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Women’s Month

The month of August marks Women’s Month, where we celebrate, well us. This month I am going to spoil a few lucky followers with some great spoils. I call this my..Be-YOU-tiful Giveaway! This is a phrase that you are probably very familiar with right? But what makes you feel Beautiful?

Here are some of my favorite comments from Facebook and Instagram:

Seeing the beauty in everything and everyone makes me happy and content and in turn makes me feel beautiful from the inside out

I feel beautiful because my husband & son love me & accept me for who I am! 

Mmm what makes me feel BEAUTIFUL is when I have my hair done, spoil myself with my nails and of course when I get that look from my husband when we going out and he tells me wow you look beautiful and my 9 month old makes me feel happy and just makes me feel good

I feel my most beautiful during pregnancy. I cannot tell you how perfect my imperfections look to me now that I have already brought a life into this world and am currently carrying another. Pure magic! ❤❤❤

I’ve got Stretch marks all over which doesn’t make me feel very confident… So It make me feel inversion beautiful when my baby boy kisses my tummy and when my hubby tells me that every stretch mark i have will glow brighter than stars in heaven!✨

Eeek this is a difficult one… we don’t often think about what makes us beautiful. I guess I’m blessed with amazing g friends like Bongiwe Ndimande-Mbhele who remind me of all the good I do as a friend wife and mother. I’m always trying to feed everyone around me and hopefully make them smile and know that I have their back should they need anything.

Being a Mommy to Emily Eva and 30 weeks pregnant with Amelia Rose I barely and rarely feel beautiful like seriously …But my darling Husband Riaan constantly reminds me that to him in my natural no make up messy hairworst version I am the most beautiful woman in the world 

What makes me beautiful is my personality, the smile I put on my face on a daily basis even when I feel troubled on the inside, my loving and warm heart and most of all being myself all day everyday. 

I am BE-YOU-tiful because I am created in all uniqueness. My body was blessed with ability to carry life and it bears witness to this truth and because I chose that, generational impacts are created. I have a heart to love beyond my blood identities only, I love the young and old, the haves and have-nots, the educated and the ones who carry no school papers yet are impacting our lives daily. I am a BIG BIG dreamer and I have beautiful from my fellow human family even when they do not see it as yet. I am a forgiver and a healer. Above all these things, I am here NOW & do my part in life, I am present and remind myself to love and live NOW.

Some of us find beauty in the smallest of things. The most important is self love, and to accept who you are.

Giveaway Steps for the Third Hamper

  1. Make sure that you are a subscriber and following my blog.
  2. Nominate the person that you would like to gift this Hamper to and tell me why.
  3. Share the post and tell me on which platforms you’ve shared it.
  4. This giveaway will close on 13 August 2018 and the winner will be announced on 14 August 2018.
  5. The hamper is worth R1840.00

T’s & C’s Apply


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  1. Kelly

    Myself. I need a treat as this year has been very rough
    Shared on fb

  2. Ruline

    I would love to share this hamper with my mom, Lina. She raised four kids and left a caring legacy to us.
    Shared on Facebook.

  3. Chantal Minords

    I would like to gift this hamper to my mom as she’s always used & loved the Nivea range, for as long as I can remember she always told me how great their products are. Shared on fb & Twitter.

  4. Liezel Pienaar

    My mom! Because she’s awesome!

  5. Liezel Pienaar

    Shared on Facebook

  6. Portia Petersen

    I would like to share this hamper with my friend, Fazlin Davids as she has been through a really tough time and is still recovering from an accident so she could do with some pampering. I have shared this post on Facebook.

  7. Eve

    I’d love to gift this to my friend ashy roos because she’s a good friend and a great mommy whose working so hard for her little family. I’m following and sharing on Facebook and instagram.

  8. Charlene

    I’d gift it to my mom. ❤️
    After a difficult year, a lovely spoil is just what she needs.

