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Can you believe that we are halfway through 2018! Feels like just yesterday that we celebrated Christmas and new year, and now 2019 is vastly approaching us! Do you feel run down and in need of a break to recuperate? I am for sure! Drum roll please! “I stay, you stay, we all can stay with Afristay”. Ok! I have always wanted to have an Oprah moment, where I get to shout out loud, “You get a…. and you get a…. This is not that moment, but, I do have the opportunity to tell you a little bit more about Afristay, who is becoming one of SA’s fastest growing, online travel company’s. And that’s not all! I also have the opportunity to give one lucky follower a R1500.00 voucher! With over 22 000 listings throughout South Africa you will surely be spoiled for choice.

We often forget that we live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Paradise is much closer to you than you think. I am from Cape Town, so attached is my list of places to reboot, relax and explore with your family, with the help and trusted assistance from Afristay


Langebaan is situated on the eastern shore of Langebaan Lagoon. Langebaan is  120 km north of Cape Town, just off the R27, about 28 km from Vredenburg and 20 km from Saldanha Bay.

Click here  to read more from Afristay on 20 things to do in Langebaan. Click here for affordable accommodation in Langebaan


Hermanus is a seaside town southeast of Cape Town and it’s best known as a whale-watching destination. Beaches include Voëlklip Beach and the broad Grotto Beach, overlooking Walker Bay. The Old Harbour Museum is a site encompassing the old harbour, a fishermen’s village and the Whale House Museum. The latter has informative displays and a suspended skeleton of a whale. Hermanus is probably one of my favorite places to visit in Cape Town. Leave your cellphones behind and just enjoy all the beauty that it has to offer.

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Knysna, has been referred to as the beating heart of the Garden Route. Knysna is not only a small and unique town, but it boasts with up-to-date and convenient services. The scenery, views and things to do in Knysna is limitless and with the help of Afristay you can find your own little piece of heaven.


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Cape Town

The Mother City. With so much beauty, I suggest that you plan your trip well, to take in a little bit of everything. What sets Afristay a part from other online accommodation companies is that one of their agents will make contact with you, to find out what you would like to do during your trip and what your accommodation needs are. Then according to your brief, curate a list of places that meets your needs. Once you’ve made your selection and booked your accommodation, you agent will follow up with you to confirm that you are content with your choice. You can rest assured that your agent will make contact with you, if any changes come up, and he/she will also be on standby with a list of alternatives. Afristay’s agents are experts in South African travel and with just a phone call away, their customer service is of the highest level.

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I am sure that I have enticed you a little bit with all these amazing stays in Cape Town, and that the travel bug has bitten you and the itch to travel is getting so real! Would you like to take advantage of winning a R1500.00 voucher from Afristay?

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  1. Theshnee Reddy

    Would love to go to Capetown!

    We haven’t had a holiday in ages and this would be exciting for the kids and hubby. We also have friends and family in capetown that we Have not seen in ages.. Would love to catch up with them.. And just to have a relaxing time away

    1. Faith Cameron

      I would love to go to Knysna. I have been there many years ago and I simply loved it. So to go back there would be awesome

    2. Natasha

      DONE !
      I would love to visit Knysna ! I was there once and didn’t get to explore fully.
      And myself and hubby haven’t taken little one on holiday yet so it would be a PERFECT family vacay !

  2. Aadila Emam Hoosain

    If I won this prize I would use it to go on a holiday with my family to cape town, miss my second home so much. It would be my niece and nephew first time to cape town.

  3. Claire Shortt


    I think I’d head to Knysna. I spent so many fantastic childhood holidays there, wandering the forest trails. I’d love to go back with my husband now.

  4. Tiyana Van Der Rheede

    Wow I would love to go to Langebaan because I love the west coast, I love the beach and the fresh air and the peace and quiet wish is much neede

  5. claudia

    DONE Knysna wins hands down for me its the most beautiful place I ha e been to when I was in school and just fresh out of school for a final goodbye to join JHB life and would give anything to re visit Everything about Knysna the forest the people the food the atmosphere captures you for life

  6. Debashni Nadar

    Would definitely love to go on any holiday, the fiance and i haven’t had had the opportunity to have a romantic, relaxing weekend away.
    This will mean so much to us, because we really need some time away.
    By Gods good grace, i hope we win <3

  7. Ncuthwa Luke

    I would love to take my sister with if i win.Its was her birthday last week and i ddnt spoil her at all.I would be so honored to win bcs i also need a holiday to relax my mind.thank u.

