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Back in the day

I remember my brother and cousins playing with his hot wheels when we were younger. I was so envious to play with them as well, and use to sneak a few of his hot wheels into my room. Barbie needed a ride and what better way then to arrive at the ball in some hot wheels.  Hot Wheels is the number one selling toy and vehicle property in the world, and this year celebrates their 50th Anniversary. In celebration,of this phenomenal milestone the brand is going into overdrive with a campaign designed to celebrate five decades of pushing the limits of performance and design. I just have to mention this. Megan Smith, one of our Facebook followers said that before her first son’s birth, her husband started a hot wheel collection. Since his birth he has been buying their son a hot wheel car every month and he has been doing the same with their second son. How amazing is that? When their boys are older they will have a pretty impressive collection. This is just one of several reasons why Hot Wheels is so special: the popular die-cast vehicles and track systems have been exhilarating and challenging kids worldwide for over three generations.

Anniversary Products

At the starting line are specific 50th anniversary products including: a Black & Gold Themed Assortment, Zamac Themed Assortment, a Premium Collector Favorites Assortment and a special 5 Pack – as well as distinctive 50th anniversary branding on all 2018 products in the track set range.

This year, Hot Wheels is also introducing Hot Wheels City – a system of play, compatible with the others, that allows kids aged 3 to 6 to build a Hot Wheels world. You can look forward to the infusion of stunting, jumping and looping with imagination and storytelling. Hudson and his Dad had so much fun. I think his Dad more so than him.

As an educator what I love about Hot Wheels is the ‘try, repeat’ play pattern. It not only helps to boost confidence, but it also inspires creativity, and instills a sense of good sportsmanship in younger children as well as older children.

Interesting facts

Over 6 billion Hot Wheels have been produced since 1968, with more than 130 new car designs released each year in 150-plus countries. That’s 16.5 Hot Wheels produced per second, across 20,000 variations. Known to have partnered with almost every auto manufacturer in the world, Hot Wheels is licensed to create scale models of many full-size cars, including the use of original design blueprints and detailing. It also has segments in digital, automobile parts, licensed apparel, merchandise, live events, the Guinness World Records and video gaming, where Hot Wheels  cars are featured in some of the biggest games in the industry, including Forza, Need for Speed and Rocket League.

A little bit of history

Hot Wheels emerged, as many legends do, from a challenge. In 1968 Elliot Handler, US inventor, businessman, and co-founder of Mattel, dared his design team – a rocket scientist and a car engineer – to create a toy car that was cooler and performed better than anything else on the market, so that young boys could experience the thrill of hot rod culture. When Handler saw the first trackable toy car, with its custom design and eye-catching paint job zipping across the floor, he said: “Those are some hot wheels!” Hot Wheels  have become popular with adult collectors, for whom limited-edition models are now made available, over the last 15 years. The average collector owns over 1,550 cars. Not the sort of 50-year-old to fall behind on the latest trends, #HotWheels is shared every 30 seconds on social media. No reason you shouldn’t add to that tally right now. #HotWheelsSA #ChallengeAccepted


To celebrate this Phenomenal Milestone, I have partnered with Mattel SA to make one lucky Hot Wheels fan very happy! We are giving a way a Hot Wheels Hamper worth R750.00

3x FRN33 Hot Wheels® 50th Anniversary Black & Gold Themed Asst
1x FRN23 Hot Wheels® 50th Anniversary Zamac Themed Asst
1x BDW51 Hot Wheels® Super Rigs Asst
6x CCX79 Hot Wheels® Stunt Builder Straight Track 4PK
2x FNB05 Hot Wheels® Nemesis Themed Asst


1. Share this post on any of the social media platforms. (See the easy sharing icons on this post) Make sure that you tell me where you shared it to. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

2. In the comments tell me who the Biggest fan is, and how many hot wheels they own.

3. You can also enter on the Facebook and the Instagram post.

4. Giveaway starts on 2 July and closes on 6 July. The Winner will be announced on 9 July.


I encourage you  to join in the celebrations by sharing your stories and interactions with this iconic brand over the past 50 years #HotWheelsSA #ChallengeAccepted

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  1. Abygail

    My nephew Jayden is thee biggest fan , His collection is 5 years old (just like him) and consists of 75 cars(last time I counted) and counting because whether we are in a grocery store or toy store he only wants hot wheels .. and his sisters dare not touch it because every evening he makes sure they are all in his room on their shelf … He is the Ultimate 5 year old fan ! I shared on FB and Instagram 🙂 Holding thumbs and toes

  2. Kelly

    My son is the biggest hot wheels fan. He has always collected them and now my daughter loves them. As well