    Shared on Facebook and Twitter

  9. Magda Tolken

    I nominate myself. I can do with a little TLC. I had a difficult and heavy few month.
    Sharing Facebook and Instagram

    1. Dayyaan

      I nominate my wife she a inspiring woman she one in a million she always see to her family and friends she a person that help the community on Wednesday she feeds the people by making them food and sandwiches see she to +- 70 people she really amazing….

  10. Ash-menita De Beer

    I would really really love to win .. As I’ll share it with my sisters and mom … They so love this amazing range and its moms birthday soon and that’ll be an. Amazing gift for her

  11. Michelle Le Roux Dale

    I believe in giving, making others feel special and especially our mommies since it is Women’s month.
    I shared it with
    Elsie, Carlo, Lolla, Bianka, Estelle, Anneke, Theresa, Cindy, Estelle B, Leandra (all of them deserve a spoil like this)
    Sharing on my insta stories.

  12. Ash-menita De Beer

    I’ve shared it on Facebook .. Twitter and Instagram I nominate my mom who deserves it and sisters ..

  13. Shameera

    I would share this amazing pamper hamper with my mum and sister.
    They love nivea products and i would love to make them feel special and put a smile on their faces during this trying time in their lives.

  14. Palesa joy nkala

    I would share with my mom..her has not been well this winter amd i hope this Nivea product will help her

    Sharing on facebook

  15. Tasneem Katsen

    I would like to share this hamper with my mommy to be friend,Angelique Arendse. She is having her second baby a little girl. She has had a rough few months with her son being in and out of hospital . She deserves this spoil especially before she is due. I have shared on Facebook

  16. Janel

    I would love to share this prize with any of the phenomenal women i tagged as they amazing strong and hard working moms and wives
    Shared on facebook, Twitter, pinterest, google

  17. Selloane Molahlehi

    I would love to share with my bestie Julie Mfeka, she a working hard mother ,who is now sick in bed . She is so loving, caring, supportive & always there in times of need. She never complain . She always treat other with love & respect , she always a good adviser. She really deserved to be spoiled. Instagram & Facebook

  18. Shameera

    Sharing on twitter and facebook
    Would share with My sister zulfiya vahed..recently single mum to 3 amazing boys..shes so kind n selfless. So strong even in the toughest situations. She deserves some pampering. And this hamper would really make her so happy.

  19. Ncuthwa Luke

    I would like to gift this hamper to my Bestie Asanda Gobodo she loves Nivea and it was her birthday lastweek..I would be so honored to win this prize for her.thanks.
    Shared on facebook

  20. Naseemah

    I’m sharing on Facebook, and would like to nominate myself for this hamper because I hardly get any time to actually pamper myself since my son is born. And I hardly buy myself any products either because my husband and I are always just focused on my son and not ourselves

  21. Theofista Ruiters

    I would love to gift this hamper to my sister,She has been through so much this year but always manages to have a smile on her face and put other people’s needs before her own.She is my role model and my rock. Her birthday is this month and she’s turning 30. This would such an ideal gift for her. Post shared on Facebook,Pinterest,Email,Whatsapp & instagram

  22. Nthabiseng

    I would love to share this with my Friend Dimpho because we are both mothers and we gave birth on the same year and we deserve this. We haven’t spoiled ourselves since our babies were born

  23. Anusha Naidoi

    I will share with my sister as she has been my pillar of strength and helped me raise my daughter through the years as I was widowed at a young age left to raise my daughter on my own. My sister has given me hope and confidence to live on and be a amazing mom.
    Its challenging being a single mommy but with a supportive sister it makes it easier.
    Thank you for this much needed opportunity to win.
    Shared on Facebook

  24. Leandra Du Toit

    I would love to share this awesome prize wit my mother and sister, they are my best friends and we share everything 🙂

  25. Aadila Emam

    I would share this hamper with my amazing mum and my husband Ahmed sirajudeen hoosain. My whole family are nivea lovers. I would love to win this to share with my nivea loving family.

