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Importance of caring for your baby’s skin

When a baby is born; their skin is beautiful and just perfect. That is why it is so imperative to note that their skin is also both delicate and fragile. Because of the fragility of your baby’s skin; you need to be very careful as to which products you use on his/her skin. The Mustela brand was designed with the above in mind. The Mustela brand is a complete range for cleansing and bathing and has an exclusive patented natural active ingredient called Avocado Perseose. Mustela is a world wide renowned brand that has been trusted by mothers since the 1950’s.

Step 1

You’ve had your bay shower and received a lot of baby clothing. The clothing may appear to be new and clean; and you always find yourself tempted to not wash it, because it might loose its perfect shape. But it is very important that you always wash baby’s clothes and bedding before they’re used. The clothing will be better for your baby once they’re washed in a mild, fragrance free detergent and given a few extra rinses.

Step 2

Choosing the best products for your baby’s skin.

Looking for the best product for your baby can be very overwhelming. With so many brands to choose from it can get confusing. As a first time parent, how do you make the right choice? Look for products that stats sensitive skin or irritant-free. Product that include these two terms, normally undergo a lot of testing to determine that the quality is suitable with qualities such as sensitive and irritant-free.  Choose products that are hypoallergenic products on your baby.  Products that are classified as hypoallergenic are products that have been clinically tested and are less likely to cause allergic reactions.

Because of the delicate nature of babies skin it is best to use products that are , fragrance free products are good to use on babies’ skin. We all want our babies to smell good, but fragrance is one of the top causes of contact, or skin, allergies. Repeated exposure to a fragrance can increase the risk of fragrance allergy so it is best to avoid it. PH balanced products are better for skin .PH balanced products tend to be less irritating because they avoid stripping our skin of all the natural skin oils.

Why I love the Mustela brand?

I love that the smell is not overpowering. Sometimes you get baby products with a very strong smell. Mustela absorbs into Hudson’s skin, very quickly and does not leave an oily residue. I love that the bottle has a press down nozzle, which means you use just the right amount of product with no wastage or any spills. It has been four months since we started using Mustela and we could probably go another four months with the amount of product that we still have left. A brand that also considers the environment is another win for me.

The best investment you can make for your baby, use Mustela!

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