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State your truth

I recently read a comment stating that people are far too easily offended and that social media has given people too much confidence to give their opinion, which more often than not is rude and offensive. Being part of the social media world and specifically the mommy blogger realm, one has to be very careful as to how you say something and is there truth in what you are saying. Your truth might not be the same as mine, but I agree with the above statement that social media has given people the power to give their opinion, but in more than a few cases it comes off as rude and offensive. So what drives people? gossip, cattiness and reality TV, in this case Instastories. Everyone wants to know who said what, and why and what is going on. When you have the guts to make a statement, name the parties involved, instead of coercing a gossip frenzy. Explain your truth so that I can evaluate it on its merits. Do you offend me? YES, especially if you are a hypocrite. We have all come across people that say “I will never do that”, BUT then you catch them in the act of exactly doing “that” Does it make any sense? Think Twice…

Close your eyes

Imagine a Utopian World. A world where cyber bullying has never been heard of. A world where people are encouraged to be uniquely themselves. A Utopian existence sounds blissful and peaceful doesn’t it? Unfortunately that world will never be. I fear for my son getting older. If the world is already filled with so much hatred and offensiveness, imagine what it will be like in ten years time? When the Internet will be even more accessible. Think Twice…


Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love. Lao Tzu

Think twice, before you post or say something to someone. Once you’ve uttered hurtful words to someone you can never take it back. I have always been an easy target because I do not engage in conflict. But there are two things that I can not stand, swearing at me and dishonesty. Choose your words wisely, think twice…

I want to quote a post from Following the Bean, that really resonated with me. When you read it, please read it. Please see the truth in it. What I like about Cath is that she is straight forward and says it like it is. There are so many people trying to copy her style of just being. STOP! You do not need to do that. Just be YOU.

If someone irritates you- block them. If someone bullies you- report them. If you do not want someone sending you abusive messages, do not provoke them by posting silly sh*t that provokes them. Be mindful to your audience and be mindful of your own integrity, morals and values.”

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