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Introducing Chicco’s range of bath, skin and nursing items. I have not one, but THREE Chicco hampers to give away !!!!

Details on the products

Natural feeling 150 ml Feeding Bottle

Replicates the instinctive way baby feeds with the ideal position for newborns. With a micro orthodontic, specially designed teat, the bottle offers an easy transition between breast and bottle feeding and is one of very few on the market that is ideal for inter-changeable feeding. The teat mimics a breast in the sense that it has a textured top part to ease with a more natural latch. The bottle also has a drop-proof cap for extra hygiene. The perfect bottle to start your child drinking.

Physio Soft and /or Physio Micro Pacifier

All Chicco pacifiers are designed to perfectly fit children’s mouths, no matter what the age. This ensures correct, uniformly distributed pressure of the tongue on the palate. The ideal teat should be orthodontic, designed with a shape that will not hamper dental development. The neck of these soothers is small, ensuring baby’s mouth does not sit unduly open when sucking. The Physio Soft is ideal for sleep as it is made from the softest silicone, not waking the child if they roll on their faces. The Physio Micro is a fashion dummy with cute buttons of personality. The small plate is perfectly designed to fit the smaller face of a newborn or even premature baby.

Anti-Bacterial Breast Pads

Maximum safety for the delicacy of skin, whilst providing 100% protection from leakages. The Chicco anti-bacterial breast pads understands the organic nature of milk and provide a dry breathability that ensures moms are left feeling fresh. Highly absorbent and completely invisible under clothes.

Baby Moments 50ml and 7ml Body Lotion

Chicco’s Baby Moments range brings you clinically tested, paraben, chemical, alcohol and preservative-free products for baby’s bath time. With a soft , yet delicate baby scent, the Baby Moments range is a globally respected brand of baby cosmetics. Chicco is a 61 year old company, always working with international laboratories and experts to ensure the ultimate in safety and quality. The body lotion is a gentle moisturiser for everyday use. Contains almond milk

Baby Moments 50ml and 7ml Body Wash

The gentle Body Wash is the perfect rich, soft and gentle formula to wash baby from their very first moments, whilst hydrating and protecting their delicate skin. Baby Moments Body Wash contains no SLS, a harsh surfactant commonly found in most baby soaps. contains soothing properties of oats.

Baby Moments Nappy Cream 7 ml sachet

The nappy cream is a delicate answer to nappy rash. Contains panthenol to help regenerate skin.

Baby Moments 7ml Bath Foam

The bath foam is a delicate bubble bath for fun bath times.

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Strawberry Flavoured Toothpaste

Non-abrasive, the Chicco toothpaste has a delicious flavour, encouraging children to start enjoying dental care from a young age. The toothpaste is completely safe to swallow, contains bio-calcium and is preservative free.

Stay posted with more Chicco products coming your way soon!


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    Baby moments body wash
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  8. Leandra Krige

    This would be amazing for Harper arriving next month!!
    I would love to try the anti-bacterial breast pads. Especially for the beginning of my breastfeeding journey with Harper!!
    Shared on Facebook but will go share now on IG x

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    Physio Soft and /or Physio Micro Pacifier, what mother doesn’t enjoy a great dummy

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