    1. Aadila Emam

      Shared on facebook

  26. Nicole Young

    I would love to win this awesome prize for my bestie Melody Griego she is a phenomenal woman inside an out..she is such an inspiration to many not just myself, she is my pillar of strength my guidance and my support. I am following on Facebook an Instagram

  27. Donna Little

    I would share this beautiful hamper with my mom #Eugenelittle … winter has been terrible to our skin, especially with the water restrictions. This would be an amazing addition to our beauty regime. We are both have the worst stretch marks n dark stains on our skin . Would really appreciate this hamper

  28. Carmen Josias

    Shared on Facebook and Twitter. I would love to win for my mom. She is an amazing woman who always putsothers needs before her own

  29. Salochana Naidoo

    I’d love to gift this awesome Nivea hamper to my daughter, Tharishia Ebrahim.. She’s always taking the best care of her skin, especially throughout her pregnancies. She deserves a spoiling, as she’s recently lost her twin baby girls, and had a baby boy through a miscarriage. However, nothing’s going to deter her from making sure her little boy has a sibling soon. I’ve shared on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

    1. Salochana Naidoo

      Sorry.. Meant ‘lost’ a baby boy, not ‘had’

  30. Theshnee Reddy

    I nominate my mum, Vanishree Perumal.. She’s a hardworking lady..

  31. Loshini

    I will luv to nominate myself and my daughter Bianca Govender coz i kno we will share the products. Im.a diabetic and my biggest achievement is living with thus disease and abstaining from all the sugary good stuff. Its difficult coz im.a mum to three kids and im always baking for them.

  32. Shabana

    My sister Sauda osman, I can always count on her no matter what, she loves my son endlessly and we couldn’t have asked for a better sister and Aunty than her

  33. Nadine

    I nominate my sister, Shantelle Lambaatjeen. She does indeed deserve this spoil. Quite recently she went through a very traumatic time. It’s only the Lord’s goodness and mercy that brought her through.

  34. Romona

    Shared on Facebook

    Would love to share with Lorraine Naidoo

  35. Bhavana Singh

    I would love to win and share with my amazing mom. I shared on Facebook. FINGERS CROSSED

  36. Elize

    Done all the steps on Facebook. Would love to win.

  37. Abbygail Van Rooyen

    I would love to give this lovely hamper to my mom, Mary Jaftha. Who does so much for me and my family. We’ve had to move in with her after our building contractor never finished our home and ran off with thousands that we paid him to complete our home. I’ve shared on Facebook.

  38. Veronique

    I would like to share this hamper with my beautiful friend I’ve mentioned in the comments because they are all beautiful,loving and caring…
    Im sharing this post on my wall with my friends and on groups

  39. Khuselwa Nkaenkae

    I would love to share this gift with my little sister Buhle Nkaenkae it’s her birthday next month this would be an early present from me..
    And myself of course I really need to be spoiled as I’m currently pregnant.

    I’ve shared on Facebook.

  40. MARKGAVIN sylvester


  41. Dawn

    Shared on facebook
    I nominate my Mother because she is the most fantastic person I know, loving, loyal, caring, kind, faithful, happy, joyful!!!

  42. Faziela Prantice

    I would love to win this hamper for my Mom . She a phenomenal women , she’s selfless caring and beautiful inside out . She my pillar of strengh, my Queen. And she would always go out of her way to assist everyone in need. The hamper will be such a blessing to her as she’s been using Nivea all her life.

  43. Faziela Prantice

    I left my comment already but forgot to add that I have entered and shared on Facebook and Instagram.

  44. Bibi ayesha motala

    I would love to share this with my mum and 3 sisters, all of which are amazing family and great mothers

  45. Candice Piek

    My would love this for my fabulous Bestie Sharon Brickhill Botha who inspires me ❤️❤️

    She is an amazing, hardworking teacher who stimulates and nurtures the children in her care. She is also a wife, a mom and a friend and she always makes time for everyone around her and never asks for anything in return ❤️

    Shared on Facebook…

  46. Edlyn

    Shared it on Fb and following on instagram liked Nivea page
    This would be awesome to win and share it with Gretel Lim as I owe her big time, she never fail to inspires me on how hard life’s sometimes I always remember that she taught me it’s just a temporary nothing is permanent. She is a good example of a true hero

  47. Jaqi

    I would love to nominate my best friend (and soon to be sister in law) Samantha, because my soul literally linked with hers the first time we met and she has been my person ever since. She is strong, kind, gorgeous, caring, hard working and loving. Shen always motivates me, cheers me on and supports me no matter what.

