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Walking into the mall yesterday, I was met head on with a giant Christmas tree. Immediately I started feeling anxious and excited at the same time. Anxious, because the end of year holidays are vastly approaching and excited, because this year, Hudson will hopefully understand a little bit more and take part in the festivities. We are planning a little Euro trip for next year and I have already been doing some research on flying with children. I thought that it would be useful to share them with you, in case you are travelling with your children during the holiday season. It’s time to start planning and your first tip to check for cheap flights


One can never do enough research to ensure your perfect holiday. A lot of administration is involved, so make sure that you set aside enough time.

Questions that you need answers to are the following:

Does my child need travel documents? ACSA and TSA regulations?

What is the ticket pricing for a child?

Can you take a stroller along? Does the airline offer child services?

2. Preparation

It is very important to speak to your child to prepare them for the flight. Build up some hype and get them excited about flying. It is also very important to tell them that there will be other people on board as well. Talk about behaviour. Check-in can sometimes be a pain, so plan enough time for check-in if you are unable to do it online.  If possible try to limit your child’s liquid intake about 2-4 hours before your flight to avoid bathroom emergencies during take off.


3. Travel documents

Make sure that all your children’s travel documents (ID, Birth Certificate, Passport, Visas) are in one place. If you can, save it on your smartphone or to the cloud and make copies of it to keep it handy when asked for it. In some cases if you are travelling without your spouse, you might need an affidavit from your spouse, where he/she gives permission to travel with your child. A good tip is to start planning your trip 3 months in advance.

4. Packaging

Pack enough spare clothing in your carry on luggage for those unexpected little accidents that could occur. Also keep a Ziploc bag handy for wet clothes.Related image

5. Snacks

Always pack healthy snacks and try to avoid any sugary snacks. Chewy snacks are a good idea to help alleviate the discomfort in their inner ears due to cabin pressure changes. Avoid snacks that could melt or produce a sticky mess. Pack in some wet wipes to clean sticky fingers.

6. Gifts

Great trick to reward your child/ children is to wrap a small gift and give it to them for good behaviour.

7. Games & Apps

Children can entertain themselves with games or educational apps which will make the flight seemingly quicker. Make sure that devices are fully charged and if you can, invest in a power bank.

8. Toys & Activity Books

For younger children, bringing along their favourite toy is a good idea. Pack in some activity books, puzzles, Lego and board games.

Image result for activity books and toys

9. Medication

Always have your child’s necessary medication on hand. Over the counter medication as well as prescription drugs (with proof of prescription) can be taken on the flight. Make sure that you mark the medication clearly and store it in sealable bags

10. Flight Times

Book online. Check in online if you can. Arrive early. Schedule flight times to coincide with your child’s nap time if possible.

And there you have it! If you have any tips to add to this list, please feel free to do so. Happy planning and travelling!

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