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After chatting to a few followers, I decided to share with you, some of the best buys for Hudson, and some that we just wasted our money on. When I was about 18 weeks pregnant, one of my best friends took my to Baby City. I had a pen and notebook ready to jot down all the must haves for Baby de Kock. We roamed the isles and to be honest I started getting a headache. So much information and so many different kinds of products. I walked out of Baby City more confused then when I walked inside. On my second trip to Baby City, my hubby went with me, and we were both overwhelmed. We walked out with a pack of newborn nappies and a pack of wet wipes. We figured that was about all that we really needed. After receiving a list of essentials from our pre-natal instructor; we had a better idea of what we had to get in preparation for Hudson’s arrival. Here is my list of essential items that worked for us and things we could have done without.


Both of us wanted something classic and modern, and we also wanted a cot that could transform into a toddler bed, once Hudson was old enough.

This is the Cozi Stijl that we bought from Cozi Cot. The Cosi Stijl with its unique wooden base and painted sides is what separates this cot from the rest.The Cozi Stijl can be used from 0-5 years. It has two height adjustments and can convert into a toddler bed with smaller panels.


It was very important for me to have a pram that’s easy to fold up and light enough to pick up and put it in the boot. At the Baby Expo we found the perfect one. I did my research on line and we went into different baby stores to try some out. When I saw that Nula Baby was going to be at the expo, I told my hubby that we have got to go and check it out. Off we went and we go the perfect pram! Light weight, easy to fold and unfold.

Nappy Bin

What worked and still works for us is the Tommee Tippee  Sangenic Nappy Bin.

With an array of colors, I am sure you will find one that fits in with your decor.

Angel Care Bath Support

We had a small baby bath that we used when Hudson was a newborn. When he grew older and heavier (about three months old) we started giving him baths in the bath tub. The Angelcare Bath Support takes the worry out of bath time. This is the one baby care product every new mom and dad should have! Designed for comfort, the  Bath Support is mildew-resistant and hygienic.

Bumbo Chair

The Bumbo Multi seat is the perfect buy! We still use it as a feeding chair for Hudson. When he was old enough and could sit properly, we took the blue padding seat out. The straps also makes it easy to fasten around a chair.


Nappy Bag

You can read my post on how to find the perfect nappy bag here


Very important buy. We received a digital thermometer as a baby shower gift, but our prenatal instructor suggested that we rather get one of these as its measurement is much more correct than simply pointing to the forehead. We are still very happy with the Braun Themometer.

Image result for braun thermometer

The List

When you sit with your list, look at your budget and get the essentials first. You can always work on the decor pieces that you would like to add to the nursery. I also did a medication list that you need previously, you can find it here.

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  1. My daughter is going to be a first time mom. Can’t wait to see my first grandchild.

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    Woow..Thank you sooo..much,really didn’t think ill need all these as a first time mom

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