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I do not mean to brag, but drumming is in my blood. Well not playing the drums, but dancing to the beat of drums. Growing up I went through a phase where I wanted to be a rocker chick playing the drums. My brother and I use to have mini “contests” where we would take empty ice cream containers and pots and make up our own sounds with my Ouma’s wooden spoons on Sunday nights before bed time. Obviously not to the content of my parents hearts, but I won each and every single one of those contests.

Being an education specialist, learning and teaching and the quality thereof is of vital importance to me. Whilst teaching overseas one of the things I often used in my classes was using rhythm to teach. I remember a little boy named Joey, whom really struggled to concentrate in class and often at times performed very poorly academically. At the time I came across a research article by Dr. Ronald A.Berk who ascertains that when you watch a TV program or movie, your feelings and emotions such as excitement, anger, laughter, relaxation, love, whimsy, or even boredom are often triggered or heightened by the music playing behind the action. You are responding to the mood created by the music and the scene. Berk (2008) further states that by combining listening to and actually playing music, that these two  elements are great sources to help cognitive development skills improve.

After reading the article I suggested to Joey’s Mom, that learning to play an instrument would be so beneficial to his own learning and ability to concentrate. After a few weeks of enrolling him in a music class, the change in Joey was so evident. He was able to follow instructions better; his concentration levels were longer and most importantly he appeared calmer and focused.  In Teacher Education, we encourage our pre-service teachers to introduce meta cognition (thinking about your thinking) and using the ability to use all your senses does have an effect on the way that you comprehend and learn, that is why playing an instrument is so very important to help children develop these skills on their own.

I am very excited and very honored to feature Cape Drummers Lab. This initiative is so important especially with our current School Curriculum that is loaded and packed. Our kids need to learn how to improve their skills of concentration and focus as to not to get lost in the school system.  The founder of Cape Drummers Lab, Mornay Hofmeester is a Professional Drummer, Percussionist, Composer, Lecturer and Entrepreneur born and bred in Cape Town, South Africa. Some of his fondest memories are sitting in church and watching other musicians play. The drums is what drew him the most and that’s ultimately where his passion started.  With music deeply cored within him, Mornay completed his Diploma in Music and furthered his studies at the London School of Music , excelling in Ensemble as one of his major subjects.  In order to uplift and empower music education in his own community, Mornay established the Cape Drummers Lab in 2011. His mission is that Cape Drummers Lab can cultivate and inspire the same passion he has for music onto his students, so that they too can be uplifted and attain an art and skill set.



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Currently Cape Drummers Lab is based inside Paul Brothers @N1 City, Cape Town, but they are moving into Primary and High Schools this year as well as expanding into other provinces. Currently they are offering lessons at the following Primary and High Schools:

Curro Brackenfell, Curro Castle Brackenfell, Stellenberg High School; Fairmont High School; Spine Road High School and soon to be offering more venues!

Classes are offered from 4 years old and up. Classes run from Monday’s to Saturdays. Are you keen for your kiddo or partner to try it out?



Contact info:

Twitter @CapeDrums


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