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It’s takes a lot of confidence and surety to truly follow ones passion. A lot of people are too afraid to follow their dreams, while others grab the chance with both hands not being bothered by consequences may they be positive or negative. I have always been interested in the ABOUt section of pages or websites, particularly kids clothing lines. When I came across Plush Panda’s site I knew I found a gem. This is the story of Ola, the founder ander creative mind behind Plush Panda by Ola.

The Beginning

In Ola’s words, she had always been interested in the fashion industry, but ended up studying law after her schooling career. After practicing as an attorney she studies fashion design part time. During this time she fell pregnant and had to unfortunately give it up as it just became too much, having a full time job, husband that needs attention and of course being pregnant.

After her son was born she became inspired by him to follow her dreams…fashion! Something that I can relate to is that I also want to dress my boy in the trendiest attire out there. And now I’ve found the place!

When she couldn’t find anything locally she decided to start her own company, by designing and making her own garments. The company’s philosophy is clear and eloquently put- It aims to encompass everything contemporary and design from a Baby and children’s aspect. Plush Pand not only offers clothing, but also accessories for the nursery, including toys and decor.

Their products are unique and this can be seen and felt through the fabrics and current prints they offer. The website is user friendly and a plus point for me is that there is always Contact. You know exactly how far along your order is and when to expect it.

I bought the following for my Little Hudson and can’t wait for him to wear it next year winter time .

To quote Marco Pierre White “ If you have a dream,you have a duty to yourself to make it come true” these words inspired Ola and I definitely think her story will and can isnspire so many of us who have a dream, but are too scared to follow it.

Thank you for allowing me to share your inspiring story Ola! Remember by purchasing one of their items, you are supporting South African design and small local businesses. Find Plush Panda at:

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Plush Panda by Ola

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You’re welcome!

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