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Now is the time, to get all the Dad’s, aunties, uncles, granny’s and grandpa’s on-board to partake in this Giveaway. You know the drill, like, follow, share and tag! I will be choosing 5 people (directly into the final draw of this bundle) based on their comments from this blog post. Remember that you have to subscribe to my blog in order to validate your blog entry.

The third bundle of joy consists out of Six brands and the value of this bundle of Joy 3 is R2000.00

Bundle of joy 3 – Wednesday 20-6-2018

Pure Beginnings

Numoo Baby

Nanas Baby Wear


Little Lollo 

Wishful Thinking

Value: R2000.00

The prizes for the Bundle of Joy 3 are:


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  1. Nicia

    The theme I love for a baby shower was (because it is a girl) unicorns.. Pink unicorns and rainbow colors.
    A cute unicorn cake and some unicorn cupcakes each person got a unicorn thank you gift aswell.
    It is a new trend and it is very cute.

    1. Cisca

      Me too!!!!! have you subscribed to the newsletter?

  2. Michelle Le Roux Dale

    I love that something different, for a girl i ‘ll say a little lamb theme with soft pastel colors. It’s soft and girly. It doesn’t always just have to be pink! For a boy I personally loved the woodlands theme, this was also the theme of my baby shower.

    1. Cisca

      Love this idea!

  3. Talitha Dias

    Eco Friendly / Green Baby Shower Invitations
    In recent years there has been a big shift towards “going green” and “eco-friendly” products and events. That’s because the general public is now aware of the importance of leaving the smallest impact possible on the planet. Less waste promotes a better and longer life for future generations. What better way to celebrate the future of a new baby than with an eco friendly baby shower?

    1. Cisca

      Oooooh !!! love this idea!!!

  4. Aadila Emam Hoosain

    My theme for my baby shower is a unicorn, I’m having a baby girl and I love the unicorn theme. Gonna have a pregnant unicorn on my baby shower cake. Unicorn biscuits, balloons, gifts, and etc. With rainbows. Also plan to have a unicorn printed in my baby room, and I hope to have a unicorn theme 1st birthday party for her. Can’t wait for my baby shower, it’s in August tho.

    1. Cisca

      that is what I want too!!! unicorns and rainbows!!!

  5. Taryn Spark

    I love a Woodland animal theme because I love owls and foxes, and it can be suited to either gender!

    1. Cisca


  6. Zayne Khan

    Because I’d love to have a pastoral theme for baby’s room..my theme would be country living, hopefully that will inspire my guests to think natural fabrics, soft pastel colours, warmth and comfort, organic and fresh. My decor and menu will echo that with lots of fresh flowers, casual but comfort dining al fresco, a vibrant quiche or a pot pie, fruit tart or pudding. Yes that’s what my theme will be.

    1. Cisca

      Love this idea!!!!

  7. Angelique Barnard

    How BEAUTIFUL are the Wishfull Thinking items? Every baby deserve atleast a basket full
    Would love to get my hands on some of these items (even if it’s for myself)

    1. Cisca

      I know right!!!! and its a mom and daughter business, how special is that

  8. Farzana

    love neutral themes as i am having a gender suprise. browns with burlap decor, creams, and touches of gold…
    made me feel very regal like and elegant, especially as, towards the end, you dont feel close to that at all! feel quite clumsy at the moment, dropping things everywhere lol especially food onto my tummy, and messing my clothes…wonder if that happens to other women…!

    1. Cisca

      it definitely does! enjoy these moments you are going to miss it xx

  9. Angelique Barnard

    My favorite theme for a baby shower is baby elephants, blue and grey for a boy and pink and grey for a girl. Who doesn’t love the little baby elephant themes?
    I loved the beautiful prints so much, I even had a little grey elephant chair made last year for the baby shower I hosted

    1. Cisca

      I love grey! it goes so well everything

  10. Kendall Marwick

    My favourite theme is Baby Safari Animals with touches of pink (because I’m having a girl). I love the neutral palette, earthy tones & natural elements – it’s very calming & relaxing, as well as chic & modern. I just love it, that & I’m crazy about our wildlife & the African Bush

    1. Cisca

      nothing says baby shower without baby safari animals. love it!

  11. Angelique

    Would like my baby shower theme to be built on pureness and joy. We are having our first child , a boy. Would like white and baby blue. Cannot wait to celebrate I have not had a baby shower yet. We are super excited … to win any bundle would be an amazing extra blessing.

    1. Cisca

      Its going to be amazing!

  12. Teresa Sayer

    Pandas- the black & white appeals to me along with pops of gender specific colours added for effect.

