Loxtonia celebrates 4 years of crafting 100% apple cider in Ceres

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Loxtonia, the family owned cidery in the Ceres Valley, celebrates their 4thanniversary making cider from 100% freshly pressed, home-grown apples, nurtured on the farm from orchard to bottle.

Launched in October 2018 from humble beginnings, Loxtonia Cider has grown into an established South African brand in just four years, with 11 different premium apple cider varieties including two non-alcoholic options, and two bubbly-style Méthode Traditionelle ciders (MTC) – all delicious to the core with a taste for every palate. 

In pursuit of his dream to establish a cidery on the family farm, Loxtonia founder and chief cider maker Larry Whitfield, started experimenting with apples from their own orchards in 2013.  Five years later after intensive research in pursuit of the best natural processes and producing small batches for family and friends, Larry was finally satisfied that the cider was ready for release. With the help of his daughter, Alexandra, tasked with marketing the brand, Loxtonia Cider made its debut. In a relatively short time, Loxtonia grew into an established brand with a loyal following of people who were looking for a naturally fermented, 100% apple alternative to the more commercial ciders. 

Loxtonia made their mark in relatively short time at numerous local and international competitions, with top honours going to their bottle fermented Blush MTC crowned Supreme Champion at the 2021 International Cider Challenge in London. For the Whitfield family, the concept of ‘orchard to bottle’ is paramount in capturing the quality and integrity of the apple throughout the cider making process. It is a journey that begins in the soil and ends with the cider. From cherishing every apple variety handpicked in the orchards, to pressing the fresh apples, natural fermentation and gentle filtration, nothing is left to chance. 

The Loxtonia Cidery is a flag bearer for sustainability throughout the cider making process relying entirely on solar power and keeping water usage to a minimum. After the apples are pressed,   pomace is composted back into the soil for the next harvest leaving zero waste.  All Loxtonia ciders come in recyclable glass bottles, are vegan-friendly, gluten-free, and free of preservatives and artificial additives. You will find them at leading outlets countrywide. The Loxtonia tasting room in Ceres is open daily.

For bookings, a list of stockists, and online purchases visit https://www.loxtonia.co.za/, email enquiries@loxtonia.co.za or call Tel 023-0040930.To stay in the mix, follow @loxtonia_cider on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

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