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A few weeks back I was accepted the  2 Week challenge from DeskStand  A lot of you, myself included were very curious about this challenge. I have heard of a lot of European and Asian countries that have implemented standing desks, but it seemed like quite a foreign concept in South Africa. So who and what is DeskStand you might ask?

100% Natural, Ergonomic Workstations

Sustainably conscious products, designed for every active lifestyle that gives you a healthy posture!

The  DeskStand offers a healthy balance between sitting while working and standing while working. DeskStand is the most affordable, high quality standing desk made in Cape Town, South Africa.
DeskStand was founded by local Capetonian and industrial product designer, Ryan Roberts, in Feb of 2015 and launched at Design Indaba 2015.  DeskStand was established for medical reasons by Ryan so he could work either sitting or standing, so he developed the DeskStand, A height adjustable standing desk. Ryan suffered from lower back pain due to sitting doing design work for over 10 hours per day. Ryan finalised the first prototype and registered the patent before bringing the DeskStand to market. DeskStand won a runners up award at Design Indaba in 2015. Ryan immediately recognised a need in the local and global market for an ergonomic sit/stand desk.
2 Week Challenge
It was recommended that for the first day, I only stand for an hour and no longer than 4 hours at the end of the challenge. DeskStand does offer a product called Anti-Fatigue Foam Mat which eases the leg muscles over longer periods of time.
As you know I am currently completing my PhD, that being said I do spend the majority of the time, on my butt in front of my lap top. I have been doing exactly that for the past year. I first started doing my own research into the DeskStand, and what benefits it had. I was amazed by all the positive feedback. The first two days, was a bit of a struggle, simply because I had to get use to the idea of standing. By day 4 I had to stand for 2 hours from 09:00-11:00. I had not even noticed the time go by, until my timer went off to remind me that the two hours were up. Week 2 definitely went easier. From Monday-Wednesday I had to stand for 3 hours; from 09:00-12:00 . Thursday and Friday was 4 hours each – and had two time slots ; 09:00 – 11:00 – 13:00-15:00.


I loved that there was space for everything. Working in two monitors makes my life as a researcher so much easier. I also had enough room for essentials like my desk calendar, research books, even a slot that is perfect for my iPad or iPhone. This is the fourth week that I am using my DeskStand and I can definitely feel a change in my posture and especially the back ache that I use to have. I also love how easy it is to put together the DeskStand. You do not need hours to figure out what slots in where. it will literally take you less than 5 minutes to assemble. It is also lightweight, which makes carrying it around so convenient. You can work in your bedroom, kitchen or living room.  In the mornings I prefer working in my study and in the afternoons, I prefer working in Hudson’s room. It is also very affordable and of course good quality craftsmanship. It is also hight adjustable, which as a shortie, I appreciate so much. It is handcrafted in the mother City, Cape Town. It is also a Bio-degradable product.


I want all the accessories online and my husband has been complaining that I am nagging him too much on getting one for himself. So, yes. I will probably be broke after getting a few more accessories, but its so worth it. All in all, I honestly can not point out one negative or fault with this unique product.

Currently the Jumbo desk retails for R1495.00 and it would make the perfect Xmas present . Bonus is that it’s FREE delivery in South Africa. Free returns and collections also apply.

You can get in touch with the DeskStand by clicking :

Website : DeskStand

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thedeskstand/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thedeskstand/?ref=br_rs


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