Review on Pickalily

Another local brand that I have been envying and ogling at is Pickalily! I’ve seen some of their baby clothing line on SPREE and since Hubby introduced me to online shopping ( his own fault) I couldn’t resist on buying something to start with to check the quality. I was amazed at how soft the onesie was that I bought that I knew it was not my last time ordering from them. THEN they launched their summer range, the cutest prints and shorties for boys and girls with matching bibs to go with the outfits as well! And since Little Mister is teething and drooling everywhere 🙈bibs in all colors go a loooooooong way!!! I ordered online and decided to instead have my order delivered at home, to go straight to their shop in Durbanville: Unit 1, Penta Centre, 17 Pasita Street, Rosenpark, Durbanville, Cape Town. The shop isn’t smal and cosy and full of cuteness for boys and girls. I picked up my order, which was nicely wrapped ( I’m a sucker for the personal touch). And whilst there I saw some more cuteness and just knew I had to go back there. Now, if you are like me, if I’ve seen something that I like it nags on me all the time!!! So I just had to go back to the store to get a few more things. I couldn’t wait to pick little man up from school so that he could play model for me😍. Here is the end results! Which outfit is your favorite? I can’t decide! CC2FEDE0-66B5-4992-826D-08DD1B63668D50267AA1-81AB-4E22-97B9-F57A311FF41B6FBF2BE2-6654-4727-AB0E-AED45F57C47E277F2EC3-0A9F-4EB1-9F99-CF3139E538B1AD097730-048E-4812-923C-46E3CD4A56ABE7480DAE-C9AD-498E-BC6E-9129F6F7243388227478-EC99-47FF-8C8E-B013284B2FF45345B22B-2FB9-4881-BE72-588EF177332C08B26575-B330-4F9B-8163-D675A049334D97CE8A67-3BEA-4AC2-B04F-16A9A5CE1C531282F354-EE73-4DAB-B68B-7B21212B36D20F5EF97D-1D84-4DFF-956A-4AA375F710A7Check them out online at :

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