  3. Bev Oelofse

    My grandson Kai. He only has 4 of these toys but they are his favourite

  4. Kelly

    Ps my son has about 100

  5. Zeenat Carrim

    My husband is the biggest fan. Sadly when he moved province his hot wheels got missing. He would love these for my son who is now 8months. In fact he wants too collect all the hot wheels for my son and this would be an awesome start to their collection and create a bond for them <3

  6. Maalikah Byuris

    my hubby is a hotwheel collector… he is such a fanatic and has made my son a big fan of hotwheels aswell… we are always on the search for new cars, mainly real riders and treasure hunts, we are always attending hotwheels shows and swop meets … this would be a awesome prize for my boys…

  7. Lizelle Gillmer

    my son is such a big fan he had more but sadly when he had some friends over for his birthday some of it went missing. would love to win this for him

  8. Tiyana

    My son is the biggest fan he has at least 8 Hot Wheels.

  9. thuvashni govender

    My husband and son are huge hot wheels fans ;they have 45 hot wheels in totally ;hoping to win this hamper for them so they can add it to their collection. Fingers crossed

  10. Megan Smith

    Definitly my husband he just loves Hotwheels and eversince both of my son’s births he has been starting to share his passion for them with them. Every month since their birth he has bought each of them one, so by the time they are older they will have a nice collection that they will be able to share with their children. It is something very special to him.

  11. My grandson is hone crazy for hot wheels, in every shop I go to if he sees hot wheels, he wants it it. He is 6 years old.
    Happy 50th birthday, wish you all the best.

  12. Dorianne

    You know your kid is a BIG fan of hotwheels when you unpack your handbag and find 5 or 6. In every one. When you discover some in the washing machine as well and yes, in his bed. James loves to play with his hotwheels. His favorite one off course is the one that I played with 30 odd years ago. We are collecting but have still a very long way to go. He has over 200. I did share the post on FB aswell. Here is to winning the hamper. Yay. Dx


    Shared on FACEBOOK. My son, Matthew (10) is a HUUUUGE fan – has over 200 cars! AND GROWING. We looove HOT WHEELS!!

  14. Suzette Viviers

    My grandson, Luc, is a Big fan. Every single birthday or Christmas wishlist starts with, Hotwheels. He does not own a lot yet, but his collection is growing… (Shared on Facebook)

  15. Theshnee Reddy

    This is such an awesome giveaway! My husband is the biggest fan, he has 100 hot wheels and is currently getting our sons interested in them as well!!!
    Share on Facebook, twitter, WhatsApp, email.

  16. This a really awesome giveaway. I must say Raising Hudson DK is doing a really fantastic venture. Keep It Up!


    My son Alex is the biggest Hot Wheels fan…he just added another car to his collection this weekend, he must have over 20 odd by now, if he finds these cars at his cousin’s or at my brother’s place, then he somehow always ends up coming home with them…lol

  18. Janel

    Shared on instagram, facebook and twitter. It will be my baby girl because she is crazy about cars but doesn’t have any Hot Wheels and would love this prize

  19. Diana

    My two boys have a box filled with hot wheels – Not sure how many they have but they have always loved playing with them since they were old enough to push a car. Shared on Facebook.

  20. Kelly Hall

    My son James is a huge car fan! Every where he goes he points at the cars going past. Our drive to school consists of ‘car,car, car!’ The whole way 🙂 he has 20 Hot wheels at the moment but his granny bought him a car shaped printers tray for his wall to hold his growing collection.

    1. Sylvia Joubert

      This is the display cabinet I bought for my grandson James. It holds 60 cars so would be wonderful for him to win and put this up in his new room

  21. Zayne Khan

    Hi..I love Hot Wheels but the biggest fan in my family is my cousin, Don..he’s been collecting for years and trading them too! I’ve lost count of how many he has had..approx +/-700!
    Shared on Facebook and Twitter.

  22. Kelly Hall

    Hi, my son James is a huge Hot wheels fan! He’s going through a car phase, every time we drive anywhere he points out all the cars he sees on the way. He has 20 Hot Wheels at the moment and his granny bought him a car-shaped printers tray for his growing collection 🙂

