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First time Parents

Becoming first time parents, was definitely a daunting experience. We had a lot of questions and concerns and the unknown stared right back at us. During our pre-natal classes we received a list of must have items that we had to buy. On that list was a baby monitor. My biggest fear was sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). I had read so many tales about it, and the mere thought of what any parent that has experienced it, has to go through, was just unimaginable. Read more about SIDS here

We received a second hand baby monitor, and even though it was in perfect condition, I still worried about Hudson and checked in on him every few minutes. The Snuza Baby Monitor was one of the items listed on the page of things to get for baby. When we received our Snuza Pico a few weeks ago, both my husband and I wished that we had it from the start. After reading this review, I suggest heading on over to the site and invest in one. The best investment is right here.

The Snuza Pico Baby Monitor


The Snuza Pico Baby Monitor enables you to monitor your baby’s sleep patterns, tummy movement, temperature and sleeping position from your smart device. Yes, you read correct. Everything you need to know, just one tap away.

“Get to know your child’s sleeping patterns, which has been proven to affect brain development and growth. The Snuza Pico is the next generation smart wearable monitor for children. In the first year of your baby’s life, the Snuza Pico functions primarily as a movement monitor which has the added functionality of tracking sleep patterns, skin temperature and body position. ”

What I love about the Snuza Pico:

The very first thing I love about this monitor is the peace of mind it gives one as a parent. I love that I can easily monitor Hudson’s temperature; sleeping patterns and movements. Best of all, he wears it and it does not bother him at all. He has gotten so use to us, attaching the Snuza Pico to his nappy. We have always had a difficult time trying to take his temperature. But with the Snuza Pico, I just go into the app and I can see everything. The app is easily accessible. You can download the app either from the Google Play store or the Apple App Store. It is FREE! install it either on your phone or tablet. The device connects through blue tooth on either your phone or your tablet. Unlike other baby monitors your child grows with the device and you are still able to monitor their sleeping patterns.

If you would like a different monitor in the Snuza range, Amy from Snuza Monitors recommends the Snuza Hero MD.  Amy asserts that ,”The Hero MD is basically the Hero SE, but was medically certified for Europe and recently South Africa as well. It is the only portable baby breathing monitor available. So definitely will bring a lot more peace of mind to parents. It doesn’t have the App like the Pico, but sometimes parents don’t want all the bells and whistles.


You can never put a price on the life of your child. For peace of mind, this is definitely a great investment and must have.

The retail cost is R1799,00

It can be purchased at the following online stores:


MySnuza (online site):


In stores you can purchased it at  Dischem and Shoprite

Store locator is online here:

To watch a video on the basic features of the Snuza Pico Click the link below:

Just to reiterate again, the Snuza Pico Monitor is a monitor that grows with your little one, and you are still able to use it as they grow older.

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  1. Leandra Krige

    I would love a Snuza Pico. If one thing I was scared of with my Hunter it was SIDS. It got so bad that my husband wanted to send me for theraphy if I didnt improve with my fear by 6 weeks.I didnt improve but just did not talk about it as much!! Hunter slept in our room till 9 months and Hunter is now 14 weeks and still sleeps with a monitor, im petrified of SIDS. This Snuza Pico will take the fear away as the app will be next to me on my phone – let us be honest our cellphones are always close by. I love the fact that it will be on Hunter at all times, so it easy to travel with so I dont have to take his baby monitor with but the Snuza. Wish I knew about the Snuza Pico 14 months ago, it would have saved a lot of visits to the peadiatrician and disagreements between me and my husband. This is defnitely a must have x.

  2. Simone Abrahams

    Yes it really is about peace Of mind 🙂

  3. Nicia

    This is one amazing thing to have when you have a baby. It gives you peace of mind and helps you to relax knowing your baby is okay when he is not in the same room as you. Everytime i do laundry i have to run into the house every 5 min to see if my baby is still breathing and is still okay. Its so hard for me to not be in the same room as my baby. The snuza Pico will help so much. I can finally get the house work done without having to check up on my baby every five minutes.

