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Bed Time Routine

Do you have a bed time routine? Since Hudson came home from the hospital, getting him into a routine from the start was very important to me. Quickly enough I learned that I might have a plan A; but Hudson had a completely different plan all together. In the beginning I truly felt defeated by a 3.9 kg little human being, but learned that I have to go at his pace; I still had control, but everything would not be done according to what I had planned. This post will solemnly be dedicated to the bed time routine.

Step 1

Patience; in all that you do you need to have patience. If you are feeling stressed and flustered; your little one will feel it as well. Our bed time routine starts with a bath. The calming water running into the bath sets the mood; and both hubby and I forget about the hectic work day we’ve had and our focus turns to Hudson.

Step 2

When Hudson was younger; we did Baby Gym classes; one of the sessions was focused on massaging your baby. Hudson did not like it at all. As he got older I started doing it more and more after bath time. Now, when he sees the massage lotion he gets all excited and lies quietly, sometimes even crying when I stop because he wants more.

Step 3

Have your bottle of milk ready! Because Hudson does not see much of his father during the day; his Dad feeds him his bottle. Since Hudson is older now; he can hold his own bottle. While drinking his bottle Ewan the Sheep plays a lullaby in the back ground. (I did a post on my essential lists a few months ago. ) The nightlight is on and the mood has been set.

Step 4

A soother. Hudson has never liked a dummy and will use it now and again; For comfort he loves sleeping with his Bunny Doo Doo Blankie from Xoxo Baby.

The Bunny Doo Doo Blankie

The Doo doo blankie is made small so that your baby can hold on their blanky. The beautiful  satin trim  on their ears and around the blanket acts as a soothing tool.

Babies are most comfortable while in the womb. The satin material is a similar soft textile to how it feels in the womb.”

The doo doo blankie has a ribbon around its neck. You can use this to tie baby’s dummy onto so that their dummy is in reach during the night.

Step 4

Place your baby into his or her cot; practice your ninja rolls and happy days, or should I say good night.


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  1. Kerry Jade West

    Thank you so much for sharing this routine!

  2. Zayne Khan

    With me and Kashy, routine was very important or she’d get crabby! Bath, massage, her bottle then I’d lie down with her and she’d be out like a light. Once she got into the pattern if she had a stuffed toy in her arms then she was fine. Now 6 yes later she still hugs her toy when going to sleep!

    1. Cisca

      Awwwwww. I really hope that Hudson will also stick to the routine we have now.

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