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Strawberry Lips challenges South Africans to not be a hothead in their new Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign.

Life can be a handful. Just ask Fiona Ubisi. Strong, young, and educated, at just 27 years old Fiona was juggling multiple hustles while taking care of her one-year-old, hosting her podcast Ladies Checking In and holding down a 9 to 5 gig. And then the unthinkable happened.

Picture this: It’s September 2020, seven months into the pandemic, and everyone’s talking about COVID. Fiona was working hard to better her life and the life of her baby boy during a global crisis. It’s a lot. And, in all of this chaos, confusion and madness, she felt a lump in her breast. She could have easily ignored the lump. Brushed it off. Pretended she never felt it. What lump? But Fiona chose to not be a hothead and instead kept her cool, taking her life into her own hands. “I immediately made an appointment with a breast cancer specialist,” she remembers. “After a mammogram and biopsy, I was told that I had stage 2 breast cancer.” Because of her actions, Fiona isn’t just another number. Today she’s a Strawberry Lips Breast Cancer Warrior.

According to the NCBI (2020), breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer and the leading cause of cancer death in women worldwide, accounting for 6.6% of all cancer deaths. In South Africa, it is also the most common cancer among women, accounting for 20.8% of all female cancers. Though the risk for breast cancer increases as a person gets older, many women under the age of 40 have been (and will continue to be) diagnosed. 

Whether because they don’t know their risk or because they’ve never been shown how to check themselves, many young women in South Africa don’t find treatment until it’s too late. The survival rate for breast cancer once it has reached stage 3 and 4 is only 24%, but, if caught early, that survival rate skyrockets to 93%.

This year, Strawberry Lips continues its work to encourage young South Africans all over the country to check their breasts regularly. For October, the #DontBeaHothead campaign aims to create awareness and educate young women about early detection, encourage them to talk to their health care providers and check their breasts. 

“Cancer has touched the lives of almost everyone I know, which is why it is so crucial that we continue to educate women about the importance of self-examinations and regular screenings” says Strawberry Lips marketing manager, Vanessa Nel.

The road to recovery hasn’t been an easy one, but Fiona has never been one to back down from a fight. She’s now in remission and thankful for the life she has. “Know your body and if anything doesn’t feel right get it checked by a doctor immediately,” says Fiona. If you have been diagnosed and have started your treatment, Fiona’s advice is to remember to stay kind to yourself. “It’s ok to cry and break down when you need to, but positivity is one of the biggest things that really kept me going.”

This October don’t be a hothead! Keep your cool and get tested. Choose to know because the sky is the limit. What are you waiting for? Get started today by checking your breasts. Touch, Look and Check:

  • Touch your breasts: does anything feel different?
  • Look for changes: do they look different? 
  • Check with your doctor, public hospital breast clinic, CANSA Care Centre or Clicks if you are concerned.

Join the conversation this Breast Cancer Awareness Month, share the hashtag #DontBeAHotHead with your friends and family on your socials. Issa thing!

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About Strawberry Lips

Strawberry Lips is famously known as a delicate blend of Strawberry flavoured cream liqueur. It is a top selling and proudly South African drink, and versatile as a serve over crushed ice, in a cocktail, shottail, milkshake or over ice cream. Strawberry Lips may be a fun, silky-smooth drink, perfect for any occasion, but the brand is also synonymous with encouraging and supporting a culture of strong, empowered, and successful South African women. Through numerous campaigns promoting inspirational female role models and aligned causes, Strawberry Lips continuously contributes to the shaping of future South Africa.

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