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Kiko Vitals is a business rooted in women’s wellness. A business that believes in giving access
to women to reach their true wellness and wellbeing through connecting with people and nature.
Kiko Vital’s ingredients come with integrity from the earth – designed to be curative and
preventative: A better body today and tomorrow.

Their products harness the healing powers used for centuries by women and continue to be
relevant to this day for the modern woman. The modern woman wants to reawaken her inner
self, connect with her superpowers and nourish her body. To love oneself from the inside out is
to activate radical self-love.

An extension of the company’s connection to the planet is realised in their choice of packaging.
Besides being striking in its aesthetic, Kiko uses 95% plastic-free packaging. The glass bottles
are made from recyclable amber glass, while the plastic caps are fully recyclable.
This is not just a product boasting ingredients with integrity, but that cares about the earth.
Minimising their carbon footprint: Kiko Vitals are locally manufactured in one of South Africa’s
leading laboratories and scientifically formulated by a highly-qualified team of molecular
biologists, biotechnologists and engineers, with valuable assistance from natural healers.

A Woman for all Women. Meet the Maker: Kerri-Lee Taylor of KIKO VITALS
Every story starts with a catalyst. And Kerri-Lee Taylor, the brainchild and wonder woman behind
Kiko Vitals, comes with a plethora of her unique trials and tribulations. When asked what advice
Kerri would give her 20-year-old self, she tells us to be open, stay kind and not worry so much.
She elaborates by urging young women to have fun but to keep their eyes and hearts open to
what makes them truly happy, as the sooner this is realised, the sooner your path to joy opens

Kerri-Lee has discovered her path by keeping her heart and eyes open, resulting in the success
of Kiko Vitals. From emerging out of a plight of depression, her journey of self-improvement led
her to develop business skills and build her business out of nothing – always staying humble and
always showing up. Kerri advises those wanting to start a business to ensure they have solid proof of concept, a sustainable strategy, and never to give up. She reminds us of the 10 thousand hour rule: You will only master your field after 10 thousand hours of what you put in. Kerri says to be obsessively
passionate, keep learning and tap into the knowledge of the many mentors around us.

What Women’s Day Means to Kerri-Lee
“It’s a representation of how every day should be in society. It highlights the importance of
recognising women and our worth to carry through the importance of including, respecting and
celebrating women in everyday life.”
Kerri believes Women’s Day provides a platform for all eyes and ears to be open to the stories
around womanhood, female struggles and limitations experienced in the world, and success and
power. It’s essential to weave this narrative in a way males can understand better. She believes
if we can achieve this, we can cohesively create a more inclusive and conducive society for

A women’s intuition is strong. Kiko is an all-natural product made by women for
women. Unlock your feminine power – Awaken your intuition.

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