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Importance of caring for your baby’s skin

When a baby is born; their skin is beautiful and just perfect. That is why it is so imperative to note that their skin is also both delicate and fragile. Because of the fragility of your baby’s skin; you need to be very careful as to which products you use on his/her skin, but especially what you use to wash their clothes and accessories with . As a new parent, expect to go through endless piles of laundry. That heap continues to grow by the day. It is also very important to note that a baby’s skin is more sensitive than an adults, so the detergent that you use for your clothes should not be used on your baby’s clothes. Because of this, sensitivity skin conditions like eczema and cradle cap are very common. Levi suffered from cradle cap when he was about 2 months old. Where and how do you start? Choose a detergent that ticks off all the following:

  1. Gentle and baby friendly
  2. Hypoallergic
  3. No enzymes
  4. Recyclable Bottle
  5. No dye
  6. Dermatologically tested

We have been using Sunlight Baby for a few months, and I can not recommend it enough. I did my own research and also found that Sunlight Baby is the go-to-choice for parents when it comes to Baby detergents. A 1.5 L bottle amounts to 20 washes which = to 2kg Powder. Where and when do you start? It starts right after your Baby shower.

Step 1

You’ve had your Baby Shower and received a lot of baby clothing. The clothing may appear to be clean; and you always find yourself tempted to not wash it, because it might loose its perfect shape. But it is very important that you always wash baby’s clothes and bedding before they’re used. The clothing will be better for your baby once they’re washed in a mild detergent and given a few extra rinses. Also, please remember we are experiencing a Pandemic, so you have to wash everything.

Step 2

Looking for the best product for your baby can be very overwhelming. With so many brands to choose from it can get confusing. As a first time parent, how do you make the right choice? Look for products that states dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic. A product that include these two terms, undergoes a lot of testing to determine that the quality is suitable with qualities such as sensitive and irritant-free.  Products that are classified as hypoallergenic are products that have been clinically tested and are less likely to cause allergic reactions.

Because of the delicate nature of babies skin it is best to use products that are lightly fragranced on babies’ skin. We all want our babies to smell good, but fragrance is one of the top causes of contact, or skin, allergies. Repeated exposure to a fragrance can increase the risk of fragrance allergy so it is best to avoid it. Also listen to Mothers that have tried and tested the product. Word of mouth spreads easily when it comes to a product that can deliver.

Why I love Sunlight Baby?

It ticks off all the boxes. I love that the smell is not overpowering and that it is very mild. Sometimes you get baby products with a very strong smell, you might love the smell, but the products are not good for your baby’s sensitive skin. I love that the bottle has a measuring cup, which means you use just the right amount of product with no wastage or any spills. I am also happy to say that I use it on my very delicate blouses. It is recommended that you use Baby detergent for the first year because of the sensitivity of baby’s skin, but I have no intention of stopping to use it as Levi grows older. The price! You can get a 5L at Checkers for R64.99


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51 thoughts on “Only the best for your Baby

  1. I have been stocking up on my Sunlight Baby Auto & Handwash Liquid at my local Spar.

    As a soon to be mom, pregnant with my first, I’ve been nesting to the max, washing all the babies clothes and linen getting them ready fory little ones arrival and have only been using Sunlight Baby Auto & Handwash Liquid. I love the mild smell, particularly as my pregnancy has made many smells too over whelming for me, but the Sunlight is perfect!

  2. It would be at Dischem. I started using it with my second born as its hypoallergenic, which is so vital for the minions.

  3. We only have to retail shops in our small town, so I only purchase Sunlight Baby at Shoprite or Spar. I love that it is enzyme free and dermatologically tested.

  4. I buy at checkers and for me the smell and the softness it leaves ticks the box

  5. My baby girl Olivia is now 8 months old and I’ve only used Sunlight baby liquid since she was born because it is my most trusted brand.
    I buy it at Dischem. I use sunlight baby liquid because it has been proven to be hypo allergic and is perfect for baby’s very sensative skin.

