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Now is the time, to get all the Dad’s, aunties, uncles, granny’s and grandpa’s on-board to partake in this Giveaway. You know the drill, like, follow, share and tag! I will be choosing 5 people (directly into the final draw of this bundle) based on their comments from this blog post. Remember that you have to subscribe to my blog in order to validate your blog entry.

The fourth bundle of joy consists out of six brands and the value of this bundle of Joy 4 is R3600.00

Bundle of Joy 4 – Thursday 21-6-2018

Pure Beginnings

Studio Collection Claremont

Little Love


Eli & You

Baby Yomi  

Value: R3600.00

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  1. Angelique

    My husband had a baby name before we even thought about having our lil one. Lucian – meaning light . Still deciding on the spelling of the name. This bundle is amazing. Would be an amazing gift for our lil boy. 3 more months

  2. Rachel Goldstuck

    My kids are named named after my grandparents. Michael and Ada, who were both extremely important to me and I wanted to honour their legacy.

  3. Esmeralda

    My little girl due in September name is Isabelle, its my mothers name! We decided on family names because so that our little girl have something special with her for the rest of her life and i think family remberance is a wondeful gift!

  4. Megan

    We had loads of boys names but when we fell pregnant we thought what if it is a girl so we started looking at girls names and really struggled to find one both my husband and I liked. We came across Aliyah which means exhalted and there are a few psalms in the Bible which are called the psalms of ascent or Aaliyah which has special meaning to us!

  5. Maxine

    My husband and I named our son Joshua Oscar, Joshua as it is a Biblical strong name like his father and Oscar is after my grandfather who was my best friend and mentor. I can only hope that he will have a combination of both their qualities and he will turn out to be an amazing human

  6. Anmar

    My little ones name is Caden, we decided on this name literally while I was in labour. But since about 16 weeks we were calling him Scott, that name came to me in a dream, so his name is now Caden Scott.

  7. Kendall Marwick

    We’ve got a number of options floating around for our little girl…although my front runner is Peyton Sawyer <3 There's no deeper meaning behind it, just that I think it's a beautiful, powerful name for our girl.

  8. Michelle Le Roux Dale

    Choosing a name is something I personally take very serious. Your name is something you carry with you for the rest of your life and you have no control over it. I can only speak for myself and our little baby boy. I prayed and waited for a while on the perfect name. Then I started playing with our names (Michelle & Lance) I then got to Milan. (a unisex name) I firstly googled the meaning of Milan (kind, loving & gracious) and then we decided that his name will be Milan.

  9. Teresa Sayer

    Trial & error- Hubby & I never agree in the beginning as we though our daughter was a boy- as soon as we found out otherwise Olivia just clicked.
    For our second – due August we again had different ideas to start but Owen worked for both of us- apparently we like ‘O’ names 🙂

  10. Theshnee Reddy

    Our first son : Taydon Theshan Reddy
    We picked Theshan because it’s a combination of our names.. Taydon because of religious reasons.. Our religion believes in looking through the baby’s birth chart and then they give us letters to choose from.
    With my second son Kaydon Neeshan Reddy, Neeshan was chosen while I was pregnant because its a second Combination of mine and my husbands names. Kaydon was the name chosen from the birth chart.. Making their names so similar was awesome for us.

  11. Leandra Krige

    My little boy’s name is Hunter Reed Krige.
    Richard ( my husband) and I could not agree on a name, except Hunter. It is the only one after what felt like a million names!! Hunter’s middle name Reed has a lot of meaning to us. Richard was named after his Grandpa Ralph Reed. Richard is Richard Ralph Krige. Grandpa Reed passed away just before Richard was born. Richard and his Granny Nina Reed are like 2 peas in a pod!! They have the same love for people, animals and life.
    Thus, instead of having the same second name we changed it to Hunter Reed Krige. In memory of his Grandpa and Grandma Reed. And a super bonus is that it sounds like a Superhero’s name!!!

  12. Angelique Barnard

    I was teased relentlessly as a child with the name I was given, thus resulted in me changing my name the minute I turned 18.

