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About the Brand:

“ROCA Kids Furniture & Decor is a company that believes that when it comes to children’s furniture special care must be taken to produce quality, style and most importantly functional pieces. Your child deserves the best! They are passionate about children’s furniture and believe in delivering with excellence and providing that best.

Whether it be kid’s furniture, linen, décor elements such as posters, vinyl and other touches they deliver it with style and a personal touch.

Their locally produced kids furniture range is well thought out and caters to every stage in your child’s life. Whether it be newborn, toddlers, tweens and teens stages we have a product to suit. More specifically our well priced, trendy range includes bedsbunksdeskspedestalsshelving and storage. They also stock a wide range of decor, linenlightingvinyl and crocheted toys.

They ultimately believe that surrounding your child with beautiful furnishings and décor can inspire, calm, uplift, give rest and restore.

Their locally manufactured kid’s furniture is produced with nontoxic, lead free paint and hardwearing materials thus being very safe for your child. As far as possible they make use of concealed fixings and rounded edges to ensure the safety.

Their products are available in various timber finishes and duco sprayed colours, which allows you to put your personal stamp on your furniture. You can also combine finishes to allow the ultimate product to suit your child’s room decor. Each product comes with a 1 year guarantee so you have peace of mind!”

I asked Hayley a few questions:

What inspires your brand?

Beautiful surroundings, whether it be a stunning sunset or a garden of flowers. I believe that is it possible to make your home surroundings a thing of beauty as well hence our passion for furniture and décor.

If you could sum up your brand in one sentence what would it be?

ROCA Kids Furniture & Decor are passionate about children’s furniture and produce quality, stylish, functional pieces.

Are you planning on expanding in the future?

Yes most definitely, our plans are to market like crazy and grow our brand into one that is nationally recognized and associated with innovation, quality and cutting edge design. We plan to be progressive in terms of design and product offering and will keep on adding products that are relevant to our market. We want our clients’ experience to be one of excitement, inspiration and pure joy when they visit our online store.

Any advice to a local business owner that is just starting out?

My advice would be to take the time and money and ensure that you build your brand’s CI properly because that is the platform that will be used for all your marketing efforts. We have done that and there is no mistaking the brand identity that we have out there in the market place.

Some of my favorite finds:

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ROCA Web product display 900x900 - Decor3.jpg

ROCA Web product display 900x900 - Decor7.jpg

ROCA Web product display 900x900 - Toys9.jpg


You can find them at:

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