  23. Rhoda Twigg

    My partner Brian Bouwer. Probably over 300

  24. Rosa da Silva

    My son have maybe about 90 he loves hot Wheels #HotWheelsSA

  25. Charmaine Balraj

    We LOVE hot wheels .My kids go gaga over it

  26. Tertia Lotter

    My son is 30 years old, and single, the first big fan, but when his sister was blessed with a baby girl 2 years and 7 months ago, it was inevitable that she would become a HotWheels fan too, I unpacked all the toys in the box in the top unit of the cupboard, you know those boxes that the kids outgrow when they leave the house, and in time forget about because they have no room for them.
    Well as soon as she started sleeping over I unpacked them and out came those little cars, it is sometimes a ride for papa Smurf and now and then a fairy but most of the time it’s just a race between her & Grandpa, whose slides further over the dining room floor. All of us is a little wheels crazy so it will be hard to say which is the biggest fan, we don’t have a whole lot, but her favorite of the bunch is a lime green “bakkie” with flames over the bonnet, and papa Smurf can fit in the back. #HotWheelsSA #ChallengeAccepted

  27. Claudia

    My son now 12 got his first hot wheels before he was born seeing that his dad thought its the best gift he could get him now every year for his bday he gets one from his dad to add to the collection which is now 13 Can’t believe that he still has them all as all other cars cone and go , Definitely sharing to fb and twitter

  28. Nirvana

    Oh wow, this is soo incredible! My son is a huuggge fan. ….Had close to 100 cars & about 7 different tracks.
    He would be over the moon if I won this for him
    Sharing on Facebook


    My husband and and grand son are huge hot wheels fans.. Share on twitter and Faceook

  30. Nthabiseng

    My stepson is the biggest fan ,even though he doesn’t own one yet hope I win this for him.

    Shared on Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp

  31. Maggie le Roux

    Would love to win this for my grandson. Awesome giveaway

  32. Maggie le Roux

    Would love to win this for my grandson. Fantastiv giveaway

  33. Maggie le Roux

    Hope to win this for my little grandson He is a biiiiig Hot Wheels fan

  34. Lynnith Andreou

    Hi there! I have 3 hot wheels crazy boys, and they have a good amt of cars btw them, some remain real favorites. They are shared on Facebook and twitter

  35. Linda Laing

    My son Caden loves them! shared on facebook and twitter. He has 44 cars and counting..

  36. Sofiah

    My son, we are behind as we have not started he s colkection as yet.

  37. Faziela Prantice

    My grandson love Hot Wheels he have over 60 cars. I just love his expression and the sounds he makes when playing with his Hot Wheels. I have entered on Facebook and Twitter.

  38. My son is the biggest fan he has 20 Hot Wheels and simply loves them.

  39. I love hot wheels and have over 35 in my collection and l love to win.

  40. Thea Lennox

    It is the best toys ever
    So much great memories made and those cars last forever. Even if you bury them fb

  41. Carol Ann

    My son Jason is a big fan of Hot Wheels. He has 12 Hot Wheels in his collection and he loves the Mega Bloks Hot Wheels where he can change the cars.

  42. Shakira Khan

    My son is definitely a huge Hot Wheels fan … he has over 60 cars which were generously bought for him by my sister and he has some hand me downs from my 2 nephews … he absolutely loves them … he even has the Hot Wheels playmat … the carry tin and his school bag is a Hot Wheels bag … and he has a playset with the dragon… he keeps asking me for that new huge parking lot but it’s a bit too expensive so really wish I could save up for it for all my 3 boys…. definitely a Hot Wheels family with 3 little boys …
    Liked and shared on Facebook and Instagram

  43. Sunette Serra

    My Son, Darius, is a humungous Hot Wheels Fan. He dusts his 100+ cars every weekend. He has a display on his wall and he will be getting another one soon. They are packed according to colours and no one else may touch this! His birthday is on the 31st of July. He will be turning 15. This is definitely something he would appreciate and cherish! Holding thumbs

  44. Dannielle hartley

    Hi 6 and 1 year old sons love hot wheels! They have around 50. This is amazing prize.

  45. Anwar Goolam-Mahomed

    My 3 little boys are huge Hot Wheel Fans with over 30 cars in the range and still collecting … would love this for them as my little boys love cars… shared on Facebook

  46. Firzana Martin

    Shared on Facebook!
    My son’s ages 7 and 5 years love their Hotwheel cars and they have x10. They play with them everyday and it goes everywhere with them.

  47. Ayesha Motala

    My grandson is the biggest fan, he has approx 10 cars since far in his collection

  48. Irfaan

    My son Azlan will not share his hotwheel cars with anyone, he currently has 5.

  49. Cay

    My brother at 38 years old grew up obsessed, now he has a little boy who is almost 2 who lives in Sweden and now he loves his hot wheels, couldn’t tell you how many

    1. Cay

      My daughter also has her fair share of about 20 to 30 hot wheels and ramps♡

  50. Tanya van der Merwe

    My husband and son are huge Hotwheel fans!! He is only 5 but they go and choose their Hot wheels together and it has become a special thing between the 2 of them! A special bonding time! I can imagine the excitement if I won this for them

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