As I’ve said in a previous post we were originally expecting cuddling a baby girl. Picked out a name and everything! The name we chose for our girl was Emery Catherine de Kock. Emery because I’ve always loved the name and my Dad’s name is Emmerich and it means brave. My Mom’s name was Catherina and that’s where the name Catherine came from. So when we were told that it’s a BOY, I was completely baffled. We had no idea where to even start! Sooooooo we went down the alphabet and started with all the A names then B etc…. this continued for awhile until we got to H. We had three names in mind Hunter, Hudson and Harrison. I wanted our boy to have a strong name, and something uniquely different to the normal John and David. We initially settled on Hunter and for a few weeks called him that, but my Dad thought the name was too strong 🙈. Sooooooo we went with Hudson and since Hubby is besotted with airplanes ✈ ( he has an app on his phone that shows all the planes flying into CPT International airport 🙈) and since the movie Scully came out with Tom Hanks ( landing of an airplane on the Hudson River ) it just sort of all fell into place.

And that is how we got to……. Hudson Emmerich de Kock. Who knows… maybe we will get to meet Emery Catherine one day🤞

23F5583D-855F-4B38-9E73-BCCA722F0867.jpegC2B5D8AE-EEE6-422D-AEBD-1A1168BE883936015560-747E-4A98-9B35-D9515873CE1DE73D854E-3B2B-4823-B567-57B159B63313How did you come up with your little ones name/s?

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