Keys and portables will never go missing in action again

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Where are my keys?

Do you often find yourself asking that question? I do, ALL THE TIME! We actually have a “place” where the keys are suppose to go, but when I come home after a long and exhausting day, I put my keys down wherever. What if I told you that there is way for you to ALWAYS find your keys and portables? No, this is not a joke! And no, you do not need a ticket to La La Land. Drum roll please!!!

Orbit Blue tooth tracker

Everything is always available overseas, but thanks to Gammatek, a leading distributor of branded technologies and accessories, this baby is available in South Africa.  The ultimate NECESSITY in portable possessions locator, Orbit is all you need. It is linked with a downloadable Orbit App, an Orbit – stuck on valuables or attached to keys – which will make your life so much easier.


I am definitely not tech savvy and my hubby can attest to this. I need things that I can understand and work on my own. According to Gammatek’s Zev Cherniak, there are three varieties of Orbit available in South Africa; Orbit Stick-On, Orbit Card and Orbit Keys.

Orbit Stick-On

Is perfect for remote controls, laptops, mobile phones, tools, guitars and more. With the keyring attachment, it can be used on house and car keys, backpacks, luggage and cameras.

Orbit Card

Is a non-obtrusive card that can be slipped into a wallet or purse,

Orbit Keys

Is designed specifically for keyrings.

“Using the app you can make your Orbit ring or check its last known GPS location. All of your Orbits can be tracked using the Orbit App. Orbit can also find your phone by making it ring even on silent. An added bonus is that Orbit can be used as a selfie remote,’ says Cherniak.

How does it work?

To locate something that is missing, simply press the “Find Orbit” button on your mobile phone. If in range, the Orbit will play a melodic tune to alert you. When out of Bluetooth range of 30 metres, you can locate the missing item by means of its last known GPS location using the Orbit App. If it is your phone you are seeking, press the button on the side of your Orbit Card, Orbit Stick-On or Orbit Keys and it will make your phone ring. To take a selfie or group shot, open the in-app camera and use Orbit as a camera remote.

What about Battery life?

This is the first question that my husband posed. The Orbit Stick-On is powered by a replaceable CR2025 3 volt battery which can last up to a year. Orbit Card comes with a charging cable for recharging time and time again. Orbit Card will last about three months once fully charged. Orbit Keys is also powered by a replaceable battery.

Where can you purchase it?

Convinced that this is a life saver? I am!  Orbit is made available by Gammatek at leading retailers in South Africa. These include selected Vodacom stores,,  Loot.

Would you like one? Comment “YES PLEASE!” in the comment section.

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  4. Leandra Krige

    Yes Please, it might make me on time for work!!! Always looking for my keys then still have to drop Hunter off. Im almost always 5min late!!! This might make the world of difference!!!

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    Yes please 🙂

  6. Megan

    My husband totally needs this! Every day it’s starts the same way as we’re trying to herd the kids out the front door to get them to school “have you seen my keys” – cue a full ten minutes of swearing and turning the house upside down!! Ingenious product!

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    Yes please!! Hubby always puts keys where he forgets where he placed them

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    Yes please

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