Birthday Giveaway 2

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The Grand Prize is valued at R8000.00 ! Ready to get to know that brands on board for  Birthday Giveaway 2. Here they are

Moth home

Shop here

French Lemon

Vegan Friendly, anti-animal testing, No SLM, No palm oil, Luxurious handmade products.

Shop and have a look here 

Tora Grace

A collection of pretty and inspirational jewellery.

Shop there collection here

Made Wonderful Brand

Home made screen printed Tees. R50 from every tee gets donated to a cause.

Shop here

Diamond Dot Painting

Craft your own Twinkling 3D masterpiece.

Shop here

Hannah Lavery

Women’s wear clothing brand that is produced in Cape Town. You stand a chance to win a reversible dress that has a V-neck at the front or round high neck. Have a look at just some of the pieces in this collection.

Shop here


Follow these steps

  1. Share this post and make sure that you tell me which platform/s you shared it too.
  2. In the comments, name one of the sponsors I partnered with.
  3. Enter and Tag on Facebook or Instagram
  4. This giveaway will close on 21 September and the winner announced on 22 September 2018.
  5. All steps have to be followed- so make sure that you subscribe to the newsletter as well.
  6. T’s and C’s Apply

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  1. Anu Naidoo

    Tora Grace

    Shared on Facebook

    1. Mishka Vallie

      One of the sponsors you’ve partnered with is Milo & Mo, shared on Facebook (Mishka Vallie) #birthdaygiveaway2#ItsaMomsLife#

  2. Tamsyn Booysen


  3. melissa cook

    Love this!Diamond Dot Painting
    Shared to FB and Twitter

  4. Megan Hartwig

    Such a fantastic giveaway….one of the sponsors you partnered with is Milo & Mo. I have shared this giveaway on Twitter (@flutterbymegs). Holding thumbs.

  5. Talitha Dias

    I have shared this via twitter: @MissTea0907
    One of the sponsors: Hannah Lavery

  6. Nashieta

    I have shared to facebook & Instagram
    One of sponsors are Hannah Lavery ❤️

  7. Kim Dyer

    The Gin Box … this prize is magic!

  8. Dawn

    Hannah Lavery
    shared on Facebook

  9. Kim Dyer

    Hannah Lavery …. Gorgeous prize!!
    Shared to Facebook and Instagram.

  10. Azrah Peters-Crouch

    I have shared to Facebook.
    One of the sponsors the gin box

  11. Raisibe Mary ledwaba

    This is awsome love it

  12. Chantel Moorcroft

    You teamed up with Hannah Lavery!

  13. Kim Dyer

    The Gin Box … yay!
    Shared to FB and Twitter @grd_kim
    I tried to share to Insta but it seems to be ‘unavailable’? xxx

  14. Liezel

    Tora Grace! I love their stuff!

  15. Kim

    Sharing on FB, sugar and vice

  16. Courtney

    Sugar and Vice, sharing on FB now 🙂

  17. Michele

    Fabulous giveaway! Happy Blog Anniversary! Tora Grace is one of the brands. Those bracelets are really beautiful! I would love to win them for my daughter in matric, she is turning 18. Obsessed with the bag and the dress as well. I shared this post on Twitter (@mombaking) and Insta stories (@mombakingnow) Thanks

  18. Radhika Hansraj

    Hannah Lavery

  19. Raisibe Mary ledwaba

    Takkle berry Facebook and Instagram

  20. Tasneem Katsen

    Takkle Berry is a sponsor.shared on Facebook (Tasneem Katsen), Twitter (TasTKatse ) and Instagram (TKatsen)

  21. Simone Laubscher

    Awesome giveaway

  22. Simone Laubscher

    Awesome giveaway . Facebook

  23. Claudia Mc Namee

    Sharing via Facebook, twitter and Instagram. You teaming up with Tora Grace

  24. Khatija

    Shared to facebook. Tora Grace

  25. Dawn Govender

    Diamond Dot Painting
    Shared on facebook

  26. Megan Hunter

    Shared on FB & Twitter!

    Oh how rude is a sponsor of yours that makes me laugh out loud x

  27. Liza

    You teamed up with Takkle Berry I’ve shared on Facebook

  28. Tania

    Shared on Twitter @TuhZyl
    Hannah Lavery

  29. Tania van Zyl

    Shared on Twitter @TuhZyl
    Hannah Lavery

  30. Samantha

    You teamed up with The Gin Box
    Shared on facebook

  31. Theshnee Reddy

    Shared on Facebook, Twitter and whatsapp.
    Gin Box

    1. Cisca

      change of plans as all the gin boxes are sold out, but your entry is still valid

  32. Sonja Kuhnel

    Sharing on FB so many amazing brands….The Gin Box is a favourite though!

