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The boys will be sharing a room, with Hudson’s bed on one side and Levi’s cot on the other side. With Hudson we never did co sleeping. From the day we brought him home, he slept in his cot in his own room. Because I had a second c-section and because the recovery time might be a little longer, I decided that we will be co sleeping with Levi. I did a lot of research on the benefits of co sleeping as well as the options that is out there.

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The Snuggletime Co Sleeper

Breastfeeding is so much easier, as Levi nurses every three hours. Changing nappies before every feed is also so much easier. Co sleeping will decrease the chances of nighttime separation anxiety. According to research the sleep pattern of both the mother and the baby syncs. Research also indicates that a fussy child can sleep better at night. A baby can fall asleep soon, and get back to sleep quickly if they wake up in the middle of the night. Being close to the mother helps to calm infants as they can smell and feel their movements.

I don’t know about you, but in the beginning I was very paranoid and would get out of bed to go to his room and check up on Hudson every 30 minutes, just to make sure he was breathing. With baby right next to me, I feel more at ease, knowing that he is just an arm length away. Overall, co sleeping offers the space where bonding can take place, especially in the early days.

Time line

I definitely do not want to co sleep for longer than 2 maybe even 3 months. As soon as I am healed completely, I want Levi to sleep in his room. I definitely do not want baby to become too dependent on me, either. I know that in my head this is all planned to the T! But ultimately I will have to fit into baby’s wants and needs. I learned that lesson very early on with Hudson. It took us at least 6 weeks to get into some form of a routine. This time around it will be much different seeing that two boys will need our attention.

It has been 3 weeks off co sleeping and I can honestly say that co sleeping was the best decision we could have made. The very first night home with Levi was horrible. He cried every time we would put him down. He was just very restless, which is completely normal for a newborn. So many of you reached out and told me the exact same thing happened to you when you brought your newborn home.

It is so convenient to have him right next to my side of the bed. Bonus is, I am not doing everything alone; hubs is also up when it’s time to feed. He will change his nappy; while I get ready for his feed. Please remember the following, when it comes to your child, do what is right for you. Co sleeping has definitely been helping us as we settled down as a family of 4.

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  1. Claire

    Hi Cisca.. how do plan on managing night wakings from Levi? Is Hudson quite a deep sleeper?
    Asking for myself as I have a 2 year and 6 month old and would love them to share a room.

    1. Cisca de Kock

      Hi Claire! Hudson sleeps through everything. Which is amazing as Levi has quite a pair of lungs . I think practice makes perfect- will keep you posted once we’ve made the transition xx

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