  8. clerissa

    Amazing giveaway! would love to win this so me and hubby can go on a little getaway before our twins arrive in Sept.

  9. Dashmika Devraj


    I would love to visit Durban
    Ballito maybe??

  10. Christelle Schrenk

    DONE! Need a vacation! So want to go to the east coast, especially Knysna. Do a forest excursion and takes pictures of the beautiful trees and birds.

  11. Marie Minnie

    DONE, i would love to go to Knysna, i think its the most beautiful holiday destination in South Africa. My husband and I went to Knysna on our honeymoon and absolutely loved every moment! xxx

  12. Palesa


  13. Lynn Botha

    Done.. I would love to take my kids to Hermanus… its been ages since I’ve been there, its just such a relaxing “holiday town”, the beaches are great.. I would love that nice family time together 🙂 and maybe see some whales 🙂

  14. Quanita

    Ready for a vacay

  15. Janine Smith

    I would love to go to Knysna, haven’t been there in probably 15 years. My husband and I were actually just talking about Knysna a few days ago, so this would be perfect.

  16. Lynnith Andreou

    Hi there, I would love to take a little break with my kids to the drakensberg

  17. Darryn van der Walt

    DONE. Definitely want to travel and explore the West Coast more! Something rustic and out of the bustling city, ideally cut off completely from phones and tech for a proper r&r!

  18. Nadine

    Done!!! Would love to travel to hoggsback mountains in the Eastern Cape or anywhere nearby.

  19. Estelle

    Done, I live in Cape Town and would love to go to Hermanus if I won! Absolutely beautiful and would love to see the whales!

  20. Jodie

    DONE. Need a holiday so badly. Would probably do somewhere Knysna side, quiet, without the kids…just myself and hubby 🙂

  21. Gemma

    DONE. this looks incredibly beautiful! would absolutely love to indulge in a weekend away in Hermanus or even the other side of Cape Town x

  22. Lee-Ann

    I would love to go to Cape Town
    I haven’t been to CPT My finance doesn’t allow me to go on vacations. It will be very nice to explore or beautiful mother city. It looks like a very beautiful place.

  23. Simone

    DONE. Langabaan would be amazing to go to. Since having my boy my partner and I have had little to no time off/away would be a loving mini vacation adventure to go on with family. Crossing fingers! Xx

  24. Sanine Manuel

    I would love to go and see Knysna, I haven’t had the opportunity to explore our beautiful city, this would be a first time experience for me as well as my daughter, if I could I would take my parent’s with, unlike me they also only knows one place and I would love to share this amazing opportunity with them.

  25. Kim

    Done – mommy needs a vaca 🙂 Would love to spoil my husband and baby with a trip to Knysna. #itsamomslife
    We went to Knysna on our honeymoon but was so badly sunburned we ended up staying indoors our entire stay.
    Holding Thumbs xxx

  26. Samantha Isaacs

    I would want to take my family to Langebaan as it’s not to far from home but a beautiful getaway as we have never been on holiday

  27. Lucille Parkins

    Would love to visit Cape Town and take my brother and his wife to see all the amazing sights

  28. Leigh-Ann

    What a wonderful prize! Would love to take my kids to Knysna… looks stunningly beautiful! Thanks for letting me know about Afristay. Looks like an amazing company.

  29. Sonja Kuhnel

    Done ✈⛱ my first choice would be somewhere on the Natal coast! I was born and bred in Durban and have not been back there since 2007! Moved to Cape Town in 1994 and have lived and love living here….though one always want to go back to your roots….check out my old school….where we lived….just reminisce and remember beautiful memories #collectmomentsnotthings ♡♡♡♡

  30. Zeenat


    I would love too go to Knysna…Especially Tisikama forest. We as a family really need a holiday to just get out of the city a while

  31. Lidia Ferreira

    DONE! If I win this prize would love to go to Knysna with my hubby. We had our honeymoon in July there, 32 years ago. Its one of the most beautiful places not only in SA but in the world!!!

  32. Loveena Pillay

    Done I would love to win this so I can spoil my hubby and baby girl and I would love to travel to cape town with them,it would be our first big family holiday together

  33. Amy


    I would LOOOOOOVE to visit Cape Town. We haven’t been before & so badly want to go & tick off our bucket list!!!

