Bundle of Joy 2

Now is the time, to get all the Dad’s, aunties, uncles, granny’s and grandpa’s on-board to partake in this Giveaway. You know the drill, like, follow, share and tag! I will be choosing 5 people (directly into the final draw of this bundle) based on their comments from this blog post. Remember that you have to subscribe to my blog in order to validate your blog entry.

The second bundle of joy consists out of five brands and the value of this bundle of Joy 2 is R1700.00

Bundle 2 – Tuesday 19-6-2018

Pure Beginnings

Little Rose

Numoo Baby

Zhoosh Linen

Poogy Bear

Value: R1700.00

The prizes for the Bundle of Joy 2 are:


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  2. Comment and tell me what decor elements you like in your ideal nursery.
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105 thoughts on “Bundle of Joy 2

  1. Busy doing up the nursery for our second baby:
    I like clean lines & the monochrome look currently.
    Added pandas for that bit of whimsy.

  2. The Numoo Baby would be the PERFECT addition to my baby essentials. Baby stays safe & covered from harsh rays all the while looking super chic. I love Numoo Baby

  3. I love an African theme from shwe shwe fabric to leopard print. Bright colours and a mix match of neutral tones too. With a touch of some vintage toys and Malawian chair to sit in a read bed time stories and feed baby!

  4. I’m actually currently setting up my nursery! For me, it needs to be a place of balance, organisation and peace for Mama especially. If Mom is relaxed in the room, the chances are better that Baby will be too!
    Colour choices, furniture ect all tie into that.

  5. I just love Little Rose clothing, it is so difficult to just pick one outfit, you have to select a few, you know, for in case of a wardrobe change in the middle of the day, or morning or night … so many options

    1. My bag is always filled with three outfits because you never know have you subscribed to the newsletter? X

  6. Our little girl is due in less then 2 weeks, ive decided to go for the shabby sheek boho look, absolutely love playing around with the pastel colours and decor in her room

  7. I am a first time mommy #due18Aug2018 and can’t wait to hold my little girl
    I would love a little chandelier in her room, just to finish off the final touch together with all the wonderful items from #littlerosestore #PureBeginnings #NuMooBaby #Zhoozshlinen #PoogyBear and #raisinghudsondk

  8. I love neutral colours. Soft greys, whites, creams or beiges with maybe a hint of mint. I like wall decals and scatter cushions, it is an easy way to incorporate a theme without overpowering the room.

  9. I’m entering for a 1st time mommy to be and because they don’t know thre gender yet, I would say something soft and white, grey and mint. I also believe less is more. For a first time mom you can get caught up in all the beautiful things but don’t know what actually works and is practical in a nursery.

  10. My little boy is 8 weeks old. I chose very simple blacks , whites and greys for his nursery with small pops of colour. Four simple frames Animal pictures line the walls.

  11. My nursery is grey,pink and white with touches of baby safari. All soft tones and easy enough to transform when she is bigger.

    1. I’m loving the idea of baby safari- we also chose colors and themes that will grow with Hudson x have you subscribed to the newsletter? X

      1. We love the Bush so hoping she will grow to like it also. We cant wait for her to arrive in September. I have subscribed yes thank you. X

  12. I love Wall murals.. Especially character themed.. A campcot (I don’t like wooden cots).. Vibrant colours..

  13. Hmmmm…Gosh there is so many colours I would looove for baby’s nursery.
    I prefer going with light green.
    To means it means nature and growth

  14. My one day nursery dream is to have a wall covered in Think Company wallpaper!
    Have subscribed xxx

  15. first time mum to be! and almost 39 weeks! doubting so much, have i bought the right products, or brands… but one things for sure, im loving the elements we have got going in the nursery for our baba to be..all warm tones of grey and cream, and most important, plushy comfort for baba and I. We wanted a very warm atmosphere as babys going to be born in winter!so warm fluffy rugs, scatter cushions, winter cot linen, and furry throws adds to the element babys gender is a surprise for us so neutral is the theme currently, hopefully will find out soon enough what other colours to add❤️

    1. Those doubts, I remember them well. Don’t stress too much about it- you will only really know if you have everything once bubs arrive xx oooooh gender surprise!!!!!! Exciting!!!! Did you subscribe to the newsletter? X

      1. thank you for the advice! really need all of the reassurance now. gender surprise is something i would encourage to any new mom to be, super exciting! xxx subscribed to newsletter xxx

  16. I like a nature element with lovely pink tones and rainbow to it, animal theme for baby nursery, like zhoosh linen sheep. With love to win this for my lil angel, my miracle baby. Soon to be a new mum.

  17. I love way too many things, but images that stand out for me are owls, peony flowers and grey and mint tones.
    We’re renting at the moment so sadly, these ideas have to stay in my head and on Pinterest

    1. Don’t worry- one day when you have your own place you can make it happen. Remember to subscribe to the newsletter x

  18. I am excited about the car seat cover.. Always have to cover my daughters car seat with a blanket and living at the coast the wind always blows the blanket off. Im so afraid my daughter gets sick this car seat cover would change our lives.

  19. My little girl is two months old today, we have chosen rose gold, gold and bronze accents for her room. We kept the walls white as we still wanted that clean minimalist look to it. Absolutely love the Poogy Bear range

  20. Another lovely bundle of items. Dad and I are still busy decorating the nursery and love all things fluffy amimal, the sheep scatter cushion by Zhoozsh Linen would be the perfect addition 🙂

    1. I promise the bundles get even bigger and better!!! so enter on the each post for the next few days. I am also in love with the scatter cushions. Have you subscribed to the newsletter? x

  21. I love the colour grey because one can match it with so many brighter colours…..but my favourite piece would be little ellie taking over the nursery. I’ve been enjoying your posts and looking forward to reading more on your blog. Few more weeks before I meet my little guy

    1. Yeah ! we picked grey and mint as our colors and everything goes with it! have you subscribed to the newsletter? x

    2. Yeah! Thank you so much Deidre. Motherhood is the best journey!!! make sure you are subscribed to the news letter to not miss out on anything. x

  22. My little ones nursery has neutral colours, so in love with neutral colours, his wall is grey with some art and black and white bedding and of course some fluffy animals ( also grey and white ).

  23. I love soft pastels, a pastoral theme like Beatrix Potter, maybe a rocking chair and some stuffed toys, gentle lighting.. All warm, cozy, a tranquil atmosphere for mum and baby!

  24. We having our first lil one… a little boy we are very excited only 3 more months to go. Dad gone to work at sea so when he gets back for a month we need to start doing preparation . All of these brands are amazing would be an honour to win any of them.

    Scary yet exciting journey thus far.

    1. Motherhood is the best journey, but I can just imagine what it must be like to be without your hubby. Stay strong, youve got this!

  25. For our princess room her mother decided on pink and unicorns.. With a little silver linging. It would be amazing if i can win this giveaway for my daughter.

    1. that sounds amazing!!!! definitely enter on the blog post every day and dont forget to subscribe to the blog.

  26. For me if i had one (we had our baby while living with parents in law, waiting for our home to be done. He is one now), I had an idea of grey, white and a hint of teal/aqua with hexagon wall shelves.

  27. Our little princess is due in three months. We’re still planning the nursery and haven’t got anything for it yet ! I love the numoo covers, it’s so ideal for the cold weather now especially. ♥️ I also never win anything (lol) so it would be great that the first thing I do win is for our bundle of joy to come