    1. Cisca

      yeah! this is a unique idea

  13. Marilyn Booysen

    I would say angel theme… baby’s are a pure bliss of only God’s blessings. Some women struggle some have difficulty even carrying the baby full term, Many miss carry many deliver healthy and sometimes little angels with different disabilities. However many of women are graced with gift of life with all having their different experiences with their pregnancies. When that angel is born immediately you’re life is changed you’re heart you’re home filled with unspeakable joy. I haven’t experienced carrying life yet I am just a aunt who was blessed to have a angel boy who recently turned 11 he was our greatest blessing 9 months after his birth my father passed away but I can truly say that this little angel child comforted us he brought joy when it felt like thee most darkest time in my life. He was just a blessing so full of joy full of life and even up to this day he is my angel child(nephew) whom I’m raising along with my mother (his gran) and my brother (his father). His mother is not involved in his life but she gave us the greatest gift of all and I bless her none the less for our greatest blessing, the blessing of our angel child.

    1. Cisca

      I love this idea xx

  14. Liza

    Definitely fairytale, because every birth and pregnancy is like a fairy tale with different moods and stuff you go through

    1. Cisca

      Whimsical theme for sure

  15. Amarah

    For my sons baby shower we did twinkle twinkle little star.. colours of baby blue, neutrals n gold.. it was stunning! For my sisters baby shower (she had a girl) we did “we’re tutu excited to meet you” pinks galore!! Also love the baby elephants theme.. too cute

    1. Cisca

      it makes me want to have another!!!

  16. Elisabeth Meyer

    For a little girl i would have to say a whimsical theme!! From elaborate floral arrangements on a rustic backdrop to pops of gold and fuchsia, a whimsical baby shower is the perfect way to celebrate a baby girl. I just love this for a baby shower theme as it is a gorgeous mix of bohemian, vintage, and modern decor to create a magical day of celebrating the new arrival. And for a little boy a Bohemian Animals theme as Animals are always a popular baby shower theme. Add a contemporary twist to this classic baby shower Tidea with calm and cool bohemian party decor. Gold and silver animal accents always stand out nicely in this simple scheme.

    1. Cisca

      Yes!!!! I want this exact theme if we have baby 2 and its a girl x

  17. Samantha Pereira

    I love the unicorn theme at the moment. So magical

    1. Cisca

      I will never tire from seeing Unicorns all around x

  18. Theshnee Reddy

    Baby shower theme.. I haven’t had a baby shower (both my babies arrived a month before their due dates).. I like the hawain theme.. The colours.. The vibrance.. The atmosphere.. It makes me want to dance lol.. Also its a unisex theme..

    1. Cisca

      I love the idea of an Hawain theme, so different!

  19. Esmeralda

    Hi, i just love the old high tea theme, with pink or blue floral and rustic decor and a table full cake, cupcakess,mini cheesecakes mini sweet snacks and mini salty snacks and fruity punch! And daiper games! Really old school… but it stays fun and light on the stomach!

  20. Maxine

    There are SO many baby shower Themse to choose from, but my favorite would be an elephant theme as that is what my baby shower theme was – I LOVE animals and I’m wanting to teach my baby boy to love and respect nature the same way his parents do.

  21. Ruweida Muhammad

    An under water theme.

  22. Tiffany

    Love the grey and white theme with clouds sheep and elephants.its a theme that can be used for both sexes so it doesn’t matter what you having.you usually get gifts according to your theme so the bursary will lol wonderful too and its timeless so your baby can use the items for a couple of years.

  23. Sofiah

    Blue, grey and black for a boy. Also like the idea of baby animals

  24. Sofiah

    It’s just so cute

  25. Monique Malander

    Definitely a bunny theme, so so cute and yet versatile should you not know the gender of want to reveal it.

  26. Leana Russouw

    My babyshower is around the corner and I have no idea what they have planned but I am sure I am gonna love and appreciate it! All I need is my family, close friends and good food 😉 that being said I love the idea of a forrest/fairy theme. Imagine fairy lights everywhere, with little forrest animals and creatures and leaves and plants and flowers…magical

  27. Rachel Goldstuck

    I didn’t have baby showers for religious reasons but if I had one, I would’ve gone with a gender neutral monochromatic theme.

  28. Dannette de Koning

    How exciting another competition by the lovely Cisca!! Oh wow there are so many awesome themes floating around lately but I just LOVE this sort of tropical theme that I’ve seen with the palm leaves and different shades of greens, maybe even with a hint of gold

  29. Naseemah

    My favourite theme for a baby shower is the moustache theme. I had that for my son’s baby shower and it was so cute because everyone had to wear a fake moustache and it was to symbolize welcoming our little man into the world. Never have I laughed as much as I did when I saw a room full of ladies and old grannies with moustaches on their faces! Best ever !!