    P.s And meet up with one of my favorite mommy bloggers

  34. Maxine van Nykerk

    DONE! I would love to go on our first family holiday to Knysna. My husband and I have so many wonderful memories there and i would love to take our son there and create new ones as a family of 3.

  35. Simone Willemse

    DONE I would go to langebaan I’ve always loved the west coast and with baby due in sept it’s a perfect time for a break away xx

  36. Alison Johannisen

    Done. Would love to visit new accommodation in our beautiful province and use it as a baby moon too

  37. Gemma

    DONE- I would love to go stay in a hotel on the other side of Cape Town, or Hermanus! or Langebaan even!! x

  38. We were looking for places to stay this winter in Cape town.. but my student budget is so bleak for it. Hope we can win this.

  39. Kim

    Done… now that our baby is 6 months I think we deserve a holiday

  40. Lisa


    I would love to go to Knysna. Been there once for my honeymoon and it was so beautiful! Would love for my kids to experience the beauty of Knysna.

  41. Lauren

    Done. Love this so much! I would definitely go to the Kruger

  42. Abygail

    I would love to do the garden route with hubby for our 1st wedding anniversary in August. It will be our last trip for about a year until our baby arrives. We would love to visit Plettenberg Bay and Knysna, I have never been there and would love to see it.

  43. Micaela

    Beautiful. Dream come true.

  44. Tam Powell

    I would love to go to Kynsna! Love love love that beautiful place! Would love to take my husband and baby girl on a well deserved holiday!

  45. Suzette Viviers

    Done! I would love to have a breakaway anywhere in the Western Cape where our family can be together. A breakaway with your children is one of the best ways to build lasting memories and have quality time with them.

  46. Ruth Pearson

    Done! Their accommodation looks absolutely beautiful.

  47. Sophia

    We would love to go to Durban. My daughter who is 8 has never been to the beach and this year my hubby and I are celebrating our 10th anniversary. This would be such a spoil. entered on Instagram @sophiasadam. Liked and shared on Facebook – Sophia Junaid

  48. Dannette de Koning

    Done.. First off thank you for always offering amazing opportunities and things to be won. I would absolutely love to go to Hermanus, not only is it where my best friend from high school lives but it’s where my parents in law are wanting to retire. I’ve only been there once when I was about 10 years old and remember spotting whales with my Grandpa – I would love to recapture some memories and make new ones with my husband and little boy.

  49. Candice Williams

    I would love to go to Knynsa as I’ve never been there before even though I live in Cape Town. It would be a real treat if me and my husband could just get away for awhile as we’ve never had the opportunity to go away alone since we’ve been married. We’ll be married for 8yrs November this year. Thank you for the opportunity of making this competition a reality.

  50. Anmar

    I would so go to Hermanus . Spent almost my whole childhood there on holidays. Haven’t been back there in years.

  51. Laura Arries

    Done! I would like to go to knysna. I’ve always liked. Nature, the greenery and forgetting the oysters! It’s a perfect combination of sea and forest. What more can you ask for to to centre’s yourself! Would absolutely love to win this prize.

  52. Mariska Venter

    Hermanus is calling me! Would love to share this with my husband and 3 beautiful kids! So many precious memories pizza on the harbour wall Saturday strolling through the art market just chilling and enjoying nature! Would so love this!

  53. Candice

    Hi. This is amazing, as a single mom – a holiday would be much needed and deserved. Love your work!

  54. Olivia Williams

    Knysna, would like to take my son there for the first time.

  55. Ragmat baron

    I would love to go to langebaan becaus the West coast is always such an amazing place to visit

  56. Liana

    Drakensberg, for a family weekend away and to go up Sani Pass❤️

  57. Sumayya kara

    Super cool giveaway I have a trip to Cape town in the plans. I would love to win.

  58. Janel

    I would love to go to cape town to visit my family so anywhere near constantia will be amazing

  59. Kim Jay

    Knysna ☀️

    A nice little road trip up the Garden Route for my husband and I sounds like an ideal getaway right now.

  60. Samantha

    If I had ro win i would love to go to the drakensberg to see the snow, my husband and I have been married for 4 years and we did not go on honeymoon as i was pregnant with my first child and we haven’t had a chance to go due to finances and raising two children. This would be amazing for us.