  48. Jaqi

    Left my comment but forgot to mention i shared on my Facebook page “Jaqi On The Go”.

  49. Janine van der Westhuizen

    What a great spoil for any woman! Beautiful skin makes me feel beautiful! BUT what makes me feel most beautiful is my children telling me Im the most beautiful mommy and that makes everything beautiful and worthwhile xxx liked and shared on facebook and instagram. Sharing the love

  50. Leandra Krige

    I nominate Vicky Scheepers to share this amazing price!! We have been friends since preprimary school!! She is always there for me, especially when Im not sure about something and need some advice. She is a mom of two gorgeous kids, but with kids we all know we need a bit of a spoil to feel our old Beautiful self!! This giveaway will be amazing to achieve the aforesaid x x

    1. Leandra Krige

      PS shared on Facebook x x

  51. Priscilla Govender

    Would love to win this for my only daughter Natlene whose going to be a first time mom and my first grandchild. She deserves some spoils especially considering how expensive baby stuff is.

  52. Carien-Mari

    I would like to win this hamper for any of the friends I tagged as I value my friends a lot! We sometimes forget to get ourselves what is necessary, this is such a great start to take good care of ourselves. Xxx

  53. Carien-Mari

    Shared on Fb xxx

  54. Manjoo Rughunandan

    I would love to share this awesome hamper with my daughter Natalie Gobind, she has helped me through my sickness, she gave me the strength to carry on when I was down. She was my pillar of strength when I was helpless.

  55. Annette Hamann

    I would love to gift this hamper to my mom. She is such an amazing person. She does everything for everyone else and forget about herself. She really deserves to be spoiled. She has the biggest heart. She makes me want to be a better person every day. She’s been my pillar of strength even though she is fighting her own battles health wise. She just keeps smiling despite all her challenges. She’s truly a remarkable lady.

  56. Annette Hamann

    I have shared on Facebook

  57. Rhoda Twigg

    With my friend Jodi Mitchley as she has a full time job and is now studying further. Shared on Facebook

  58. Michelle Van Rooyen

    I shared on Twitter and Facebook
    I would love to nominate my daughter, Juanita. She has a very dry skin, we only use Nivea products, because it’s non greasy, nurtures a her skin and its quite affordable.

  59. Michelle Van Rooyen

    Shared on Twitter and Facebook
    I would love to nominate my daughter, Juanita. She has a very dry skin, and we love using Nivea products, because it’s non greasy, nurtures and its affordable.

  60. Judy Padayachee

    l would love to share this hamper with my dear sister who has been through a lot and a breast cancer survivor. She is my inspiration of over coming whatever you faced with. Shared on twitter.

  61. Martie Schoeman

    It is Be-YOU-tiful to be a Mom! I am a Grandma to two lovely kids! A boy who turns 10 in September (I helped raised him until he was five years as my daughter worked long hours. Went out at six in the morning and sometimes came home 9 in the evening. Her daughter is now 5 years old. I would love to share this with her. As she is a lovely Mom to them and my best friend.

  62. Martie Schoeman

    I shared on Twitter , Facebook

  63. Cindy Menigo

    I would love to share this with my mom and sister. The 2 amazing women in my life who are always there for me no matter what. The best grandma and aunt to my 9 year old daughter.. shared on Facebook

  64. Jennifer Chunilall

    I would love to share this with my mom. I am a single mom and the love and support I get from my mom is the greatest gift ever!!! I’m so grateful and thankful.

  65. Nadia Williams

    I would love to share this with my Be-YOU- tiful sister Rowena Natascha Williams. A women of absolute strength. She has just given birth to my amazing nephew. She truly is my inspiration each and every day.

