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One year

One year ago… I still remember the night of 7 September last year, when I started my blog on Word Press. Hudson had just gone to sleep and I was busy getting ready pumping milk, which felt like the millionth time that day. I was exhausted, tired and most of all emotionally drained. I needed an outlet, and the universe opened its arms and I decided there and then, that it was time. The past year has been one hell […]

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Summer Fashion Flair

About Summer Fashion Flair Last week I attended the Summer Fashion Flair, hosted by Julie from Off the Rails. Julie Ranzani is a Cape Town based fashion and trend consultant who started Off The Rails 13 years ago. She has many years previous fashion buying experience with a leading retailer and is passionate about clothes. With a watchful eye on the fashion trends and what the shops have available, Julie can assist you in creating a wardrobe that is stylish […]

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STOP What stops you from becoming fearless? Let’s go back, what are your fears? Do you find it easy to talk about your fears? do you feel vulnerable and insecure talking about your fears? So many questions, and I fear that this post might not give you all the answers, but my hope is that it will give you the confidence to take that leap. TAKE A MINUTE OR TWO In less then a few weeks we will be moving […]

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