  61. Ashlynne

    Would love to go to Cape Town with my fiancé before the big day so we can have some us time without a busy toddler ❤ Hermanus looks amazing

  62. Carla


    Oh wow! Knysna would be an amazing babymoon for baby #2! My husband and I could really do with some quality alone time before this little guy comes and sweep us off our feet! XOXO

  63. Mikhail Hathey

    DONE, I’d love to go to Knysna

  64. Lynnith

    DONE. Already commented above (forgot the done part)

  65. Angelique

    Done, hands down Knysna.. its a reminder of GOD’S grace and such natural beauty.. its breath taking ..

  66. Judy Padayachee

    DONE, i would love to go to Knysna, l think its the most beautiful holiday destination in South Africa. My hubby has been there years ago and now its time l see it for myself and enjoy the beauty of Knysna.

  67. Elisabeth Meyer


    Would love to travel to Cape Town! My husband and kids havent had a proper family holiday in 3 years! I would love to visit the waterfront and let my son see the penguins that roam freely on the beaches, he is just like his mamma and absolutely loves animals, i can only picture how his little face would light up! This would be such a blessing for us!

  68. Leandi


    I would love to go to Langebaan, I’m a teacher and mother of a three month old . So you can understand why this break would be vital ! lol ! The fresh air and quietness would bring calmness to my soul ! Would be such a lovely treat .

  69. Dawn

    DONE I would love to go to Springbok Lodge in Nambiti Game Reserve Ladysmith

  70. Lizelle

    Would love to visit Hermanus! Used to go there for every holiday when we were younger. We had a family home there that had to be sold unfortunately and I miss it so much! Just a nice breakaway with my little family ❤️

  71. Linda J Graskie

    Done. My most favourite place in South Africa has to be FishHoek, I just loooove the beautiful beach and walkway so I would stay at The View. We haven’t been able to go for 3 years now and it would be absolutely AWESOME to be able to go again.

  72. Sumaya

    Done! My husband and I are dreaming of Cape Town sunrises and we are so in need of a break as we approach our 3 year anniversary. I would love to surprise him with this voucher because he is just the best dad to our two beauties and he deserves a great break.

  73. emlyn THOMAS

    anywhere in cape town will do for me

  74. Michael van Niekerk


    I would definitely go to Langebaan. We’ve been there before and we just love the tranquility, serenity and gorgeous views of the little dorp.


    DONE – I would really love to visit Knysna again, it was one of the places me and my husband visited on our first road trip together (before marriage) and we both just love it there…so much to do & the culture is just great!

  76. Kendall Marwick

    DONE 🙂
    I’d love to go anywhere in the Greater Kruger area. My hubby & I absolutely LOVE the bush & anything to do with nature – it’s the only place that recharges our batteries & soothes the soul. We have such a beautiful country, so why not spend it in nature

  77. Karen Marais

    If I won’t the competition voucher for Afristay , I would book a family trip to Knysna. My husband and I had our Honeymoon there.

  78. Vicki

    I would love a little Vitamin-SEA currently in Pretoria so we would love anywhere with sand, sea and some wilderness… my little boy would love it! A family holiday before the babies arrive would be amazing

  79. nasreen motala

    I would like to go to Knysna. Im a mum to a 2.5 year old. I really need a break to refuel and recharge for these LONG toddler years!

    1. nasreen motala

      Forgot to start my comment with DONE

  80. Daphne Rampersad


    I would love to go to Hermanus!! 2 simple reasons. 1. I’ve never been there before…I know eeek. 2. Whale-watching off course!

  81. Rafaela Tayler

    Ooo looks amazing!

    This mama could really do with a getaway ❤️

  82. Adrienne

    DONE!! :—)

    This Mamma Life is hard enough. We’d never really need a reason for a mini break right?
    However its often a challenge to find a location safe & friendly enough to take your Little Bub with you. The calm and cool LANGEBAAN LAGOON is perfect and calm for Hunter to have some play time in, without being swallowed by waves ofcourse.
    Thank you AFRISTAY! <3

  83. Chantelle

    Done! I love Cape Town! We like CT for soooo many reasons but we absolutely love the buzz! Coming from Jhb, the Cape town buzz is always welcomed and embraced by us.

  84. Ilke Robertson

    Done. I think Langebaan will defies be my first choice. Have a lot of beautiful memories there with my hubby. Would love to make more memories there with my 2 little girls.

  85. Cheryl Lotter

    I would just love a getaway to Cape Town. It is one of my favourite destinations in South Africa and I haven’t been back in over two years now!