  33. Carolyn Augustus

    Hannah Lavery

    1. Carolyn Augustus

      Shared on Facebook

  34. ann

    Sugar and Vice

    shared on FB

  35. Sharne Peters

    Hannah Lavery

    Liked and sharing on Facebook tagged friends

  36. Anu Naidoo

    Tora Grace

    Shared on Facebook
    A absolutely wonderful giveaway thank you

  37. Anu

    Tora Grace

    Shared on Facebook

  38. Anu Naidoo

    Tora Grace
    Shared on Facebook

  39. Melissa Klein

    You teaming up with Tora Grace

    Shared on Instagram

  40. Carla Johnson

    Shared to fb
    Tora Grace

  41. Aadila Emam

    Milo & mo. Facebook

  42. Kim Muller

    Diamond Dot Painting
    Shared to FB and Twitter

  43. Naina

    Shared on facebook and twitter
    Answer = Hannah Lavery

  44. Kelly Byles

    The Gin Box. Shared post to facebook and followed all the steps 🙂

    1. Cisca

      change of plans as all the gin boxes are sold out, but your entry is still valid x

  45. Meagan

    Shared on Facebook and Instagram

  46. Elisabeth Meyer

    Shared on Facebook & Instagram

  47. Rene De Kock

    Shared on Facebook – Tora Grace

  48. Tara

    Awesome give away and on my birthday too one of the sponsors are hannah lavery. I shared via Facebook.

  49. Angel Markus

    Diamond Dot Painting one of the AMAZING sponsors!
    i shared this on facebook and google + 😀

  50. Dezney

    Shared on Facebook, Tora Grace

  51. Zillah

    Amazing giveaway.. shared on Facebook

    Hannah Lavery

  52. Natalie Germishiys

    Shared to FB ❤️
    Hannah Lavery is a sponsor

  53. Varsha

    Shared on face

    1. Varsha

      Shared on face book

  54. Dawn Govender

    Milo and Mo
    Shared on facebook

  55. Marie Minnie

    Shared to Facebook! Awesome giveaway with French Lemon

  56. Cindy

    Shared on facebook.

  57. Charity Mokele

    French Lemon

  58. Reshma Balkissoon


  59. Tanya du Plessis

    Tora Grace jewelry. Shared on IG stories.

  60. Shannon Lim Banda

    The Gin Box

    And I’ve shared on Instagram. I don’t have Facebook or anything else.

    1. Cisca

      change of plans as they have run out of gin boxes, but your entry is still valid x

  61. Shakirah Arend

    Oh how rude is one of the sponsors. And I shared to Facebook and followed all the steps.

  62. Loveitha Ramjiyavan

    The Gin Box

    1. Cisca

      change of plan as they have run out of gin boxes, but your entry is still valid

  63. Dawn Clarke

    Facebook and Instagram

  64. Anneeda

    Takkle Berry

  65. Kirsty Robinson

    Shared on Twitter
    Takkle Berry

  66. Samantha

    Shared to Facebook. Tora Grace

  67. Leana Lourens

    French Lemon
    Sharing on facebook

  68. Raisibe Mary ledwaba

    Sugar and vice

  69. Linda J 5

    Shared on Facebook and Twitter, French Lemon is just one of the amazing sponsors

  70. Teresa Sayer

    Shared on Facebook
    Totally Grace

    1. Teresa Sayer

      Tora Grace * predictive text*

  71. Amy Pereira

    You teamed up with Tora Grace. Shared on Facebook & Instagram

  72. Cindy Menigo

    Shared on Facebook and Instagram. One sponsor is The Gin Box

    1. Cisca

      change of plans as they have run out of gin boxes, but your entry is still valid x

  73. Linda Laing

    Sugar and vice…shared on facebook

  74. Brenda Fernandes

    #TheGinBox I see gin I pay attention
    Shared on FB Twitter Instagram

    1. Cisca

      change of plans as they have run out of gin boxes- but your entry is still valid x

  75. Mary-Ann Norval

    I shared on Facebook
    I have subscribed to your newsletter
    I have viewed your Instagram page
    Answer: Tora Grace
    (Too many steps in this competition/giveaway)

  76. Faziela Prantice

    Tora Grace
    Shared on Facebook and Instagram.

  77. Alexa

    Milo & Mo, such a cute name!
    Shared on Facebook

  78. Candice

    Shared on FB. You teamed up with Sugar and Vice ❤️

    1. Nimmi Andrew

      Tora Grace

  79. Natasha Sivpersad

    Moth Home
    Iv shared on FB
    All steps followed

  80. Liezel

    Shared on Instagram
    Teamed up with Moth Home

  81. Tina

    Moth home.
    Liked and shared on Instagram:)

  82. Tamsyn Mullany

    Shared to Instagram and Facebook and partnered with Made Wonderful Brand!

