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We all dream of being that Domestic goddess, who has it all figured out. But sometimes we need a little help, especially during the wet Winter months of South Africa, and specifically dealing with the issue of wet laundry. Tumble driers are expensive and bulky, and we do not have the space for it. I am always looking for something that is compact; convenient and most importantly something that is affordable for you, my audience. Drum roll please… introducing that Spindel Life. By now you have probably seen a few bloggers raving about this product. Believe me there is so much truth and honesty behind this product.

Hudson obviously loves it already

That Potty Training life

Hudson is now two years old, and we are busy with potty training. At the moment I think we are more excited than he is about it. This means, we need to take our time and follow his lead. To help with this journey I have invested in some cloth nappies. I’ve actually had the nappies since before he was born, but the main problems I had was with the drying of the nappies and inserts, trying to remove odours and stains, especially during the winter months.

How can the Spindel assist?

The Spin drying Power leaves fabrics almost dry in just 3 minutes. It is highly energy efficient and does not cause any damage to the fabric or material. Most importantly it removes any excess build up of moisture. Damp odours? not a problem, the Spindel eliminates the damp odours which often creeps into dry fabrics (this happens more often during the winter months). When loading the Spindel, make sure that you place all delicate items in a pillow case and push them down. Then layer with bulkier items like your AIO’s; fitted; prefold, flats and other night nappies. It is important to make sure that everything is tucked inside and the Spindel is no more than 3/4 full.

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The Facts

You know I am all about research and facts. So how does this machine create all these miracles mentioned above? Spindel uses centrifugal force and spins at 2800rpm. Your average washing machine only uses 1400rpm. By using these high speeds, up to 1/2 litre of extra water may be removed from your wet laundry. Sounds impressive right? How does this help with cloth nappies? The amount of water is much higher when spinning from AIO’s (All in ones) and the inserts of cloth nappies. And very importantly it does not cause any damage to your cloth nappies at all. Thinking about the life span of your cloth nappies? Unlike a tumble dryer that tosses your clothes around, Spindel preserves fabrics which means your cloth nappies will last longer, especially the elastic sections.

Over the moon

Besides our cloth journey that lies ahead, we are also over the moon, to welcome a new addition to the family in October. If like his big brother, little brother might arrive earlier, but we are hoping that he cooks for as long as he can. As you know, a new born goes through a million and one pieces of clothing a day. That means, you can add another two people to your laundry list. I definitely do not want to sit with a pile of washing, wondering when the rain will stop so that I can hang up the washing, while trying to juggle life with a newborn and a toddler and a husband.

Some questions you might have?

Life is expensive, electricity is expensive. So do you have to spend more money on electricity with the Spindel? Not at all. Spindel uses 1% of the energy consumbed by your tumble dryer. You can run over 65 cycles in the Spindel with just one unit of electricity. Newborns have such delicate skin, and what comforts and assures me about the Spindel is knowing that by using spin power the detergent residues are also removed. It is a known fact that detergents and fabric softner residues have been linked to skin irritation and allergies. Spindel leaves fabrics softer and safer against your little ones skin. Spindel is available in 4.5kg and 6.5 kg. It is light and compact and can easily be stored away.

For more information and where to buy one:

Please visit or you can email

You can get yours from homeware stores like Tafeberg, Hirchs and Wakefords, and of course online from

Click on the link below to take advantage of the Takealot special.

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  1. Would be such a Blessing and great help if I can win this super product for my daughter and grandbaba

    1. Cisca

      Keep your eyes posted for the giveaway x

  2. Love to win the spindle for my daughter in Johannesburg, the sets so early, the clothes takes 2 days to dry, and it leaves a bad of odour. With 2 kids this will be so good to have.

  3. Seshnie Govender

    I live in a flat and drying clothes is a mission in it own.. This will be such a blessing for my family and i

  4. Erica

    This would surely help with drying and washing in this winter wet days..

  5. Khuselwa

    I’m loving your blog

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