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If you are still looking for some ideas, but do not know where to start? do not look further as Netflorist has got you covered with this Mother’s Day Gift Guide.

Creativity is ‘key’ to getting the perfect gift for mother’s day during level four or for a birthday in the next couple of weeks as the country moves towards a graded alert level system. This Mother’s day not a lot is available from stores and yet everything that is available or will be made available post lockdown can make mother’s day special and memorable this year.

Stocking up moms pantry, freezer and crisper drawer for a special mother’s day online cooking session on Mother’s day if you have moved out of home. If you are still living with mom then a surprise breakfast in bed or dinner prepared by the kids and dad always hits the spot. Go here

fruit: Mixed Fruit and Vegetable Box!
Mixed Fruit and Vegetable Box – Retails for R449.95

To stock up on some groceries click here

New mom’s essential item gift set for baby and her will make a difference especially if they had their baby shower cancelled because of the lockdown.

gifts: Personalised First Mothers Day Boy Onesie!
Personalised First Mothers Day Boy Onesie Retails for R199.95

Relaxing moms shopping schedule and the hours she would spend at the store by getting personalised children’s clothes delivered to the house would be a lovely gesture.

personalised: Personalised Paw Patrol Kids T Shirt!
Personalised Paw Patrol Kids T Shirt Retails for R249.95
personalised: Personalised SpongeBob Splash Onesie!
Personalised SpongeBob Splash Onesie Retails for R179.95
personalised: Personalised Miss Fun Kids T Shirt!
Personalised Miss Fun Kids T Shirt Retails for R249.95

A mother’s day personalised winter sweater, hoodie, socks or bedding to keep her warm this winter would also be a thoughtful practical gift as the winter season creeps in and it is getting colder each day.

gifts: Quote Our Mothers Ladies Sweatshirt!
Quote Our Mothers Ladies Sweatshirt Retails for R399.95

If she’s working from home then a personalised mother’s day stationery set can be essential to her.

mothers-day: Personalised For Mom Note Set!
Personalised For Mom Note Set Retails for R329.95

No language can express the power and beauty and heroism of a mother’s love – Edwin Chapin

Wishing you all a blessed Mother’s Day 2020

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