  83. Vicki Sykes

    Facebook & Insta Tora Grace

  84. Nimmi Andrew

    Tora Grace

  85. Janel

    Tora Grace
    Shared on facebook, twitter & pinterest

  86. Thea lennox

    Im a mom that love gin. So my choise is The Gin Box shared on fb thea kleynhaus lennox twitter @matrixalive pin thea lennox and google thea lennox

    1. Cisca

      change of plans as they have run out of gin boxes, but your entry is still valid x

  87. Lindsay Fisher

    Tora Grace shared to Facebook

  88. Taryn Spark

    Sugar and Vice – one of my faves!

    Shared on FB and Instagram stories x

  89. Michelle Le Roux Dale

    Tora Grace
    Share on Instagram Michelle Le Roux

  90. Michele

    Fabulous giveaway! Happy blog anniversary! Shared on Twitter @mombaking and Insta Stories @mombakingnow Tora Grace is one of the brands you’ve teamed up. Obsessed with those bracelets, the bag and the black dress! I would love to win the bracelets for my daughter, she is turning 18 in a few weeks. Holding thumbs.

  91. Amy

    Takkle Berry – Shared on Facebook & instagram

  92. Carmin Dreyer

    Hanna Lavery
    shared to facebook

  93. Zarah Adams

    Hannah Lavery

  94. Salome

    This is awesome I shared on Facebook 😀 fingers xxxx

  95. Anu Naidoo

    Tora Grace
    Shared on Facebook

  96. Roczanne

    My favourite is Made Wonderful Brand and I have shared on facebook

  97. Zayne Khan

    Takkle Berry!
    Crossing fingers
    Shared FB, Twitter.

  98. Zainab

    Made Wonderful. Would love love love this

  99. Bernadine

    Shared on Facebook.
    Teamed up with a lot of brand. Naming one, Sugar and Vice

  100. Willene

    Made Wonderful Brand
    Shared on Facebook

  101. seshnie GOVENDER

    The Gin Box .. my fave fave fave as well

    1. Cisca

      change of plans as they have run out of Gin boxes- but your entry is still valid x

  102. Natasha Sivpersad

    Awesome giveaway
    One of ur sponsors is Takkle Berry.
    I have shared on fb

    Shared sponsors
    Posts n pages

  103. Catherine Rodgers

    Oh how rude! I LOVE THE BRAND!!!

  104. Catherine Rodgers

    oh how rude! And shared on FB & Instagram

  105. Nthabiseng

    Oh how rude
    Shared on Facebook and Twitter

  106. Tisean

    Tora Grace !
    Shared on Insta and Facebook.

  107. Melanie

    Shared on Facebook and Twitter
    Sponsor: Sugar and Vice

  108. Marina

    Made Wonderfull brand
    Sharing on facebook❤️

  109. Salochana Naidoo

    Shared on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.
    Milo & Mo is one of the partners.

  110. Sanine

    Awesome giveaway!!!

  111. Brenda Fernandes

    FB & Twitter Sugar & Vice

  112. Terri

    Shared. Tora Grace is one of the partners of this fantastic giveaway.

  113. Marelize


  114. Simonè van Zyl

    Happy Blog Anniversary. Keep up with the awesome content .

    Sugar and vice.
    Shared on Facebook (personal account) and instagram @simsivzyl and @adventures_of_simsi_and_j

  115. Monique Malander

    Loving these Giveaways

    Shared om Facebook and whatsapp

    Sugar and Vice All thing nice

  116. Minchen

    Milo & Mo

    Shared on Facebook ❤️

  117. Candice Vincent

    Shared on Facebook.

    Tora Grace

  118. Simone Laubscher

    Tiger Lilly by Fox. Shared on Facebook. Really amazing.

  119. Tanya van der Merwe

    The Gin Box

    I have shared via Facebook

  120. Monique Els

    Shared on FB and
    Tora Grace

  121. Tanya van der Merwe

    The Gin Box!
    Shared on Facebook!

  122. Ann

    The Gin Box

  123. ragmat

    Moth home
    Shared on fb and twitter

  124. Ari

    -Shared on Facebook
    -Entered & tagged
    – Partnered with Oh How Rude

  125. Liezel

    Shared on FB
    ♥️ Made Wonderful Brand

  126. Bernadine

    Shared on facebook and you teamed up with takkle berry

  127. Janet Perry

    Sugar and Spice shares on FB and IG ☺️☺️☺️

  128. Janet Perry

    I mean……Sugar and VICE sharing on FB and IG

  129. Farzaana Israel

    Milo & Mo

    I have shared on Instagram 🙂

  130. Michelle Le Roux Dale

    Shared on Insta story
    Michelle Le Roux Dale

  131. katalin mercer

    Milo & Mo. Have shared this awesome give away on facebook

  132. Tiffany Lottering

    Takkle Berry is one brand , I have shared via facebook, email and pinterest.

