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Second time around this pregnancy is so different from my first one. One big difference is the season. With Hudson I was pregnant during the sweltering, hot Summer months. My wardrobe consisted out of summer dresses, flip flops and sandals. This time around its during the cold winter months. One thing that I have been anxious about from the start was maternity fashion. Throughout my first pregnancy, Cherry Melon Maternity

Styling your pregnancy

The key words that you are looking for when it comes to clothing while pregnant, is that you feel confident and comfortable. Most importantly the clothing should be affordable and be of great quality. If you are a new Mom to be and have absolutely no idea where to start, then head on over to Cherry Melon’s website and hit that basics button here

For Winter time you definitely need a few pairs of pants. With a variety to choose from, you will definitely find your style. Here are just a few to choose from and ranges from R599-R299

Next up TOPS

You can not go wrong with adding a mix of tops and breastfeeding tops to your list. Check out some of the SALE items. You are going to score big bargains, but remember the SALE is only one, until stocks lasts. If you are pregnant now, remember that you will need some pieces for your capsule that you can wear next Winter as well. The amazing thing about Cherry Melon designs is that every piece is timeless and you can dress it up or down.

Here are some pieces that are currently ON SALE


Nothing makes me feel more feminine than wearing a dress. Cherry Melon recent launched their Spring/Summer Collection and I can not wait to start dressing up on warmer days. Just a few of my favorites and you can shop the range here

Going for that Layered look

The days are still a bit cool and layering is one of the ways to stay warm and still look stylish.

My Looks

Take note

No matter what size you are, it is your right to feel special during this time. A time when your body changes. Embrace the change and do not hide away from it. I am definitely more confident and comfortable in my own skin with this pregnancy, than I was with my first. Also, remember to always check when there is a SALE on at Cherry Melon, you can score some great bargains, either for the current season or the next season.

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