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Good Enuf Enterprises NPC is a community based organisation, trying to change the narrative of communities in Cape Town, starting with the area of Mitchell’s Plain. The focus is on making ‘Positive the new Normal’, sharing stories of triumph over pain to inspire others to push through their circumstances.

We want to make the stories of our people the cornerstone of their lives; through connecting tangible elements to it, creating new emotions and direction to move forward on.

We also primarily focus on working with and assisting teens that are struggling to transition into adolescence, providing them with the necessary life skills to master and direct their own future and vision. We assist in helping them identify who they are, understanding the processes they have to go through and correctly identifying associated emotions and events, in order to make informed choices. ​We also offer bullying presentations to High school students and work with those students affected by bullying, alongside their school therapist as an extra support. As certified trauma counsellors, another offering is private counselling sessions, specifically for high school students, starting at only R50.

As part of ​C.D.F. (Community Development Foundation Western Cape), ​they are hosting their first MAJOR event this August.

We are asking the questions: ​Ever gone through pain? Used the term “I’m fine”?
As women we birth newness and beauty through pain on a daily basis – children, business, marriage and everything in between. Often, when all is said and done, we are forgotten about and left to deal with the pieces and just carry on.

Trauma comes in various forms, and means something different to each person, and more times than not we don’t need a quick fix or advice, but rather an ear that will listen with no judgement.

At ​Good Enuf ​ they want to ​tackle the issues that we all face on a daily basis, but that no-one wants to speak about, issues that cause bullying and self-harm. Imagine a generation free of being born into post-traumatic environments. Just imagine. Therefore, to end Women’s Month off on a high note, they are empowering women by providing a safe, intimate space at our event ​“Phoenix Women – Power through pain”​, taking place on 31 August. Women attending will have the opportunity to listen to and interact with other women, sharing their own personal experiences, focusing on ‘traumatic’ events. For just a few hours, women can let their guard down, complain if they want to and be as honest as they’ve ever been – free of shame.

The aim of the event is to get 100 women engaged in conversations, providing them with a platform to inspire and motivate one another by being real and vulnerable, honing in on coping skills used to derive ‘​Power from their pain​’ post-trauma.

Attendees will also have access to people in the industry who deal directly with post-trauma, and some of our partners for this event is ​Trauma Centre​, Natuurlik Pragtig and Alpha Youniverse​. Catering will be done by ​Youth Arise (NPO) and our MC for the event will be Farah Abdurahman, presenter on UCT radio. There will be prizes throughout the day and for a few brave hearts, there will be an opportunity to share their story ‘on camera’ too.

Tickets are only R200 and are limited so pre-booking is essential. Light snacks and refreshments will also be served. Money raised from the event will go towards funding the ongoing bullying presentations and other community initiatives.

Tickets ​can be purchased via Webtickets and paid for either online, or at your nearest Pick ‘n Pay store. Please note, no kids are allowed. Doors open at 1.30pm sharp and the event will end at 5.30pm. Absolutely no tickets will be sold at the door (unless otherwise communicated beforehand).

Follow their journey on ​Instagram ​and ​Facebook and remember to share your posts by using the following hashtags: #PhoenixWomen #PostTrauma #Powerthroughpain #GoodEnuf

For more information on the organisation or the upcoming event, or if anyone would like to provide sponsorship please email ​​ or call 083 398 0302.

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