  133. Jade Atherton

    Made Wonderful Brand – i like the fact that they donate R50 from each tee to charity

    Shared on Twitter/Whatsapp/Email

    Twitter handle – @J_Nothing777

  134. Eve

    Takkle berry is one of the sponsors ♡ stunning! Lovely giveaway. Sharing on Facebook and Instagram ♡

  135. Denise

    Shared on facebook
    Sugar and vice

  136. Elize Swanepoel

    French Lemon. Oh man, it would be great to try some of their products! Such an amazing giveaway and thanks for the opportunity to enter. ♥ ♥ ♥ Shared on Facebook. 🙂

  137. Philippa Bergman

    Tora grace

    Shared on Facebook and twitter

  138. Candice Jansen

    Sugar and Vice – Shared on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram

  139. Judy

    Sugar and vice sharing on facebook

  140. Viyonne Longmore

    What’s app

  141. Jade Manggos

    Love from

  142. Linda J Graskie

    Sugar and Vice, following on both platforms. FANTABULOUS GIVEAWAY

  143. Tanya Lilley

    Tora Grace Facebook shared

  144. Monique Domingo

    Shared on Facebook
    Oh how rude

  145. Zulpha Cassiem

    Wow Fabulous giveaway! Happy Happy Blog Anniversary
    Takkle Berry. Shared on Facebook and Instagram zulpha_cassiem.

  146. Charmaine Williams

    Tora Grace

  147. Carmen Witteveen

    Shared to Instagram
    @hannah lavery

  148. Shani

    Sugar and Vice. I have shared this comp on fb and i liked all the other pages as mentioned in your fb post.

  149. Jaqi

    Tora Grace is one of the sponsors. I shared on my Facebook page (Jaqi On The Go) xxx

  150. Halima Sheik mahomed

    Hannah Lavery
    Shared via the blog and facebook

  151. Portia Petersen

    Sugar & Vice
    I have shared this on Facebook

  152. Lemay (Nelipot)

    Shared on Facebook You teamed up with Sugar and Vice

  153. leigh anne van wyk

    Takkle Berry. I hope I have done this right and shared on facebook

  154. Brenda Fernandes

    Zando shared on FB Twitter Instagram

  155. Natasha Sivpersad

    Tora Grace
    Iv shared n tagged on fb
    Thank u for this amazing opportunity

  156. Monique De Villiers

    Tora Grace and shared on FB as Monique De Villiers and entered on Instagram as letters to my wildling.

  157. Michelle Le Roux Dale

    My tiny teepee
    Shared on Instagram stories.

  158. Jolene

    Hannah Lavery. Shared on twitter and Facebook.

  159. Vicki

    Moth home shared to FB x

  160. Michaela

    Tora Grace ❤
    Shared on twitter

  161. Danielle

    Shared on Facebook.

    Make Wonderful Brand.
    Love that R50 from every Tee made gets donanted.

  162. Aletia Marais


  163. Ruth Wollow

    Tora Grace , .Shared on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest

  164. Lynnith

    Hi there, one of the sponsors is Tora Grace. Shared on fb and Twitter

  165. Lisa Jaftha

    Made Wonderful Brand ❤ – love love love.
    Shared on Instagram.

  166. Lucille Parkins

    Shared on Face Book

  167. Khuselwa Nkaenkae

    You have teamed up with
    Tora Grace.
    Shared on Facebook

  168. Kim

    Hannah Lavery

  169. Simone Laubscher

    Hannah Lavery. Facebook

  170. Chantal Minords

    Tora Grace, shared on facebook & pinterest

  171. Megan Smith

    Facebook! Diamond Dot Painting. Would love to win this giveaway.

  172. Tidi Esther Child

    Milo & Mo is one of your partners ….
    I shared on Facebook

  173. Faziela Prantice

    Tora Grace

    Shared on Facebook and Instagram

  174. Sarah Bibi Essa

    Shared to Twitter and Facebook. You have partnered with Hannah Lavery as one of your sponsors.

  175. Sarah Bibi Essa

    Shared on Facebook and Twitter. Hannah Lavery is one of the sponsors.

  176. leigh anne jooste

    Tora Grace shared Facebook naturally. Holding thumbs abd toes for a win

  177. Sarah

    French Lemon

    Shared on Facebook.

  178. Tanya van der Merwe

    Shared on Facebook

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