  6. My daughter is due in October with her first baby and she went shopping on Friday pasr for baby abd I told her to get the sunlight baby fabric softner, she was at Pick n Pay as it is the closest to her home.

  7. I buy mine at Pick n Pay. Love the smell and that is hypoallergenic perfect for my baby’s skin

  8. I buy Sunlight baby detergent at Checkers and what ticks the box is because babies with eczema it is gentle on there skin and as a mom that went throw with a baby that had eczema i think it is fantastic that sunlight baby have a awesome product on the shelf for babies.I still use it for my baby boy and he is 1 year old.

  9. I buy mine at Game ❤️
    Love the fact that it is Dermatologically tested

  10. Buy mine at Pick n Pay. Smells amazing, leaves baby clothes smelling good and it’s perfect for my daughters sensitive skin.

  11. I get mine from checkers -I love the amazing scent it carries and I love that you get to do some many washes with one bottle .

  12. I got my sunlight baby detergent at pick an pay as I am preparing for baby’s arrival in the next 2 weeks, I love that its Hypoallergenic so I do not need to worry about the baby skin reacting to it, I already washes baby clothes I’m just waiting foe the big day.

  13. I get our from our Local Checkers. I’ve even had it “imported from others towns as our town doesn’t always have stock.

    What really ticks a box for me is the quality compared to other BIG popular Baby detergent brands. I have loved the powder before being discontinued, and I love how many loads I can do with Sunlight Baby compared to other brands.

  14. I’ve purchased it from Checkers and pick n pay. I love the smell and the fact that it’s hypoallergenic

  15. Checkers our one stop saving shop.. sunlight ticks most boxes especially the smell to give the everlasting smell to the clothes which lasts a lifetime a

  16. I purchase mine from any Checkers or PnP hyper
    No irritation on baby’s skin
    It smells divine
    Clothes are nice and soft

  17. I get mine at Pick n Pay and I love the smell and the softness of the kids clothing and blankets

  18. I buy my Sunlight from a SPAR near me, and the best is, it is Gentle and baby friendly to me

  19. I get it at Checkers or PnP online. I love that it removes dirt and is gentle on babies sensitive skin. I’m able to wash both my toddler & newborns clothes together.

  20. I love that it is hypoallergenic as well as recycable. We purchase at Checkers or Spar here at Limpopo.

  21. We have bought ours at Checkers.
    No enzymes
    And love that it is a recyclable bottel

  22. I buy mine at Pick n Pay. I love the smell of Sunlight Baby , i love the feeling on the cloths, no rash on my child after using this Great product. Gentle and baby friendly.

  23. I get mine at Spar or Game. I love that the bottle is recyclabled and that is Hypoallergic. Smells amazing too.

  24. I purchase mine at Pick n Pay. I am in love the smell that lingers. A huge plus is that it is hypoallergenic and super safe on the little one’s skin.

    1. I buy it checkers and I love that its hypoallergenic because my baby has sensitive skin

  25. I purchase my sunlight baby liquid at PNP I love the fact that it does not contain dyes or harmful chemicals and the fact that it’s hypoallergenic ticks all my boxes as my son has eczema just like I do…..I use this on my clothes too as we both have super sensitive skin.

  26. I buy the sunlight baby at Checkers I love that it’s Gentle and baby friendly it really does accommodate my baby and her sensitive skin.

  27. You can get Sunlight Detergent at Checkers. The major box that it ticks for me is that it’s mild- perfect for baby’s skin!

  28. I buy mine from spar. What makes me prefer it over other washing powders is the smell and it’s hypoallergenic so it’s safe for sensitive skin

  29. I started reading reviews about Baby washing powder as my daughter is 4 months old currently
    the Sunlight Liquid Baby ticks all the boxes especially Dermatologically test and Hypoallergenic tester as well .. I can not wait to purchase Sunlight baby for my little princess..
    Thus far I went looking for it at our small mall and it was SOLD OUT!!! so I will Definitely going to a bigger Mall to go and buy ..

  30. I buy mine at Pick ń Pay! I love the smell of it and that my baby has no more eczema flare ups.

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