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Bedding and Decor

I am finding that planning bedding and decor for a nursery or a big boy room is like planning your wedding decor. Remember how you use to sit on Pinterest for hours to get some ideas and inspiration for your own wedding? When we did the planning for Hudson’s room, we knew that we wanted timeless pieces that we could re-use. His cot was especially a great buy as he will be able to use it until the age of 3 years old. Always remember that it is best to spend more when you will be saving in the long run. My hubby was actually the one that spent time on Pinterest looking for ideas on bedding decor for Hudson’s bedroom. The bedding and decor was all me, and we both decided on the furniture and colors for his room. I think I actually saw the bedding design first and then from there we did the planning for the room.

Step 1

Choose things that you love; but also things that are interchangeable. Especially when it comes to the wall colors. Find a color palette that you love and also think about what other colors you can incorporate in the long run.

Step 2

Draw up a budget. This is something that we actually did not factor in. From so many trips to the hardware store and the room having to be painted again due to some unforeseen circumstances (something about the plaster not being done correctly) Hudson’s room is probably the most expensive room in our house. According to your budget shop around. We actually have two pieces in Hudson’s room that are second hand pieces. His compactum; a hand me down from his cousin and an old chair that I got from a Hungarian  (I will tell that story again another time). Hubby made the compactum his own project and did a bit of DIY; I wish we took before pictures, because he did an amazing job! and the chair was reupholstered by my Dad.

Step 3

The best part is to not go into a store and just buy everything at once. You have loads of time after baby is born to add pieces that you love. I did not want to get pieces just for the sake of having the room done before baby came; so even after Hudson was born; whenever we went to the stores and I saw something that I love; I would get it for him. Take your time; the most important thing is that you are just as in love with the room as your husband is.

Step 4

Bedding and decor accessories ideas from Designer baby, toddler and big kid duvet sets with matching accessories to create the perfect bedroom for sleep and play. Handmade in Cape Town!


Duvet Sets From Cot size- toddler bed size- single; three quarter; double and queen

Pillow cases (New) Available in single and double


Plushies: A fun way of adding some character to the room

What I love about Squiggle & Squeak

Firstly, I love the quality and originality of the brand. I love that it has a strong line for boys as well as girls. One of our followers said that she really struggled finding bedding for toddler beds; I love that you can find bedding from cot size-double bed. The range is affordable and most importantly you can always expect excellent customer service. Very importantly, the prints are age appropriate. It is so important that brands stay on trend with what is currently happening around us and Squiggle & Squeak is right on trend.  Lastly, I love how you can mix and match the bedding with the scatter pillows as well as the plushies. To complete your room also head on over to   You will find a range of storage bags; accessories; play mats as well as a category for SALE items.

Step 5

Most importantly make this a memorable experience and have fun!



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