  66. Nadia Williams

    Shared on Facebook

  67. Ashley Padayachee

    I nominate my mama because she really deserves to be spoilt and treated for womens month 😀

  68. Karmin

    I would love to win this for my mom and my Granny. They adore Nivea and it would be a great surprise to gift them with this. I know they will truly be grateful! I want to make them feel special . Not only this month but always!

    I shared this post on Instagram @karminfouche
    Fingers crossed

  69. Fabian Van Rooyen

    I would spoil my wife Abbygail with this hamper. She quit her job to take care of her grandmother who has dementia and has been doing it for 2yrs now. She deserves some pampering. Shared on Fb

  70. Naquita

    I would love for my friend Sade Lee (Disney Mom Blog) to win, she deserves a lovely lil treat!

  71. Naquita

    Shared on Facebook

  72. Sonja Kuhnel

    I nominate my mommy just because i love her so much and want to show my appreciation for all her love and care ♡♡

  73. Nashieta

    I would love to Nominate my grad mother She’s not on Facebook unfortunately But she’s the most incredible human being to walk this earth !!!She’s fearless,Caring and the most beautiful inside&Out and she always knows what to tell me in every situation I consider myself lucky to have a gem like her in my life So I would love to spoil her with a treat like this I have shared few times on Facebook & Instagram #Nivea #RaisingHudson #ForTheWin

  74. Sandy Maharaj

    I nominate my friend, Bella , who in this Women’s Month raked up the courage to defeat the abuse and depression against her. Proud of her!

  75. Sandy Maharaj

    Following on FB & Instagram @sandamsel

  76. Yvonne

    I nominate my mom….because she’s always there for everyone. She’s done so much for me….looked after my kids when I had to go back to work before they started pre-school. She’s just so thoughtful, kind and caring….she deserves a spoil ❤

  77. Yvonne

    Forgot to mention I shared on facebook

  78. Depashni Marie

    I nominate my mom…we recently lost my dad…and she’s been going through a tough time…hopefully this will help cheer her up…even if it’s for one day.

  79. Tasneem

    I would like to nominate my grandma who has always been my rock my day 1 and constant support structure since always.. She is such a gem she is the sweetest soul always there for not only me but everyone she is selfless nd giving and always puts a smile on everyones dial she knows exactly wat to say and do to make u feel like u can conquer anything if im even half the woman she is i would consider myself lucky i have so much love for her and would love to win it for her fingers toes nd everything crossed lol shared it on fb unfortunately its the only social media platform im on

  80. Debbie Stander

    Would love 2 give it 2 my mom. Shared the love on mom is a pensioner and think she deserves a spoil xxx

  81. Debbie R

    I’ve shared the FB post on FB, and I’ve shared the Blog on Twitter.
    I would love to give this to my best friend Margaret, as she loves Nivea as much as I do, and she’s a well-deserving Granny to 11 grandchildren.

  82. Zayne Khan

    Already subscribed and would nominate most of the women in my family including my friend Mesha Aswad because these ladies are the toughest support system a woman can have, they are my best friends and we share everything between us from treats to clothes and can I not share a hamper like this?

    Shared on Twitter, FB and Instagram.

  83. Roczanne

    I would like to share the Nivea hamper with my sister. She has recently just bought her own house and I know that financially she is battling so this hamper would just make her a whole lot more confident.

  84. Roczanne

    I will share this hamper with my sister who has bought her own house and I know that she would love this hamper as I know that financially she is battling. But God is good and I know this would make her feel great.
    I shared this on Facebook and Instagram.

  85. Dhanusha Dhoorgalu

    I would share it with my boyfriend. He’s always buying me make up items and skincare and I never get to buy him anything being a student. Shared on Twitter.

  86. AdelineR Pillay

    I would love to gift this wonderful Nivea hamper to my mum in law because she hardly takes the time out for herself and I know that she will start and pamper herself.
    Shared via Facebook, Twitter, Email & Whatsapp

  87. Bhavana Singh

    I would Love to Win For My Beautiful Mom. SHARING On Facebook

  88. Magda Tolken

    I would love to nominate my daughter Monique. She is such a blessing to me and 5 months ago gave birth to my first grandchild Justin

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