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Week 1 of boot camp  Done and DUSTED!!!

“Was it difficult?”

Hell Yeah!

“Were my muscles aching?”

Hell Yeah!Yeah!

“Was it rewarding?”


I am doing 12 sessions over 4 weeks of boot camp . The first day I was nervous, extremely nervous. Firstly I was not fit. Secondly, I feared I would be last in everything that we had to do. Thirdly, I felt self conscious over the “state” or condition (that sounds a bit better) my body was in. Lastly I was afraid that I would be completely broken to the core and that I would not be able to drive home after the session. Let me break Week 1 up for you in sections.

Our Trainer

In any type of sporting activity, the trainer always has the MOST important role. Why am I making this statement? When we first met our trainer Simone Simon, the first thing she said was that she knows we all of the potential to up our fitness and that she was going to push us. I liked that, because I am attending to see how far I can actually push myself as well as to regain some of the body strength  I lost after having Hudson. Simon, is like Big Brother, she sees everything! In this picture below I thought she was not looking and attempted to lower my arms, I had such a fright when I heard my name, and lifted my arms straight up and even walked a bit faster. 4.jpg

Second time I tried to take a 2 second rest was while we had to do sit ups, because Simon was on the other side of the field. Big mistake,  I heard my name again! I swear you could be looking up in a tree and Simone will be sitting right up there looking back at you. That’s what I want in a trainer. I don’t know how her throat feels after sessions, but you could be running right at the back of the pack and you will hear her calling your name, motivating you to give it your all. She has managed to do that with me, when I felt I couldn’t run another step. But when I heard her shout my name, strength and endurance shot through my body and I can honestly say I gave it my all. Simon has a great personality and she is easy to talk to. A lot of times, when surrounded with people who are in the fitness industry, I feel intimidated. Not with her at all. I had hand surgery last year and my left hand does not have enough power yet to do push ups. She accommodated me and gave me alternative exercises to do, that meant that I did not feel excluded from the group at all. I really appreciated that. Simone is not the greatest of singers, (love you Simon), but I love how she sings along while we push ourselves ” Killing me softly…” is usually her go to song and we’ve sort of come up with our own version for her ” Simon is killing us softly…”


Our Group

I train on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday, while some of the ladies train every day of the week. There is one thing that we all have in common and that is to #committoyourfitness . All of us have similar reasons for joining and we all have the same goal… to be stronger versions of ourselves.  There is absolutely no competition among us. The only competition is between you and yourself. We encourage each other and that’s what I love most. A camaraderie with strangers, who have after one week become friends and sisters in fitness. To me, that’s what is so important to have when joining a boot camp. Especially when it is a boot camp for women only.


The Session

I attended the 18:00-19:00 class last week, but from today I am attending the 05:15 am class. Yes, you read right! 05:15 AM! The hubman can only get home after 19:00, due to traffic always being in a chaotic state coming from home from work. So while Hudson and himself are in La La Land, this Momma will be giving it her all. We do different activities with each session. The weekly programme is designed to work all your muscles (even those that you did not know existed). For each session you are required to bring a positive mindset; exercise mat, small hand weights (1.5kg-3kg), a water bottle and running shoes.

Assessment Day

Assessments always made me shiver, both as a learner and as a lecturer. As a learner, you have to study and pass or fail. As a lecturer, you have to mark over a thousand scripts and have all your marks in at a certain time. We had our first assessment day on Friday. I honestly thought that we were going to be measured like cows and then weighed and feel humiliated. It was completely the opposite. Our body fat was measured and then after that we had to do certain activities that were timed. For example, we had to count and do sit-ups for 1 minute; push ups for 1 minute; squats for 1 minute. We also did a running test. My time was 7:35, and I know I can do better than that. It would probably have been a couple more extra minutes, if I did not hear Simone shouting at me at the finish line and giving me that little bit of extra strength I did not know I had to push myself. The next assessment will be done on the last day of the fourth week of camp. I am actually looking forward to that day, as it will give me a chance to redeem myself and serve as a great comparative to the “Then me” and the “Current me”

In conclusion, thank you for all the positive and encouraging messages from everyone. I am so grateful to everyone that is joining me on this journey as well as following my progress. We’ve got this ladies! #investinyourself #committoyourfitness and a new one lets #slaytheday ! ABC! Bring on the second week!


PS. You can sign up for a free voucher to attend one boot session. Do not wait for tomorrow, invest in yourself TODAY.

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