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Life before Hudson was definitely more quiet, laid back and pretty much just the two of us. We never really talked about having a family as both of us always put our careers first. BUT the time came when that internal clock ticked so loud that we both decided it was the right time. We have two Yorkies, Charzi and Minka, whom have been our fur babies for tee years before we decided that the time was right. Needless to say we got quite good practice from these two as sleeping late was really a thing of the past and giving extra love and attention was just natural for us. Meet Charzi our boy and Minka our cute little girl ❤

C4834169-27E6-458A-B047-68C42B64D88CDF07465D-1DE0-40DC-AF12-67F5D222ED0AWhen we found out that we had conceived we were both elated and scared at the same time. Life as we knew it was about to change…about to change for the better. Why? Because we created something together that represented our love for one another.

C3E15D3E-B5E9-4771-9136-60C3D6DA1DC3295B2DAF-B723-4601-9950-A247516DE97D18EFD806-993F-4DEE-8789-4AEC215C2D27F14E7B74-D2BA-4449-976D-2305EC7F526041BB0246-CB76-4192-B129-D0645F89EDCEHas our love changed in any way towards one another no it hasn’t, it has only grown deeper. A friend of mine told me that once you have a child you have to put your husband first as it’s so easy to steer your attention away from them and onto the child. I’d say that’s good advice because there has to be a balance. Having Hudson with us now,… completing our family of five(fur bro and sis included) completes me…. and it completes us. Sure the life we have now can not be compared to the life we had before, but boy oh boy is this an excited chapter in our lives. To watch this little Mister grow and change daily is such a blessing. I have so many hopes and dreams for him and am looking forward to the man The he will one day become.

Never lose yourself, always make time for yourself 🌸

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