  4. Nthabiseng

    living in the rural areas I think the snuza Pico will really help me especially when I do the laundry I have to hang the clothes outside which is quite far away from the house so using the snuza pico will assure me that my baby is ok and I will not have to go and check on her every few minutes and that will end up waking the baby so the snuza Pico will definitely help me I really really really need this.

    great review Cisca sending lots of love for you and Hudson.

  5. Caryn Felix

    We heading into the 6 month mark and about to consider the transition to her own bedroom however I am not happy about it and have major anxiety attacks about it. I know the risk is lower after 5/6 months but the fear of not having this amazing little human in my life renders me catatonic.

  6. Monique Malander

    I love Snuza….

    Ever since my baby choked on his milk when only 2 days old, i had no idea what i was doing as a first time mom and what to do, when you see your child and he cannot breath because he does not know what is happening. This was so scary, luckily i have an amazing support group and my mom in law sorted him out 🙁 . They then went and bought me Angelcare monitor to be safe, Angelcare for when he sleeps in cot, but i still get paranoid when he falls asleep in the house (My bed or camp cot or even when we go away) as i have no way of knowing if he is fine when i have to check every 2 min. I would really love this seeing that you can use it for years.

  7. Alisa Christianson

    I’d love to win a Snuza Pico so I know my baby is safe! I love that it grows with my baby, too!

  8. Alisa Christianson

    I would love to win a Snuza Pico so I know for sure that my baby is safe! I also love that it grows with my baby!

  9. nicole

    I would love to win this to use for my little girl. We are switching her to her own room soon and I would love some reassurance that everything is ok.

  10. Sofiah

    This would be so handy for our little boy, having peace of mind is so important for parents

  11. Ayesha

    Would love to win Snuza

  12. Bronwyn Arendse

    Definately for a peace of mind knowing that your baby is ok especially when they start sleeping through the night then u wont have to feel paranoid and wake up just to check if baby is breathing. I also like the idea of checking the temperature without disturbing baby.

  13. Irfaan

    Planning to move our son to his own room soon so this would be perfect

  14. Anusha Naidoo

    Having this absolutely wonderful Snuza Pico will be a absolute delight and pleasure its a must have for us parents, results in us being stress free and having peace of mind. Its truly a amazing product to own. And certainly be well used and greatly appreciated.

  15. Having the awesome Snuza Pico will be a absolute dream to own and use, its a must have for us parents, results in us being stress free and having peace of mind.

  16. Zana bhayla

    This would be AMAZING for me as a first time parent. It will definitely give me the peace of mind that my anxious self needs. Being a first time mom can be overwhelming and this would take 1 thing of the list of things to worry about ❤️️❤️️❤️️

  17. Shiraz essop

    My little one could definitely use one of these so that his mom can have a decent nights sleep without the stress of leaving him alone in his nursery

  18. Deborah H.

    I would love to win. My daughter has suffered through two miscarriages and is now pregnant with her first child due in 3 weeks. This Snuza will give her the peace of mind she needs to care for her new son. Thanks!

  19. andrea bester

    For any parent this is needed. It is so stressful to be everything to everyone.You try to not be that crazy person who cant sleep and goes and checks every 5mins if baby is ok ; breathing, sleeping etc. I am unfortunately that person , my hubby thinks I stress too much but these fears are real.As a sahm I personally wouldnt be able to afford this so would be something amazing to win & have some peace of mind.

  20. Salochana Naidoo

    Oh, yes.. I’d really love to win a Snuza Pico Baby Monitor. Presently, I get up several times a night to check on our baby boy in the next room. If only I had peace of mind, I’d be able to have a good night’s sleep myself!☺

  21. Marie Minnie

    I think the Pico will really give me peace of mind knowing i can check what baby is up to on my cell phone, the features are really wonderful. I can see position and temperature as well as breathing rate and sleep status. It just makes life easier and stress free. if anything goes wrong the Pico will let me know straight away. xx

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