    I vowed to firstly, NOT GIVE my kids any second (or even 3rd ) names, and I played around with the names to find the worst nick names that they could be called, in order to eliminate those names

    So in the end, I settled for Andrea, Charlenè, Caitlin and Donavan. Their nicknames were cute and livable Andy, Charlie, Cat and Donni …. everyone is happy

  13. Talitha Dias

    Gosh! This is a difficult one lol
    Our kids (His and Mine) are all biblical names. So the “ours” which will be born in November will also be biblical.
    We haven’t agreed on a name yet. So I guess we have some more Bible reading to do

  14. Nicole Naicker

    Love to win for my sister,it’s a newborn due this month no names chosen yet

  15. Aadila

    I liked the names Alyana means princess and Aliza means joy and happiness. Can’t wait for my baby girl to arrive, love her to bits. She’s my miracle baby, I had a tough time getting pregnant, fertility issues and fertility meds never work but then god blessed me out of the blue with my baby girl. We decided we gonna keep her name Aliza because she’s truly our joy and happiness, and she will always be our princess. In Sha Allah, I hope to win the prizes for her.

  16. Mandi

    My daughters name is Meekah. Chose the name cause is means “From God”. Reason why we chose that name is after struggling for so long… she finally came and we are so greatful for this blessing from God. She is the perfect little angel.

  17. Claudia

    My first boy Brogan Ainslie – I was reading through a baby name book and brogan just stood out and Ainslie was a name hubby loved as we are both portuguese and irish it made a good combo baby #2 when we found out it was a girl hubby immediately started to refer to bump as kitty So we named her Kita Annestachca Kita is spanish for kitten and Baby #3 came as a big suprise and we decided to name him Damian Calum Damian is after his baby brother who drowned at age of 2 and now cant wait to meet him

  18. My little girl is two months old now. It’s kinda a long story but here goes, hubby and I had been trying for a while but didn’t fall pregnant, after a while and a few personal changes we settled and thought maybe we weren’t meant to be parents. It was hard and heartbreaking. We found a church we really enjoyed going to after a year and half we did an alpha course and made some awesome friends, things were going along really well but during a prayer session, my friend said to me God is going to give you the baby you so desire. I was gobsmacked! We had faith but knew it could happen days, weeks, years from now. 5months later just after women’s day 2017 I found out I was pregnant. We chose the name Gia for our little girl which means God is Gracious and her second name Emanuella which means God is with us. Our little girl was born in April this year and we are so grateful for this amazing blessing.

  19. Dannette de Koning

    My baby’s name is Taegue – pronounced as it’s spelt, nope not Tea it’s Tae.. My husband and I never wanted children, we got engaged and married both on the same page. Yet I have had this name for my baby since high school – probably around the time I met my husband. I always liked the name Tae but felt that was more of a short/ nickname so I decided to add the other bit and thus made the name Taegue.
    PS: my husband and I got broody after we were made God parents to our beautiful Levi-Jade.

  20. andrea bester

    My daughters name is Mikayla …Named after her dad -Mikhail .Baby number 2 &3 (lol still coming) If it is a boy will be something with a A …Adriaan (I always loved that name & because my name starts with a A) & number 3: Maddison/Addison/Allyssa assuming itsa girl.

  21. Nashieta

    My Daughter my princess after having 2 busy boys Finally god gifted me this little princess after suffering a miscarriage he gave me the greatest gift her life ❤We choose her name 2months prior to giving birth And the name Saarah has a beautiful meaning -Princess of high ranking and has a significant meaning for religious purposes I couldn’t agree more than she is my princess of high ranking And I hope she grows up and live up to her meaning one day ❤

  22. Nashieta

    We were graced and gifted with a blessing after my miscarriage with a little princess After having 2 busy boys she was all I needef and after finding out that she was indeed the little girl my heart longed for the choosing of a name came in to show And I chose her name for religious purposes Saarah-Meaning-Princess of high ranking ❤And it had a significant meaning religiously aswell Saarah was the wife of a very high ranked prophet and I always pray that she lives up to her name my husband and I decided after she made her entrance into tos world 12:26pm on a Friday afternoon She suits the name Saarah and we went with that #Graces #Blessed #ThankUGod #Blessings

  23. Claire Macer-Wright

    My little girls name is Emily. It was a name that I had always loved and my husband loved it too. We picked it for our little girl and only found out later that it was my husbands grans middle name. My daughters middle name is Elizabeth which is my grandmothers middle name. So she has been named after two of her grandmothers.

