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Trendy Feeding Giveaway 

Currently I am hosting a Trendy Feeding Giveaway on both Instagram and Facebook. To the value of R2000.00 ; this is definitely a Giveaway that you do not want to miss out on. “Trendy” because who does not want to look good  @maaikisa and also eat with gorgeous utensils @titchandbean and have the most delicious spoils from @umatie and be dressed for protection, in a trendy bib from @trendlings

Trendy Feeding- The takeover

As Hudson is almost nearing ONE, I know that I will have to start giving him some control on eating by himself. The OCD side of me is freaking out, as I know how much of a mess to expect. But I have got to let it subside and I can at least control to situation to some extend.

The Trendlings Feeding Bib

In our Giveaway the lucky winner will be able to choose the bib of their choice as well as a Grippy plate. Here are some of the designs that you can choose from.

Hudson has the following bib


What I love about the bib

I love the style of the tee pees. It’s fresh and monochrome and tee pees will obviously always stay on trend. I love that you can easily clean the bib, by wiping it off with a damp cloth. It is also very easy to put on as it has two tie backs at the back. Most importantly, it covers everything! except the floor, but I am ok with that. The older Hudson gets the more independent he wants to be. I have realised that this is part of the milestones that he is reaching, and that I can not control everything. He needs to develop his fine motor skills and using his hands, and someday soon utensils to eat, is a great way for him to improve these skills.

At school they get finger food on Friday’s and his teacher has said that he loves Friday’s as he can eat independently. I have to state that Hudson loves his food, he has always been a good eater and not picky at all. When something is good it is great!.

A little back ground on Trendlings

Trendlings is a unique brand that provides functional but stylish products for your little earthlings. They aim to provide attractive, practical and convenient products for parents that still encourage your little earthling to explore. Hence the design of our waterproof bibs & suction silicone grip plate (Grippy). Trendlings was launched in December 2017 and it is definitely a brand to watch.

The wet bag

The wet bag has multiple usages. It can be used when going out swimming to put wet clothes in. It can be used to put dry clothes in for school. It is also great to use for cloth nappies. You can even use the wet bag to store snacks in, when you are on the road, or to send it to school.

Trendy Feeding – Umatie

Umatie products are not only organic, nutritional and free range; but their products are filled with so much goodness and taste as well. When I first started introducing Hudson to solids, I truly felt like a failure. I had no idea what the consistency should be like nor the taste (if I needed to add spices or salt). When I saw that Umatie offers ready made meals from stage 1, I wanted to try it out for myself. From the first tub, Hudson loved Umatie. Needless to say, Umatie has become a household name. Each Umatie bowl is filled with the best ingredients and fresh herbs. The combinations are just genius. The brand has changed their packaging and website, and the new look is fresh and on trend!. The website is easily accessible and very easy to navigate through. Now, Umatie does not only bring you, nutrition for babies and tots, but nutrition for the whole family. From their Soulful Suppers which serves 4 people you can get the following frozen meals like:

From 6 Months: Perfect Purees


From 7 Months: Dinky Diners

From 10 Months: Mighty Munch

From 12 Months: Bulky Bites

Next post is on Titch and Bean as well as Maaikisa! Make sure that you enter!!!!!

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