her desire to create children’s decor was always a lifelong dream that she finally turned into reality after the birth of her first grandson. Living in a small town in Cape Town called, Melkbosstrand, Tanya has her own studio and you will usually find her with a cup of coffee in one hand and a paint brush in the other, as she gives life to her creativity.

What is in the name?

‘Gigil’ is a Filipino word that describes an irresistible urge to squeeze or hug something cute. Thus, Tanya created Gigil to share her passion for creating beautiful items with the world. Gigil creates unique and bespoke baby, toddler and children items. Tanya is able to craft beautiful items for children that are exclusive for your child’s room or playroom. Items range from toys to accessories, storage, furniture and rugs, to bedding, decor and baby essentials.

Currently Tanya is the only person that manufactures her products. This means, every stitch that gets sewn and every bead that gets painted is done by her. This just shows you the amount of love and care that goes into every single item that is created by her.

Some products:


Playgym 2.JPG

Playgym 1.JPG


Garlands All.jpg

Fairy Lights

Fairy Lights 1.jpg

Cross Knit

Cross Knit B&W.jpg

Cross Knit B&W 2.jpg


Blue Mobile 3.jpg

Blue Mobile 2.jpg


Blue Mobile 1.jpg


Abacus White.jpg

Abacus Peach.jpg

Abacus Blue.jpg

Teething Rattles

Tetthing Rattle Panda.jpg

Tetthing Rattle Giraffe Purple.jpg

Tetthing Rattle Bunnies Neutral.jpg

Tetthing Rattle Bunnies Blues 1.jpg


Tarn Rug Grey.jpg

When I saw a Giraffe teething rattle made by Tanya on her Facebook page, I immediately burst into tears. It has been one year since my mom’s passing and knowing how much she loved giraffe’s , I just knew that, that would have been something that she would have bought for Hudson. You can feel the love by just looking at Tanya’s work. Its a pleasure and such an honor to have made contact with Tanya, and we will treasure the products that she makes for Hudson, always and forever.

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