    My baby boy who is due to be born in October is going to be called Matthew Richard. This is in honour of my father who passed away 4 and a half years ago. His name was Richard Matthews.

  24. Cassandra Duarte

    My little blessings name is Madison Harper ♡ . . Since I was a little girl I absolutely loved the name Madison, so I just knew the day we found out that we were having a daughter that her name would be Madison ♡ my husband chose her second name, named after an artist he loves – Ben Harper, the artist also wrote a song that my husband used in his proposal to me a few years before ♡ holding thumbs and toes ♡ xxx

  25. Jenny Williams

    My husband chose the name Dante which is an Italian name which means Enduring and I chose his second name Cole which is from the Greek origin and means Victory of people. Those names describe the strong boy that were born into our life.

  26. Sarah Campbell

    Our boy’s name is William Tay Leo and we came up with it during the final hours of labour when the pressure to decide was (literally) on. William is dad’s great grandpa’s name, Tay and Leo is shortened for towns in Scottland & Germany that mean a lot to us as our families originated from there long ago (Loch Tay and Leonberg)

  27. Danique Kruger

    Our beautiful daughter’s name is Clara, which is derived from “clarity” and clarity around what we were going to name our firstborn child is exactly what we got on the day we reached a decision on what her name would be. My husband always “knew” we were having a little girl (I had no idea on what the gender was of the little person I was carrying). On the day we went to the Gynaecologist to find out what the gender was, we were sitting in the waiting area of the practice rooms and my husband went through a list of baby names. He reached one, paused, looked up and said “what about Clara?”. I just looked at him and told him to wait until we knew the gender of the baby. And a girl it was! After letting everyone know that we were expecting a girl, my parents went out for celebratory drinks, took a photo of their drinks and sent it to me with the comment “this is on Clarabelle”. We had never discussed baby names with anyone! And at that moment we knew her name would be Clara (my husband thought Clarabelle sounded too frilly). And we have been blessed with the most beautiful little girl, our Clara.

  28. Taryn

    Would love to win for my sister whose little one’s name is Zoë Nova

  29. Zayne Khan

    My little girl is Kashmira with Kashmir being inspiration for her dad naming her, he loves the holiday destination.
    And Armaan meaning desire/need for a boy, of course!

  30. Shantelle

    Our little one will be here in October if it is God’s plan. Her name wil be Sonel. She’s named after my mother partly because in the 8 years we stuggled to have kids, my mother never told me to give up my hopes and dreams to have a baby. We decided her name a long time ago. The first part of her name in Afrikaans means Sun she will be our sunshine.

  31. Vicki

    Hi❤my little boy is named Cruz. I am a teacher and wanted something different. His name means Cross, we chose it two months before he was born, randomlymy friend mentioned it at a braai one evening and it just stuck. We have twin girls on the way we want to choose names short with a z in too but still choosing xxx

  32. Elandie Cooper

    Our son’s name is Luca Cooper. It means Bringer of light which is fitting because he is our sunshine!

    We looked at several books and websites and both of us loved the name right from the start! ❤️

  33. Mariska Holder

    Our little boy is due August and his name is Aiden Ross Holder. We wanted a strong boy name and hubby chose his name… i immediatly fell inlove with it when he said he want to name our boy Aiden… it means little fire and because we waited and struggled so long to have him, the name couldnt be more suitable… his 2nd name is a family name that the grandparents really wanted

  34. Elandie Cooper

    My son is called Luca Cooper which means ‘Bringer of Light’. It is very fitting because Luca is our sunshine every day!

    We looked on several websites and in several books and fell in love with the name from the start. ❤️

  35. Beauty Maenetja

    My baby’s name is Khadzi in venda language ,Khadzi means princess her late grandmother gave it to her the first day she heared that I have a babygirl and in venda the name Khadzi means aalot.

  36. Mernicia

    My daughters name is Mejanke.. we actually didnt have this name from the beginning but when i was 6 months pregnant this name just came to me and I didnt tell her dad because i thought he really liked the other name. So i asked all my friends what do they think and they all told me that it is a beautifull name. So I told him and he also loved it. Her name is part of my name and then his name aswell.. mernicia & Jan so we made it Mejanke and im so glad we decided on her name because the other one just wouldnt suit her now that she is here .

