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For Batter or Worse

Right, I know you are probably thinking, what is up with this title? For Batter or worse. But hear me out. This is such an amazing feel good story that just has to be shared. A single tweet leads to a major catch for 2,000 Cape Town Kids Like many compelling modern love stories, a special partnership recently blossomed over social media – except this one led to over 2,000 children in Lavender Hill being fed! What started as a […]

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Screen time, your kids and the holiday

Yesterday was the first official day of the school holidays for most families. Like most of the 2020 year, this holiday season parents and families will have to adjust to a new normal.  With the country already in a second wave of COVID-19 infections, many children won’t be going to the beach anytime soon given the new restrictions, which came into effect yesterday.   If you are a parent and find yourself in this situation, you may be tempted to turn to […]

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World Diabetes Day

Last Saturday, 14 November was World Diabetes Day. This is a topic that I find people are quite hesitant to talk about. But it is so important that more is know about it, especially since COVID 19. More importantly, it starts with us as parents to teach our children to have healthy habits, especially is Diabetes stems generically. According to research, at least four out of five parents cannot recognise the risks of diabetes in their families. This, coupled with […]

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