  30. Claire Johnson

    I like the idea of a “Naturally neutral is beautiful” themed baby shower because we are keeping the gender a surprise! I absolutely love anything neutral or natural from products to toys and decor! If it’s made out of leather, wool or wood there is good chance I will want it for my baby room! Anybody who can bring me an indoor plant or a handmade gift will have space in my heart forever! The world does not need any more plastic in it and I love the idea of reusing and up cycling things! I would love to ask my friends and family for books and/or some words of advice rather than loads of toys etc. The less clutter we have in our lives the better. We live on a farm and our baby is due end of September…can’t wait to make happy memories together once he or she arrives!

  31. Gabi Fine

    I think something whimsical and soft like elephants with soft neautral colours – we didn’t know the sex of our baby. But we also had a box for gifts for donation so either nappies or soft blankies as an example which I really loved. It just added so much more to the experience to give back

  32. Leandra Krige

    Omw the Nanas Baby wear knitted baby grow is absolutely gorgeous!! It is the perfect outfit for a first babyshoot and for every special occasion!! I love it!! This Bundle of Joy 3 is speaking to me. It is a new born baby starter kit!! Wow, im saving this combo for baby no 2!! It is put together with so much care and love!!

  33. Sarah Campbell

    Forrest animal theme with drawings of squirrels, foxes, woodpeckers, bunnies and real pine cones, tree stumps, tree branches for decor- so pretty and simple.

  34. Musfiqa

    My theme for a baby shower ( gender neutral) would be nature. With earthly colours and also outdoors ( in a beautiful garden)

  35. Judy Padayachee

    l love the bunny theme its too cute, which can be used for both sexes.

  36. Anmar

    Dinosaurs, I don’t know why, but I’ve had an obsession with them since I found out I was carrying a little boy. Probably not the ideal baby shower theme. But im sure it could work some how.

  37. My favorite theme for a baby shower is pink and white because it is just adorable 🙂

  38. Corinne Prins

    Our little boys name is Clive Nathan Prins. They are 4 generations Clive’s. And his second name we gave him because off the meaning. It means Gift for God. And he is our biggest Gift.

  39. jabulile magudulela

    I actually dont want a baby shower, its money which could be used buying more baby goods.

  40. Shameez Patel

    I have already chosen my baby shower theme and hopefully my mother and sister are willing to bring it to life since they are insisting I play no part in organising it.

    Children’s Books.

    I would love to celebrate Matilda, Winnie the Pooh, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Cat in the Hat etc. and welcome my baby into a world of wonder and fantasy.

  41. Shameez Patel

    The theme I want and have told my mother and sister about is CHILDREN BOOKS. Whether or not they implement it, is a mystery! They insist I should not be a part of the planning.
    I would love for my baby shower to celebrate Matilda, Cat in the Hat, Winnie the Pooh and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and have my baby born in to a world of fantasy and imagination.

    1. Cisca

      I planned my own because I really wanted it to be me. I hope that they grant your wish. Such a great theme!

  42. Irfaan

    A nappy braai as it is relaxed and you can never have enough diapers

    1. Cisca

      Of course!!! Don’t forget the wet wipes

  43. Ayesha

    Disney princesses, I love this theme for a girl baby shower as it’s so fairytale like

  44. Alexa Pohl

    I love watercolor florals, fruits and leaf designs – so fresh & pretty! I’m due in November with my second baby, a girl this time around. Would be a fun vibrant way to celebrate & I’d love to use some of the decor for her nursery afterwards…

  45. claudia

    So many to choose from Girls rainbows Boys super heroes bit must say my favourite is baby wild animals I just love the idea and its for both girls and boys and seeing that most now wants to keep sex ofbaby a secret its such an exciting theme and with my current obsession with elephants lol I would definitely opt for it again mine just passed and it was a mix of baby super hero and elephants just loved it

  46. Marie Minnie

    Im all for natural, neutral colours. I love just plain white and grey. It looks so neat and clean. Perfect for a new baby!

  47. Tidi Esther

    I love enchanted garden as a baby shower….just the freshness and newness a baby brings is like flowers full of life!

  48. Nashieta

    My favorite all time baby shower theme for a girl would be To have everything done in rose gold and white !!Simplicity is everything Basic is always more !!!Just a few rose gold macroons and non alcoholic rose gold champers And some beautiful centre pieces would rock any shower

  49. Nthabiseng

    We chose the yellow and white theme because we didn’t know the gender

  50. Zeenat Carrim

    I love this bundle coz I can get something for my little baby boy & girl …spoil both of them ❤️

  51. Palesa

    I like unicorns they just too pretty

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