  37. Sofiah

    My sons name is Azlan. Me and hubby went through list and list of children’s names a-z and decided on a few we both liked. We didn’t know Babies gender and since we couldn’t decide on a boys name but agreed on a girls name. We decided that if it’s a boy, I would name him and if it was a girl, I would name it. My sons name means lion, liked it because it’s a strong name and a unique name 🙂

  38. Joleen de Villiers

    I am the mommy of a wonderful boy who we named, Jean Joseph. We decided to shorten his name to JJ, seeing that his Daddy’s and paternal grandfather’s name is Jean. Joseph comes from my father’s name and I have always felt a connection with this name. I loved the song “Joseph and the Amazing technicolor dreamcoat” and also the story of Joseph in the Bible has always been special to me. I also wanted my son to have a connection with me and this he also shares my initial “J”.

    We have another boy soon on the way and his name is still a working progress.

  39. farzana

    so we have a few girl and boy names on the list. but the one boys name we love the most is zuhair, meaning bright. i always liked that name, always stood out to me, as a name with a lovely meaning. if babas a girl, we love the name Asma which means beautiful. Asma was the sister of a great woman of islam who married Prophet Muhammad SAW, Asma did all that she could to protect the prophet when he was in danger. beautiful name….

  40. Bronwyn Arendse

    My girls names are Jorgia Rose and Jada Rayne who are 20 months apart, there are no real meaning to their names, my husband and I just put names in a hat and then drew out a first name and then the second and put it together, we would never had agreed to names if we didnt do it that way.

  41. Jan vd berg

    My daughters name is Mejanke
    Her mother came up with the name when she was pregnant it is her name and mine together..

  42. Adele

    We never found out the gender of our kids before they were born, so had to choose both girl and boy names… with my little girl, 4 months old- Saige, her name was decided while we were waiting for her to be brought back from the nursery! We thought it was a pretty name! My sons name, Conner, we had decided on before he was born… it was one both my husband and i liked

  43. Nabila Akoo Arbee

    We really haven’t decided on a name. From the beginning of my first pregnancy, I handed my husband a name book and told him to see what he liked. Ofcourse, after baby was born, he hasn’t decided yet and told me to choose. Now with the 2nd, he did the same thing. Lol. But this time he says it’s his turn to choose, so let’s see what he’s decided. I do have a strong feeling that I will be naming this kid too because he can’t decide again!

  44. Simone Willemse

    We picked the name Elijah Liam as it was my husbands fathers name William. He passed away a year ago and would have loved a grandson ❤️

  45. Taylah

    We struggled for quite some time to conceive and this gave us a lot of time to think about all the beautiful names out there. We conceived after consistent prayer and I dreamt about a name, I took it as ours and stood by the name – As we don’t know the gender yet we have our 2 names (Male and Female). Our female name I dreamt of is Beané (meaning bringer of joy) and our male name, consists of a mixture beween my husbands mother and fathers name (Adré and Engela) is Aden (meaning little fire) along with my husbands family names. We are so excited to spoil our little one upon arrival with this wonderful giveaway.

  46. jabulile magudulela

    Well i dont have a name yet.

    1. Cisca

      You will know the right one- have you subscribed?

  47. Shameez Patel

    Gosh, we haven’t decided on one yet and she’s 4 months away from being born. The names I like, he doesn’t and vice versa, so the search continues!

    1. Cisca

      We went through the alphabet every week and picked names we both liked and referred to the baby using that specific name for that week. It really worked x

  48. Kelly Byles

    We’ve picked Johannes – it was my father in laws name and his fathers name, its my husbands name aswell so we sticking to the fourth generation 🙂

    1. Cisca

      Wow! Fourth generation that’s amazing! And such a strong name as well x

  49. Haarisha

    When my husband and I got married at first its was a bit of a fight with my mother, my father on the other hand adored him. My father defended him and told him not to worry he will marry me. On hearing the news that I was expecting we had made a deal if it were a girl I would name her and if it were to be a boy he would. We found out it was a boy and my husband had chosen the name of my father, he said this name did not only stand for a man of whom was humbled and fair but a man he had admired and who was always his biggest supporter. That is how we choose the name of our son.

