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Father’s day, is approaching fast, and you might be running out of ideas on gifts. I have the perfect gift. If your man loves a bag that is easy to carry, has a lot of compartments, spacious, and trendy, then the Lexington Bag is the perfect bag for him. When I was asked to review the Lexington Bag, I knew that I had the perfect participant to do so. My husband is in IT, and he has never been the “bag ” type of guy. He has owned a lot of backpacks, and would always find fault with them. Either he didn’t like the fabric or color; there was not enough space for all his equipment etc. It did not take a lot of convincing on my part, to have him try it out for a few days. Needless to say, when I interviewed him, the first thing he asked me was: “Can I use it a little longer”.

The Look

The look of this bag is sleek and trendy. The color of the back pack is black, which means that it does not attract unnecessary attention. The one thing that Daniel loved about the bag is that it retains its shape very well. The Lexington bag never looks like its bulky and fully packed.


When looking for a new “work bag/back pack this is the most important factor for Daniel. He loved the design of the back pack. The main compartment is huge for a backpack and has access points from the front as well as the top. The multiple access points to the main compartment was a definite hit for Daniel.

The Lexington backpack has a laptop compartment that is separate from the main compartment and has it’s own access point. There is also a slim section with a small sleeve pocket that Daniel used to store his iPad. There is a small pocket on the front of the Lexington bag that Daniel used to store his car keys. This meant that he did not have to fumble around in his bag looking for the keys.  There are plenty of ways to make the pockets work for you.

Comfort and Quality

The straps and back are padded and broad enough that its comfortable to wear on your back for longer periods of time.   The handle on top, also made it easy to carry. The zippers are sturdy and reliable, which are two necessities. The bag is also easy to clean, exterior as well as interior. The quality of the material guarantees a longevity of usage. The Lexington bag is definitely a solid pack for the office going out on day trips, or longer trips.

Where can you find it?

The Lexington bag, retails for R1899.00. The best place to get it from is Gammatek. Gammatek is SA’s biggest distributor of tech. You can find them here:

For your convenience, Gammatek’s catalogue: Solo_Gammatek Catalogue

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