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Going through my IG feed late on a Sunday night, a new post from The Little Closet popped up. I have been eyeing their ✖tee for Hudson for quite some time now and when I saw that Sumayyah had new ✖Tees in stock I immediately jumped onto her website to order.  There is nothing more stress free then to come across a website that is straight forward when doing online shopping.

D5BBAEE3-426D-448D-B7BA-A190054C24DD.pngD61A3533-EFF4-4381-8CF5-0EC20BE6E40C.pngWhile shopping for the ✖Tee I came across a mustard romper, and since it seemed to be featuring everywhere for summer, I just had to have it for Hudson. I placed my order that same night while Sumayyah was busy packing up orders and received immediate feedback from her. My package arrived on the Tuesday and boy was I in for a treat. The packaging ALWAYS gets to me, and the little note maked it even more special.


About the Owner:

Sumayyah Ally, is a mom who started this small business that was inspired by her daughter Eemaan and her love for being creative and fashion forward.

She created a platform that is accessible for moms who love purchasing beautifully crafted local and imported pieces. Summayyah has also started designing and creating exclusive pieces as part of the Eemaan Handmade range. The designs are edgy, current and the color palettes are on trend. Most importantly only the highest quality of material is sourced locally to ensure that each item is of the highest standard. This is a small business owner that is passionate about her craft and whom I believe will reach to the top with the quality and standard of her business.

The ✖ Tee


The Mustard Romper


To quote from their website:

“Supporting The Little Closet and Co. is supporting small and supporting a dream”

There are a few more pieces that I NEED to get from The Little Closet and Co. and will definitely upload pictures of those goodies too.

Visit them at


The Little Closet






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