    1. Cisca

      What an amazing story to tell your son one day Have you subscribed to the newsletter? X

  50. Irfaan

    My wife and I went through a list of names and mutually chose those which we both liked. It had to sound nice, be short and easy to say and have a good meaning.

  51. Ayesha

    My mom in law anniversary was the same day my daughter was born and we allowed her to name our daughter.

  52. Laura Arries

    My son’s name is Elijah. They Night before he was born I didn’t have a name. We went to sleep thinking about what his name could be. My husband chose ancient Greek names and we couldn’t agree on a name. I woke up at 4 with the name Elijah Mohammed repeating in my mind.

    1. Cisca

      Wowowow! Dreams hey!

  53. Alexa Pohl

    My son’s name is Cameron. It used to be my surname but since we’re 3 sisters & all married, the surname was lost. It’s Scottish, my dad was born in Glasgow & he gave my son the family crest at his baptism. It’s now hanging in his room. My dad passed away last month from cancer so now it’s even more special…
    We’re thinking of calling our daughter Mackenzie, also a Scottish surname & linked to Kenneth – my husband’s 2nd name.

    1. Cisca

      Sorry to hear about your Dad’s passing. What an incredible way to honor him. I’ve always loved the name Mackenzie for a girl x

  54. Marie Minnie

    We prayed for a baby, and we have always loved the name Mia for a girl. We liked two names for a boy, Matthew and Daniel. We just prayed and asked God for a sign. We received conformation after conformation that our baby will be called Matthew. Matthew means Gift from God, and that is exactly what he is, such a blessing. A true Gift from God. xx

  55. Tidi Esther

    My babies’ names are:
    1. My first daughtee Tamar it means a strong palm tree, I was going through a lot and wanted a name that will usher her into her own journey & wishing her strength in all things. My father named her Kutloello, a setswana name meaning wisdom.
    2. My son I named Sasha (Russian), meaning a defender. The moment he was born, my family experienced a first grandson who reunited us. I knew he brings love. Then his second name is Kgomotso, a setswana name meaning comfort, he is named after my father who passed on when he was 9 months old.
    3. Phoebe Maia both Greek names. Phoebe meaning shining and Maia means one that nurses, a goddess of spring. She was our rainbow baby after 3 miscarriages. She bought new life and brightness after much sorrow.
    4. Zion is our forth, a little boy we never thought we would have, he was unplanned. It was a surprise yet he came with many blessings. Its Hebrew meaning a high place, a promised land of rest. He completed our home.

  56. Nthabiseng

    Our daughter’s name is Katlego meaning success, we chose this name because I was going through a lot with my Pregnancy ,so we were glad that the pregnancy was was a success thus we named her Katlego.

  57. Zeenat Carrim

    Beautiful linen which I would love for my baby boy as well as the pure beginnings hamper items for his sensitive skin ❤️

  58. Sthabile Sibisi

    I’m a first time mother believe you me the laughter I had as I was given names by various people nearly landed me in early labor at some point of my pregnancy
    Choosing the name for my son wasn’t something I took lightly I knew that the name we give him would be his brand for life and also will want him to be proud of one day… my mother who is also a first time grandmother saw a beginning of a new chapter in our life and a growing experience for me and named him MILANI (Zulu)meaning grow , expand and fill up the house with more grandchildren … as a plant when you plant a you expect to expand
    His second name MPILWENHLE was given to him by his father all he saw was a brighter future for all of us and mostly wanted him to grow up with all the best in life Mpilwenhle meaning good life …

  59. Palesa

    Athenkosi Avethandwa Ntombikayise meaning thank you ,we love her,and the last name means daddy’s girl- we chose athenkosi after we lost our first due to pre eclampsia,daddy wanted a girl so bad hence Ntombikayise

  60. Samantha Shanel Moolman

    Wian-Roux is the name of our boy. Eversince I was still very young I always said I will call my son Wian if I did not get a girl. So this year we got blessed with thw most amazing and healthy little boy. All of a sudden Wian sounded so common and I needed something a little different. All the names I came up with hubby just did not feel satisfied with it. So I decided to stay with the original name and just add some thing to make it a bit more unique. Wian-Roux is what we then picked.

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