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When you put online and shopping together what do you envision? A couple of things come to mind for me; and yes! In this order ranking from highest to lowest, especially when you are a parent.

1. Convenience

2. I can take my time to browse through all the categories

3. I can shop online in my pj’s

4. I don’t have to worry that I will have to leave the trolley behind because Hudson started getting fussy

5. No nagging husband that wants to go home because the rugby match is starting in five minutes.

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Zando recently launched their Twinkle The Baby Shop .With four categories namely; shoes; clothing; accessories and baby care – Zando has made it as convenient as possible to ensure that you get to spend more time with your little ones at home. I was one of those Moms who feared leaving the house in the first few weeks that Hudson was home. I had all these scenarios running through my head- what if he started screaming while we were shopping ; where would I breastfeed; nappy changes; crowded spaces. My anxiety was on edge at the mere thought of leaving my house alone with him. I relied on his Dad to get the essential items. Needless to say, I did not always get what I asked for.

What did I buy


First on my list was to get some Shooshoos. Did you know that you can find Shooshoos at a cheaper price on Zando than at retail stores? The pairs that I bought for Hudson retails at R269.00 and I got them for R 259.00. Zando has 8 different brands that you can shop from; Baby Bubbles;Bubble Gummers; Bugsy Boo; Fairy Shop; Myang; Shooshoos; Soviet and Utopia

Baby Care

Twinkles the baby shop hosts all your favorite baby care products, from Pampers nappies and wet wipes, to the new Baby Dove Care Range as well as South African brand Oh Lief Natural products and Naturals Beauty Baby Care Range. I would suggest that the Baby Care range include a bigger variety of products. It included some of my favorite products, but I do know that some Mom’s prefer a specific brand of nappies or wet wipes.

Other Categories


Inclusive of South African and International brands, you will be spoiled for choice. One of our favorite brands Kapas is available on Twinkle The Baby Shop. You will find the following brands available as well; Adidas, Bugsy Boo, CandyFloss Clouds, Character Brands, Converse, COTYLEDONS, Creative Design, Eco Punk, Fairy Shop, Funky Monkey, Krag Drag- The Strong One, London Hub Fashion, Moederliefde, Muddie Buddies, Myang, Nike, Parental Instinct, Penelope & Bella to mention but a few.


From beautiful beanies and booties gift sets, to sunhats, socks and dummy clips, the accessories category has exactly what you are looking for. Some of the brands you will find in this category are: Adidas, Character Brands, Converse, Moederliefde, Monkeybum, Myang, Nike, Poogy Bear, Stance

What I love about Zando

There are four things that I love about shopping online, but specifically with Zando:

  1. Free delivery on orders over R250.00
  2. Easy Returns and Collections
  3. 7 Ways to pay, including cash on delivery
  4. Guaranteed the lowest prices in South Africa


Zando and I have partnered up to give you the same experience that I received. You can win a R500.00 online voucher and shop to your hearts content.


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  3. You can enter by tagging your friends on Facebook or on Instagram
  4. Winner will randomly be drawn from this blog post
  5. Giveaway ends on 27 July 2018 at midnight and the winner will be announced on 29 July 2018.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Open to South African Residents only.
  2. The Prize is not transferable for cash.
  3. This competition is not endorsed by Instagram or Facebook.
  4. Successful entrants must have completed all the steps.
  5. You have to claim your prize within 24 hours of the announcement.

Good Luck everyone!


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    Thank you for the opportunity to win this awesome voucher I enjoyed reading this post.

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    Fingers crossed. Went shopping this morning with my 2month old. Disaster.

  3. Done. Just love online shopping since it’s so convenient and easy. No time to hit the stores since my little one is only 8 weeks old. This would be an awesome giveaway. I would definitely buy my baby girl a pair of shooshoos ☺️. Sharing on Instagram and Facebook

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    Love this especially coz I have a 4 yr old and twin baby boys that are always in Need of clothes and It’s so expensive..

  5. Oohhh my sister had her first baby after years of dissapointments….this would be great in honouring the little rainbow niece we are blessed with!

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    love shooshoos❤️

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