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Pushing the limits in boot camp

  • Investing in yourself

Second round of Adventure Boot Camp started last week and it  started off with a BANG! A new group of ladies joined up and I could sense them being nervous about their first session. Therefor, if you recall I felt the when I first joined up. Its normal to fear the unknown. As a result as soon as we got started you could sense, the nerves disappearing. The Adrenalin kicked in and we were all on our way!

Same old, same old boot camp ?

  • Nope!

One of the concerns I had about joining another boot camp was that it would be the same exercises at the same pace. I am one of those people that get bored very easily. When I get bored of something, I lose all interest in it. I was wrong, dead wrong! I think the second time around, your trainer knows your fitness levels and also knows your strengths. I love that we use different spaces within the training camp. Your view is never the same. What I like most is the fact that you never really know what to expect.

Motivation to continue bootcamp

  • Everyone needs a Hero!

This week it was back on track again. One of the lady’s in our group is so dedicated to her fitness, that she does not miss any sessions during the week. She even went for a run while waiting for the others the other night. So when I got there earlier than the rest, I decided to get my booty out of the car and RUN! And you know what? It was a GREAT RUN! I am learning and understanding my body much better. Most importantly, proving the “I” in myself wrong every time, as I challenge and push myself with each session.

What to expect in Round of boot camp  2

I would answer that simply by saying “Don’t expect anything less than pushing yourself even further” The second time around, one feels more confident. You do not feel like the new kid on the block. You have come to learn the terminology, know the moves and you are ready to improve on it.  Be prepared that your trainer will push you. He/She knows what your body can do, even if you do not. Pay more attention to your body. Listen to it and push yourself with every exercise that you have to do.

I am also sure that you have seen the new look of Adventure Boot camp!!! The relaunching is happening next week Saturday; 24 February.

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