Blogging Goals 2020

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I am not one for setting new year’s resolutions, but I do set attainable goals for myself. This year my blog turns 3 years old, and every year I have set blogging goals for myself. Last year I landed some incredible campaigns and got to work with some of SA’S leading beauty brands like, Nivea, Dermalogica and Avon/Justine South Africa to name but a few. One of my blogging goals for 2020 is definitely to continue the brand partnerships with these amazing brands. I have also started loving exploring make up related posts and would like to bring more of that to my blog as well.

Another blogging goal I have is to actually start my own YOUTUBE channel. It has been something that I have been exploring for awhile now, and I am really keen to start the process. Finding the time to do it is the problem. I also do not want to put too many things on my plate. By now you guys know that if I do something I want to do it well. So keep an eye out for when I launch my YOUTUBE channel.

The boys will always be part of my blog. I started this blog because I became a mother, so I will still continue to blog about parenting issues that interests me, and potentially you as well.

My love for fashion will also feature a bit more on my platforms. I have started loving the new me am having a lot of fun choosing and wearing outfits that I never would have picked out in the first place. I feel like this gives others the same confidence that I am capturing in my images. This platform has always been about reaching more like minded people and empowering them.

Recently I have also added a travelling category to my blog. You can expect to see more posts about our family travels. Something that we are all so excited to share and explore. I will be sharing family friendly places that does not cost an arm and a leg, but is affordable and good value for money.

A lot of you have also asked me about my skin care regime, so I will also be sharing more beauty related posts for anti-aging and skincare treatments. I have a few partnerships in that area coming up as well. Can not wait to share more details on that. Here’s to 2020 and making the most of every opportunity coming our way.

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