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I am back!

A lot of people have been asking for some updates on the Vegan Challenge. Because I was in Burundi, I had limited access to the Internet, and couldn’t really blog whilst there. This week, I have a lot of catching up to do, but I want to start off with my experience, going Vegan for one week.

What I enjoyed

I enjoyed familiarizing myself with all the Vegan friendly options that is available. In my previous post, I said that I had absolutely no idea what Veganism is. With the help of Garth and the meal plan that he created, I felt more positive going into this challenge. To be honest my biggest fear was, snacks! Vegan friendly snacks! Was there even such a thing? Oh, yes there is! Yes, there are!!!  Fria’s Superfoods. I have never met Fria before, and have only had the pleasure of communicating with her via email. When Hudson turned 1, I had to send treats to school and also had to think about treats for his birthday party. I was honestly lost, and I just followed what all the other Moms did when Hudson came home with a party bag from school. In future this will definitely change. I want him and his friends to have healthier options and now, I know exactly who to approach.

“One child on sugar is already bad enough, but 10 children on a sugar high is probably more than most parents can handle.  And it’s so easy to still make delicious treats that children love without them even realising that they are eating a better and “healthier” version of it – without the refined sugar!”  Fria loves playing around with treats based on the parties’ theme, so that everything for your party has a cohesive feel and look, and of course treats.

About Fria

“Fria’s Superfoods was born from a passion for cooking, but at the same time trying to maintain a healthy eating regime. Having “fallen off the wagon” in favour of sugar, white flour and additives several times Fria Hiemstra decided to try and “healthify” the treats she ate; and what started as a hobby turned into a small business when friends, family and colleagues tried her creations and loved them.” To be honest I was very skeptical at first. How was it possible that healthy treats was mentioned in one sentence? Fria completely proved me wrong!!!! Every single one of her treats needed a moment when consuming them. What I loved, is that one didn’t have the need to stuff your face with treats, one snack cup or lemon bliss ball was enough to satisfy a sweet craving. Lemon bliss balls, matcha mint and liquorice balls, sweet potato brownie balls, black bean truffles, the coffee choccie workout bar, banoclate cake cups, peppermint mousse cake cups and best-seller, snickers cake cups, a mouthful, oh yes! and best of all guilt-free.

Where can you find the products?

Everything out of Fria’s kitchen is fresh and, as far as possible, naturally dried whole foods – she sprouts or activates her own buckwheat, black beans, almonds and chickpeas before adding them to her treats (or little “works of art” as she calls them). She also adds a high quality, vegan protein powder to some of her treats to make them more nutritious. A selection of treats are now stocked at Wellness Warehouse on Kloof Street from Monday to Sunday. Wellness Warehouse Lifestyle on Kloof is situated at 50 Kloof Street and open Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays 8AM – 7PM, Wednesdays 9AM – 7PM, Saturdays and public holidays 9AM – 5PM, and Sundays 9AM – 4PM.

Fria’s Superfoods Lemon Bliss Balls Styled by Marizka du Toit. Image by Jurie Senekal
Fria’s Superfoods Coffee Chocolate Workout Bar
Styled by Marizka du Toit. Image by Jurie Senekal
Fria’s Superfoods Snickers Cake Cup Image styled and shot by Luhnar Pickering

Visit the Website here:

Vegan Biltong?

I was pleasantly surprised when I first received my Oh Poppyseed plant based biltong. It looked, and had exactly the same flavor that biltong made from meat had. A healthier option if you follow a plant based diet as well a treat for pregnant ladies.

Visit the Website here

Chai Spice, coffee, chocolate Almond milk?

I have to be honest. I had a very bad experience with Almond milk when I lived in Asia a few years ago, so when I opened my first bottle of Almond Creamery I was very, very cautious! I love anything Chai Spice, so that was my first bottle. And….delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Would i purchase from them, for sure! Not only is their milk delicious, it’s also full of nutty, nutritious goodness. Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids and full of real ingredients, they are preservative free and naturally flavoured.  Almond Creamery nut milk is available in two different sizes; 250ml glass bottles and 1-litre pouches.

Visit the Website here:

ONatural SA #keepingittreal

SA’s original Raw-Superfood snack company Proudly Keeping it Real since 2007

Before the Vegan Challenge, I had never tried ONatural products. I received a Maca smoothie and Mayan Bars. Please see attached the recipe that you can use to make MACA smoothie pumpkin spice chocs

 More goodness from ONatural 

Visit the website here

Daily dish- Vegan Box

I was introduced to Daily dish at a previous event and when I saw that they had  Vegan Meal boxes, I just knew that they had to be on board. The meals were AMAZING! As someone who had no clue as to what to prepare for supper, Daily dish had me covered.

Check out the website here

Going Vegan?

As with all things in life….baby steps. My husband was pleasantly surprised at all the goodness we were eating. Going Vegan, one day and one step at a time…..

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