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South Africa, 6 February 2020; FROM the house of Copeland rum comes the new Copeland Tiki Gin.

Inspired by the tropical exotica of 1950s’ island-style cocktail bars, this gin features a rummy molasses base and is distilled with real pineapple, tonka bean and a host of tropical spices. 

Classic London Dry ingredients such as juniper, lemon peel, coriander and angelica root make sure it is very much a gin, but the exotic spice mix of cloves, cassia and ginger often associated with spiced rums create a further connection to the rum world. Tonka bean bridges the gap between the pineapple and spice with delicious effect, adding sweet aromas of vanilla, almond, and cherry.

These are all flavours reminiscent of Tiki cocktails such as the Mai Tai and others that useorgeat syrup, which is made from almonds and spices.

Copeland Spirits Owner and Distiller James Copeland

I‘ve designed gins for a few clients, some of which have won numerous awards, and I felt it was time for me to get in on the action and have a bit of fun,” shares James Copeland, owner and distiller of Copeland Spirits. 

I didn’t want it to be a huge departure from rum and the core of the business, so I began experimenting with tropical flavours to see if we could take gin to the beach.”

With many classic gin cocktails featuring pineapple juice, I knew this as the hero ingredient along with juniper would be a winning combo.”

The strong London Dry components mean it’s perfectly happy mixed with tonic and a signature pineapple garnish; dried or fresh pineapple wheel, but other exotic pairings are encouraged such as fresh juice blends or ginger ale to encourage the spice and botanicals. Think vibrant, colourful and exotic: such as edible flowers, mint sprigs, whole star anise and cinnamon quills.

What is Tiki exactly?
It was a movement created in 1950s America by cocktail legend Don the Beachcomber. Post war Americans were looking for escapism and found it in Don’s kitschy beach decor, island motifs and over the top drinks served in mystical mugs with the faces of Polynesian gods adorned with exotic fruit and flowers. Hefty pours of rum and potent secret syrups made the Tiki experience a heady world to get lost in.

Tiki is not just about rum though, gin features in many Tiki favourites such as the Singapore Sling, the Saturn and the Fogcutter. The current revival in modern/minimalist Tiki has led to further exploration into uncharted territory and Copeland Tiki Gin is an intrepid explorer heading deep into this jungle of untold riches.

Whatever the future of this opulent and exotic revival, Copeland Tiki Gin and Copeland Rum are your indispensable travel companions on your journey.

Copeland Tiki Gin was handcrafted by owner and distiller, James Copeland at Copeland Distillery in Kommetjie on the Cape Peninsula of Cape Town, South Africa. Contact James on for more information, visit

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The recommended retail price of the Copeland Tiki Gin is R395incl and the trade price R265excl. It is available at Woodstock Liquors, NGF, Distriliq and Picardi as well as the following outlets: Liquor City Claremont, Kloofnek Liquor, Barkeeper, Wine Concepts, Woodstock Liquors and Roeland Liquors.

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