  86. Lindsay

    Done ✅

    Can not wait to win this trip with Afristay and travel my favourite country in the entire world Love South Africa so much and couldn’t be prouder to be South African ♥️

  87. Tamarin

    Done! Knysna or Cape Town, both beautiful places! I would love to take my family of 3 soon to be 4, counting down the days…for a relaxed getaway, just to spoil them ! Just to be together as family, especially my husband for everything he does for us!

  88. Jo-Anne Rogers-White


    Umngazi River Bungalows, it is probably the most romantic, calming and mindfull location! Pure bliss

  89. Louise Moonsamy

    Would so love to go on any one of the fantastic getaways. They all seem absolutely amazing

  90. Lindall Atkins

    Done, I would love to take my 1 year old daughter to Knysna to visit the Elephant park that’s close by. She is currently obsessed with elephants and the sounds they make. It would be an amazing experience for her to see one in person.

  91. Stacey

    Done! Man I could use a break 🙂

  92. Sanele Hlomela


    I would love to go to Langebaan. The busyness of the city and airport life tends to get to one and you just need a breakaway from it. Langebaan is just the perfect place for a breakaway, you get the much needed tranquility and fresh air. Not to mention the amazing seafood that they have to offer at one of the restaurants along the West Coast.

  93. Toni-Leigh Davies

    Knysna or Langebaan would make for a beautiful and relaxing break.

  94. Ina

    This is so awesome, relaxing, just what a tired mom requires

  95. Muhammad Fakir

    Cape Town, The Mother City.
    My wife and I have been planning to visit for a long time…I am yet to visit this beautiful city

  96. andrea bester


    I would go to paternoster with my hubby , mom in law and daughter because it is the one place my hubbys dad wanted to take them before he passed away so suddenly . And my mon in law always says mmmm …would be nice to see where he wanted to take us.

  97. Marcè Lubbe

    I would love to take my family to langebaan, we have never traveled up that side but always been a dream of mine and my husbands..
    Can’t wait to show my little girl this beautiful land we live in, so blessed

  98. Chantelle

    Would love to use this with hubby for our 5 year wedding anniversary and 10 year dating milestone… Would be great to get away just for 1 night

  99. Bhavana Singh

    I would LOVE to spend my Wedding Anniversary at Hermanus because it is a very sentimental place to me as my late dad took us there a long time ago and I fell in love with it. My husband has never been there so I would love for him to see it with his own eyes and appreciate the true beauty, besides that I also would lve to re visit my special place which holds priceless memories. I love whale watching and my husband enjoys fishing, this would be Perfect!

  100. Gabriella Roumega

    I think if I won I would have to say Knysna because LOOK at how beautiful the accommodation is! Perfect place for my son and I to treat my mom to a little getaway for her birthday!

  101. Pick me pick me! I haven’t had the pleasure of knowing Kruger park yet, even though I’m South African. But otherwise dying to explore Drakensbeeg, Tsistikamma, Natures Valley, Orange River, and Blyde river canyon are all bucket list.. oh and Transkei… the endless list makes me realize how insanely beautiful how country is! Thank you for handing out this opportunity! ❤️

    1. Cisca

      Also on my list

  102. Este van Aswegen

    Would love to go to Hermanus….

  103. Simone

    DONE! Definitely Knysna!

  104. leigh anne

    Done. I would love to go to Hermanus. Its been such a hectic year and was recently in a car accident and so pretty much become quite depro and trying to find out where my life is going to. I so need a rest just to recharge my batteries. Hope so much for a win

  105. leigh anne van wyk

    Done. Id so love to go to knysna. Im really in need a a bit of r & r. Has been such a hectic year and so many trials and tribulations that I just want to veg out and be comatose for a while lol. Holding thumbs

  106. Kim

    Been married 8 years this year, never had the opportunity to go on a hunny moon, my eldest son will be going to high school next year and it just seems like the post honeymoon will never happen l. This will really be awesome to win

  107. Jann brouard

    Done! Would love to go to knysna or langebaan as my isbnd abs I have not been to either places! Would be so nice to explore our amazing country!

  108. Mandi

    One of our family’s favourite holiday destinations has always been Knysna. Would love to go one more time. So much memories created there. Holds a very special place in our hearts.



  110. Chantelle Watson

    I would take the love of my life with me and take a trip up to the Kruger National Park. Would be amazing for a breakaway.

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