Protex & Ekukhanyeni Relief Project Initiative

  • Protex, NPC Ekukhanyeni Relief Project, parents and community members have collaborated to establish a food garden that will benefit the children at an Ekukhanyeni early childhood development (ECD) centre called Lesedi Pre-School & Day Care Centre in the informal settlement of Lawley, south of Johannesburg.
  • Protex has chosen to partner with Ekukhanyeni Relief Project, as they strive to make a difference in similar ways. Ekukhanyeni’s core belief is that love, education and nutrition make a drastic difference in children’s lives and shape the adults they become. These are the same ethics that Protex holds close.
  • Both Protex and Ekukhanyeni Relief Project work towards a holistic, family-oriented approach to community development that promotes social, economic, environmental and cultural well-being from grassroots level. Naturally grown, healthy, nutrient-rich food from the garden is essential for supporting the physical and cognitive growth of children and to promote healthy lifestyles for those living in impoverished areas and who may not otherwise have access to a healthy diet.
  • The Protex and Ekukhanyeni Relief Project partnership promotes the importance of working together as a community to reach a common goal of helping others. Together, they are encouraging the community to learn more about the significance of the environment, people’s nutritional needs and the importance of a healthy diet for growing children.
  • Good nutrition is fundamental to effective ECD. Poor nutrition during early childhood development may cause delays in cognitive, behavioural, physical, social and emotional development. It’s essential to educate children and caregivers on the importance of hygiene and sanitation in maintaining good health and protecting against germs – especially when many children share the same resources.
  • Ekukhanyeni offers AgriSETA-accredited Permaculture Design (Agriculture) Training. Protex funded two community members assisting with the Lesedi ECD Centre food garden to participate in an AgriSETA-accredited short skills training course in July. Beneficiaries were able to apply knowledge and skills learnt in the classroom directly on site at the Lesedi ECD Centre food garden which left the learners with confidence and the practical experience to continue developing the food garden. Beneficiaries are also supported through post-training coaching sessions to assist them to properly develop and maintain the food garden using natural permaculture methodologies which promote large crop yields and revive the land in the most natural of ways.
  • Through this partnership with Ekukhanyeni Relief Project, Protex further invested in skills development by funding a three-day health promotion and nutrition training course for 10 beneficiaries in August this year. Through the skills acquired in the training, the children at the Lesedi ECD Centre will now have access to fresh produce from their food garden prepared in the most nutritious way – from the garden, directly into the mouths of the children, free from any chemical pesticides or fertilisers.
  • Colgate-Palmolive (Replace with Protex) also helped effect positive change in this area by donating two Protex-branded wash tables and water canisters, as well as Protex Deep Clean Tissue bar soaps. Protex also donated a further two wash tables and water canisters for each of Ekukhanyeni’s 15 additional beneficiary ECD Centres.
  • Colgate-Palmolive (Replace with Protex) also assisted with the donation of children’s jolly chairs and tables, nap-time mattresses; heaters; water cups; first-aid kit; wash buckets, painting of classrooms exterior wall and palisade fence as well as labour for the boundary palisade fencing. These items helped upgrade the ECD centre to make it a more enjoyable environment for the children.
  • Colgate-Palmolive (Replace with Protex) also donated Protex-branded overalls to the project volunteers, further boosting cohesion amongst the project members and promoting local action.

More on NPC Ekukhanyeni Relief Project and Protex:

  • Ekukhanyeni Relief Project champions poverty alleviation and sustainable community development through complementary, community-based programmes that improve the capacity of marginalised and poor communities in urban and informal settlement environments to provide effective early childhood care and education to its children and adult support network, and to achieve and sustain food and nutrition security. Ekukhanyeni Relief Project partners with and provides a package of services to 16 ECD Centres in the Lawley area.
  • Protex helps people thrive and reach their full potential because they are healthy and protected by their products. Doing good together is the brand’s active focus, and its aim is to continue making a difference in the long term, by working with partners such as  Ekukhanyeni Relief Project, to uplift communities and ultimately help them thrive.


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