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It’s the Festive Season, and some may even call it the Silly Season. But for many Cape Tonians this festive season will be known to us as the terrible drought season. With the influx of national and international tourists descending on the Mother City, it is only natural for Cape Tonians to fear that the visitors will not abide by the strict water restrictions that have been put into place. To help awareness to use water more sparingly in the Cape, on Friday 15 December, Gautengers will be encouraged to partake in a social experiment. What does this social experiment entail you might ask? Gautengers will be encouraged to exchange five kilos of their on-flight baggage allowance for five litres of water to bring to Cape Town.

What started this initiative?

Cape Town is currently experiencing the worst drought in more than 100 years. The rain that we have had has not nearly been sufficient enough to alleviate severity of Cape Town’s water supply. It has been predicted that at this current state, the city will most likely run out of water late April 2018. As a result Keshin Govender, Head of Communications for Siemens, Southern and Eastern Africa has stepped up to address Cape Town’s current situation. Siemens have communicated the details of this activation initiative  to print, broadcast and online media and shared information via Twitter and Facebook. In addition to strengthen this cause they have also partnered with an array of influencers to help spread the message on their own platforms.


The one day activation will take place at both OR Tambo and Cape Town International airports. Travellers on route to Cape Town can participate by having their luggage weighed at the Siemens AirDrop stand which will be located in the check in hall opposite the self service check in counters (directly next to ACSA Info Desk at OR Tambo.  Any traveller that is under the weight limit will be able to exchange their unused kilograms for litres of water that will be delivered to Cape Town. Upon arrival in Cape Town, passengers may then collect their “guilt-free” Jozi water to use during their stay, or they have the choice to leave it at the colection point at Cape Town International Airport. You will be able to locate the AirDrop collection stand in the arrivals area situated opposite Woolworths.

Siemens AirDrop is a one-day social experiment to create awareness and see how quickly  5 Tonnes of water can be accumulated from Jozi to CT using flights that are already scheduled. This is not a long-term project, but intended to create awareness, highlight possibilities and inspire creative solutions during a crisis. AirDrop is a case study for potential future projects. Cape Town’s current situation is in desperate need of solutions and this initiative has great potential for future projects.

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According to Govender the Siemens AirDrop is a good example of how South Africans can do something for fellow citizens.

Note: The hashtag for this campaign is #SiemensAirDrop

For further information on the Siemens’ “Business to Society” program, please see




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