Cooking with Jamie Oliver- Cauliflower Cheese Pasta

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The following recipe is from Jamie Oliver’s Cook Book 7 Ways. I have adapted it slightly.

Photograph Levon Bliss


100 g stale sourdough bread (this is to crumble on top, but I am not going to use anything on top- I suppose breadcrumbs could also work.

2 gloves of garlic (I will use 3 – because we love garlic

Half a head of cauliflower (I will use the whole one (its small)

1 onion

400ml skimmed milk ( I will be using full cream milk)

300g spaghetti (I will use 400g because the boys love spaghetti)

70g Cheddar cheese (Obviously I will be using more because well Cheese)


  1. If you are using the sour dough bread- tear it up and put it into a food processor. Peel the garlic, add half a tablespoon of olive oil- blitz- put on a frying pan on medium heat- cook until golden brown (see bread crumbs would be easier)
  2. Peel the onion and chop roughly with the cauliflower- stalk and all.
  3. Set aside the bread crumb- add the milk in the same pan plus the chopped veg- bring to the boil- reduce the heat to low and cover and simmer.
  4. Cook the spaghetti in boiling salted water.
  5. Just before the pasta is ready pour the cauliflower mixture in a blender (hand stick blender works well)
  6. Grate in the cheese and blitz until smooth- return to the pan
  7. Toss the pasta through the sauce loosening up with some cooking water- serve with the bread crumbs on top (ok maybe I will use some bread crumbs- just for that crunch)

This is my end result.

Happy Cooking

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